تالار زبانشناس

Let's talk about unlimited power

Hello my dear friends
I’m back with another let’s talk
Please excuse me if I cloud not talk about this topic very well
Since two weeks ago I’ve had very bad cough
I am willing to hear your voice or you can just leave your comments
Thanks :wink: :blush:


that was great :clap:

it`s passion that causes people to stay up late and get up early . passion gives power and meaning. there is no greatness without passion to be great
my beloved paragraph in this lesson
hope you feel better in few days
power to you :pray::facepunch::muscle:


Hello and thanks a gazillion times because of your great comment
As you left your comment I love those sentences that you mentioned
Yes, passion is something else passion is your willingness to learn or do sth
Thanks & I wish you the best :blossom: :tulip:





Hello my bro
Thanks to your opinion about me I’m feeling good by hearing your voice you push me to work harder than before :blush:
Like you mentioned it’s all about practice yes by practicing you can change the world you can introduce yourself to the world
There are some guys that have good talent but as you know without using it it’s not gonna work or your talent without using is not worth
But my opinion it’s all about the love if you are in love with something by having passion about it you can improve you can go forward
You know power alone it’s not worth
It’s about potential power and it only become powerful by using it
You are the best :+1:
Thanks again :wink:
Hello miss Nasim thanks a gazillion times because of your participation and great idea and your great sentences related to me so thanks
You shared sth good and interesting with me
You said when I had good reasons to do sth I could do it excellent and in response l can say this thing is exactly true and reasons are very important as AJ said find those existing reasons that force you to do it and you have to put everything you’ve had in everything you are doing at this moment ,English
Do your best and I believe you’re great :blossom:
Thanks :blush:
Hello and thanks alot
You mentioned alot of good points and liked them
My opinion you’re working hard because I am seeing that you are recording your voice and speaking on daily basis
I congratulate you on your hard working
So thanks again wish you all the best :tulip: