تالار زبانشناس

Why do I love Rasht?

That was a rainy afternoon in Rasht 1378. We were walking for about 45 minutes to left the Garrison, because we were fired from our dorm. We were 4 soldiers and now we had no where to go. It rained softly and Habib was singing his famous song.

The condition was sad and we were so depressed. No one knew that what must we do? We went outdoor and we wandered in Rasht. There is about 20:00 that we decided to go to the cinema because at that time it would help us to feel better. The movie was Shokaran and that was a great film. During the film, movie stars would eat home foods and these scenes were very excited, because we all were 2 months away from our families and from home food. And you know, how is mother’s food vs garrison’s food.

So the movie finished and it was equal to feel sadness again.

We left the cinema and we were talking about what can we do and where can we go this night that suddenly i saw one of my friends who was from Rasht and he was one of the soldiers in my garrison also. He was with his wife. He asked us what are we doing this Last night and we explained what happened. His wife invited us to her father’s house, because they were married just recently and they still would live with their parents. We didn’t accept, but she insisted curiously. So we accepted and we went to their house.

I had seen hospitality in Rasht many times, but it was different. Her family did some friendly behaves witch we thought we are familiar with them for a while. They invited also their daughter’s uncles and aunts. In fact they prepared a celebration.

We ate the most delicios home food and then laughed and we joked and we danced the whole night and that night became one of the best night in all of our lives.

This rituals continued in the next two weeks. Because we were not allowed to stay in our dorm and every day there was a competition between my friends who live in Rasht to invite us to their houses. And each night would become a great night and we were very happy.

I love Rasht. I have never seen anything, except friendship and hospitality and kindness in this city during my military service.

Every week I and my friends who were from Rasht went to a pretty location in Gillan and I have many great diaries from that times. I’m grateful to Rasht people and I love them. :rose::rose::rose:


When I was a kid, I was nagging too much whenever our food wasn’t delicious enough for me.

When I left home for university, I needed to eat university food. Mostly It wasn’t that bad.However, I realized how ungrateful I was for my mother’s food. But even university food was by far much better than the food they gave us in my military service. Hopefully, I was in the most convenient military camp in Tehran In Artesh. They call this camp Hotel01 because compared to other military places, It was a hotel. But even in this place, the food was awful :unamused:. I always felt there is some ingredient missing in my body. But I could never realize what I missed :smiley: . Hopefully, I was in millitary service for only 29 days :sweat_smile: and I came back home and ate whatever my mom gave me. I even eat an onion alone and I was grateful.

Now I understand the true meaning of homemade food. My wife is also happy. Cause whatever she cooks, I eat it and I would never nag about it even if she burns the food. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello, My friend.

Again I have to ask for your name.

BTW, about your inspiring story.

Thanks a lot and I appreciate it to see a good man like you talks like this about my hometown.

Thank god with internet and of course college I had a chance to talk to many people from different regions and tribes of Iran. and I’ve found many, I mean many friends.

I have friends from Tehran, Ghom, Ahwaz, Alborz, Esfahan and etc.

Of course, I haven’t gone and taken the military service (which I don’t give a S about it) so I can’t put myself in your shoes to talk about it.

But still I’m so happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed the hospitality of People of Rasht.

Lots of love and respect from Rasht to you :rose::rose::rose:


thank you Mr naseri :rose:
your diary, i think, it’s a public diary. Most of all do not appreciate our mothers as much as they deserve it.
maybe these kind of experiences help us to appreciate the efforts of mothers. especially for me it was very helpful. in Garrison we would eat carrot jam for breakfast for 19 months. the lunch was pretty better and for dinner we usually would eat bean feed, lentils feed and kookoo sabzi. And everyone can guess how was the food quality.
I’v told this diary in every situations, because at that night we were so depressed and also because of the film, we coveted home food so much and i think those wife and husband were god ambassador and they played the role of angels for us.
again thank you for your participation. :pray:


thank you mr kambiz.
you right and i’m sorry. i must first introduce myself. I’m Mojtaba and you can see my family in my ID.
For 19 years, i have recognized this as my task to appreciate the people of Rasht. Because i had never this kind of hospitality before i was in Rasht and i have never this even after that. as i explained it in my reply to mr naseri, we are thinking that those were God angels, because They came to us, right when our hearts were broken and we needed them.
At first the beauty of Rasht amazed me and then i became fascinated by the kindness and hospitality of the people there. I love Rasht and i’m very happy because as you said, technology and Zabanshenas help me to have this kind of well known and respected friends from every places in Iran.
Again thanks for your participation. You know that having a name and signature of people like you and dear Mr Naseri below my posts, gives me a great deal of value.:rose::rose:


hello , good evening
I love rasht because I was born in Rasht & I lived there until when I was 10 years old . I have a lots of memories of my childhood in Rasht. my first English class was in shookooh’s Rasht. I have so many mistakes in my writting, please check my mistakes :pray::pray::pray:
good luck :palms_up_together::palms_up_together::palms_up_together: