چالش وبلاگ 《 Elham 》

چالش وبلاگ 《 Elham 》


Hi buddies,
I am Elham Rahmati. Today I am writing to produce myself. Actually, I am new in this challenge. I think this is the best way to practice writing in English. 31 years ago in 9th July I was born. I am originally from Ghochan, Khorasan Razavi province. I have graduated from Damghan university in Master level of Physics. I love physics, programming, learning English, Mountaineering, Swimming, cycling, and perusal. I spend lots of my time in National library of Iran to do my works. 70 days ago, I became familiar with this group, and it is very attractive to me. I hope this ends in success.



Keep going mrs.elham
Good luck in all of your life and everything⚘👏


Thanks dear Jack. You too my teammate.


Thnks mrs.elham. my name is hadi
It’s no problem if you say jack or hadi.it’s no problem
Good luck in everything and everywhere⚘


Oh, yes. I thought you prefer to be named as Jack. Thats ok dear Hadi. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello my friend
It’s my pleasure to know you. You are very active and looks like you are very interested in learning. That is great. I wishes all the best for u :tulip::tulip::tulip:


Thanks baby. The pleasure is mine. You too. :kissing_heart:


You’re welcome to our peer group,
Good luck
Best regards :gift_heart::gift_heart:


Thanks dear. You too. :sparkling_heart:


Hi miss Elham…
at first tnx for your participation in this challenge
hope to know more about your ideas and opinions here.

second you don’t seem 31 :grin:
I thought you were like 26 or 27
but wow…

the third one
what kind of programming do you like?

and at last
It’s good to have you here :rose::rose::rose:


Thanks Dear kambiz, it is a good news that I seem 26 or 27, now I
feel better and im exciting
.and dancing
I mean camputer programming. Because in my field, this skill is the main, besides having knowledge in physics.


Wish I could like this post 1000 times or more. :grin:



I wish you a longevity

nice to hear that you like programming

because I have some plans for learning how to code
especially ruby.

I love it :grin::v:


Why ruby?
I have experiences in Matlab, mathematica, pyton, fortran. Now im trying to work with DFT Packages. Actually, I dont familiar with ruby.


actually, I love RPG Games.
they are programmed with this language, and of course lots of site and Colleague network can be built with this
by the way Ruby is so powerful in the world but not in Iran.
If I learn it, it will be because of my passion towards it, not anything else.

those languages you mentioned there, is more connected to your major I think.


Yes of course. Also I like working with android studio for creating some apps which are my favourites, and its not related to my major . For example youga and cooking.
All in all i like programming not just for my duties but because of my joy.


I think you will be a master programmer in future.
penchant is the most important thing for success and you have.
Good luck :blossom::slightly_smiling_face:


hi miss elham

do you know android programming language?
i bought a package from


but i dont know how many time need to spend each day

if you have infromation about this please share with me


Hi mr Alireza, actually I learned this from my husband, he is a strong programmer. My husband spend all his time in day in front of his laptop .I recommend you to spend your time as much as possible on programming even midnights, if its your favourite.
I know this package and it seems good, you must sink in it. At first you can allocate 2 hours a day to that, but little by little its necessary to work with it more.
Its easy, it just need passion and perseverance
Good luck.


Do you install the android Studio? I’ve installed the bundle version of that. And it should be noted that this version is just for 64-bit windows.