Lets talk ( the 5 pieces of original puzzle to change life)

Lets talk ( the 5 pieces of original puzzle to change life)


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Today I want to share with you, valuable points of Jim Rown’ s seminar. This seminar is called, the best year of your life that I highly recommend to listen it. His statements are attractive not boring, specially that he has a sense of humor.
Ok let’s get started
In this seminar, Jim said at first about 3 things that is every man must be commitment.so I believe the process of changing will start by this 3 thing.
1 be thankful
You must be thankful of everything that you have already. Because it opens up good windows, opens up good channel, brings up good opportunity in your life.
2 listen well
Sure you have heard alot that you must be good listener.why ?
Because if you listen well to other person, after that you will can make good decisions.
3 don’t be follower, be student.
Jim said: make sure what’s you do is product your own conclusion.
You can listen to their advices. You can get their plans, ext. After that you think about that, finally you must get your job and do it.
Ok it was an introduction to discuss.
Now I wanna talk about 5 pieces of original puzzle to change life.
1. Philosophy
The philosophy is the most factor to determine how your life works.
Set your goals, how to be activity, use opportunity and everything emanates from philosophy. If you have a bad life, it’s means that your philosophy is not good.
As a result you must change the foundations of your philosophy of life.
For example if you blame every thing that around you, you stop do it. Because the basic problem is your philosophy not government not weather not …
2 attitude
You must appreciate your self. You must have a good self talk.
If they can do it, I will can do it. Yeah.
Value for yourself and your ability.
You not be passive, you must be activity. You must start your act to start changing.
Pay attention act and laborious have 2 step.
1 what can you do, do it
2 the best you can do, do it.
As a result, you can’t start to change your life unless you start doing.
4 result
Jim believes that the result is the name of the game. And success is a number’s game.
Ok you must measure your process of changing . you can ask some questions yourself. For example
How many books that you have read in 90 days late? Or how much money saving for future?..
As a result you must measure every part of your life so you avoid to waste of time.
5 life style
You must Learn how to live better.
Jim remained 2 important points that he had learnt from his teacher.
1 if you want to be wealth, study wealth
2 if you want to be happiness, study happiness.

Jim said happiness is something that you desire.
You must be student in path of success, in path of process of changing.
As a result, Don’t be lazy in learning.
You must at first get good stuff and use them to product your life style.

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