Let's talk: Funny in Farsi

Let's talk: Funny in Farsi


Hi my friends,
In this let’s talk I talk about a book again.
The book named is Funny in Farsi


معرفی کتاب های Zbook، عطر سنبل، عطر کاج یا Funny In Farsi :iphone:
چالش شدت سال 97 « مکالمه »

Thanks for sharing another book that you read.
It sounds good.
You are bookworm, and this is good,
Be happy and thanks again


خیلی عالی بود :clap::clap:
وویستون عالی و روون بود :clap:

ممنون بابت معرفی کتاب :clap::clap:
عالی بود
موفق باشید :rose: