Was able to ... became!

Was able to ... became!


سلام در جمله ی he was able to spin an even better web and became a much happier spider چرا یه بار فعل بعد able to حال اومده (spin) یه باز گذشته (became) ؟
ممنون میشم یه توضیح بدین.

این تاپیک مربوط به درس «عنکبوت در موزه» در اپلیکیشن زبانشناس است (دوره «داستان های بچه گانه»، فصل «بسته ی سوم»)


Be able to گذشت آن میشه was able to
Become گذشته آن میشه became


آها ببخشید من فکر کردم became بر میگرده به able to!