تبریک روزپدر

تبریک روزپدر


I congratulate all my friends on father’s day,especially some of them who are father. Love your fathers,talk to them,and respect them. You know they try to work hard for your happiness. But life doesn’t always go on away they expect. I get sad every Rajab,when father’s day rolls around. Unfortunately many years ago my father had passed away,before I knew many things about life.He kiled in a car accident and that was an unexpected and really painful event. He loved my family,especially my older sister and I. I still miss him a lot. I know I shouldn’t beat myself up over it. I often think,If my father had been alive,I would have been really happy. I always have my father in my prayers. God bless all of the fathers who passed away.


I also congratulate father’s day to my friends and you. I’m so sorry for your loss and I assure you that your father is always watching you from heaven.


Thank you so much for your sympathy. I completely agree with you. My father really liked I can pass my university entrance exam. The first week I was student in university,one night I dreamed he was in my drom ,he was happy and bought a lot fruits. He knew I loved kind of them .:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Happy man’s day and father’s day. :blossom:


منم به شما تبریک و تهنیت میگم حتما ایشون به شما افتخار میکنه امیدوارم روحشون شاد باشه…


Thanks a lot my friend. God keeps your parents and you.I wish the best for you. Good luck. :blush::blush:


Hello dear mrs(miss) Saba .
in my first read of your wiriting it was unnormal for me to be sad in rajab month on holy father’s day but in countinues of it I find it out your reason of being sad.
I am so sorry for it but I wish the best wishes in this year even lack of your father .
somewhere I was reading : life is a present , and life’s present are friends and maybe best friends are parent .
they are presents form GOD but limited time presents .
Is is true and normal to be sad by missing of them specially in first days .but not more not extreme -it is not good and in opposite of life rules(that I expierenced)-
instead of it you can imagine that they are happy in that world (life after death) because of their goodness and their help to other people here (before death) .
at the end thank you for your sweet note and your scant but effective presence
in zabanshenas society .

nearly it was my first wsd .
excuse me because of my wrong grammatical use or wrong vocabulary use or other mistakes .
thank you for reading my note .


Hi my dear friend. Thank you very much for your sympathy. Me too the best wishes for you in this year.
It’s good to celebrate life,we should believe we’re going to die and that’s a painful trust.As you noticed in my writting,I said:Although getting sad for losing my father is understandable reason,I shouldn’t beat myself up over it. Thanks a lot for reading my writting and your notable commet again. I think you write very well. Don’t worry about being perfect in writing. Making mistakes is very natural. Remmber we all human and learner.Good luck.


با تشکر از صبا خانوم عزیز که اینقدر با محبت هستید.

واقعا خوشحال کننده و لذت بخش بود تبریکتون :rose::rose:


خواهش میکنم. شمالطف داریدبه بنده.امیدوارم خداپدرومادرتون وشمارودرپناه خودش همیشه حفظ کنه.حتماوالدین وخانواده تون به شما افتخار میکنن. خوشحالم کمیم شده حس خوشحالی به شمامنتقل شده باشه.ایشالاهمیشه شادوامیدواربه آینده های خوب زندگی کنیم همگی. :blush::blush:


با سلام
خداوند بزرگ پدر مرحوم شما را بیامرزد.روح آن بزرگوار حتما از داشتن چنین فرزندان فهیم و با دانشی شاد و خرسند است .من هم به سهم خودم از همراهی شما در این فضای تبادل اطلاعات خوشحال و به آن مفتخرم.امیدوارم روزهای شاد از پس روزهای شادی دیگر مداوم برایتان برسد آمین.از متن تبریک زیبایتان هم سپاس فراوان را دارم.شادکام باشید دوست گرامی.:bouquet::tulip::hibiscus::tulip::bouquet:


سلام دوست وهمراه گرامی.یکدنیا سپاس ازتوجهتون. خداهمه ی رفتگان خاک رورحمت کنه.امیدوارم شماوخانواده عزیزتون رو هم درپناه خودش حفظ کنه.جای بسی خوشحالی برای بنده ست که درکنارهموطنان فرهیخته وخوبم درحال یادگیری مطالب ارزشمند (نه تنهازبان،بلکه تجربه راههای بهترزیستن وموفق شدن)،هستم.ایشالا که شماهم همیشه شادوموفق وسلامت باشید.حتماروح پدرم شاد
شده امشب .ممنونم ازلطف شماوهمه ی دوستان خوبم