Let's talk : Search for meaning

Let's talk : Search for meaning


سلام به همگی, بالاخره دوباره شروع کردم به لتس تاک گذاشتن.
ممنونم که گوش میدید و سوالم رو جواب میدید.


Hi, dear Mis.Atusa
Wooow, you could improve your record’s time and more important now you speak better than the past.
About the topic, search for meaning. I like this lesson a lot, any sentence that we see in this lesson has a lot to learn. After reading this lesson I trt to change my standpoint to life, give possitive mean for sth that happen to me even sth that is bad. Thank you my dear for your attempt to become better, and give us more energy.
best wishes


I totally agree with you Mrs. Niknam.

Mrs. Atousa has improved a lot and it’s a blast to see our peer group members are going up the ladder.

I have to say good luck to you @atineh1967 and I wish you’ll improve much more :clap::clap::clap:

About this topic I have talked a lot in the past, so all I say is gonna be a rewind.

So I’ll wait until you record some new recordings with new ideas of yours.

I like them indeed. so like before record more about new things :rose::rose:


Thanks dear niknam, I didn’t know that,
Thanks for listening to me and your compliment.
I’ll give you more energy for continuing :pray::pray:

When I read dear niknam’s comment and then I read your compliment too, at first, I fed up.
But I delighted very much, thank God for having us.

Sure, :hugs::hugs:



Hey @atineh1967. I appreciate to u, i really so pleasure by ur topic.It’s true that u speaked slowly but it doesn’t matter, l know ur speaking will improve because u have a lot passion& enthusiasm for achieving to highly level of English.I really so interesting in dr Frankil’s attitude and i wanna know more about hiplease gimme a link on YouTube that shows about him. Tnx☺️


Thanks for listening to me.
Man’s search for meaning by viktor frankl, it’s the name of a book,
this section that I talked about him, it is in lesson of aj hoge. In power English, you can find it.