Saba and her flowers

Saba and her flowers
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Hi my dear friends.I’m saba and I want to share some of my experience about growing many kinds of flowers with you. I hope you enjoy.
Before I start I share a very beautiful poem and that’s my view about life.
Heavenly Garden باغ آسمانی
God has a lovely garden خداوندباغی زیبادارد
In his mansion up above,درعمارت خویش برفرازما
He tends the garden every day with Tenderness and love
اوهرروزازباغ با مهربانی و عشق مراقبت میکند
The flowers that are in itگلهای درون این باغ
Are the sweetest and the best
خوشبوترین و بهترین هاهستند
To get into God’s garden برای ورود به باغ خدا
They have to pass a test.آنها باید آزمونی رابگذرانند
He goes around them every day
اوهرروزبه آنها سرمیزند
Treating them with care,بادقت با آنها رفتارمیکند
You’re really very lucky شماواقعاخوش شانس هستید
You have a flower in there شمادرآن باغ گلی دارید.
And when you reach the garden
وزمانیکه شما به باغ میرسید
You’ll look at it with pride باافتخاربه آن نگاه خواهیدکرد
Knowing God,He’ll probably put you At your loved one’s side خداونددانا،ممکن است شمارادرگوشه ای دوست داشتنی جای دهد


I love nature,especially flowers,plant’s,trees,birds and also animals. I’Ve done different things since I’ve been teenager. Such as knitting,embroidery/needlework. Also I worked calligraphy for a while. 20180325_114803














I really like calligraphy 20180325_145612




This is a gift from one of the my students.


Growing many kind of flowers,have been one of the best experience l’ve ever had.You know there are a lot of flowers. Some of them are outdoor plants.












Some of the flowers are indoor plants 20180401_095610