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Hi Guys
These days I think that I was becoming a very passive person in the course of 10 years maybe and I want to become a more active person and because of this reason i think that for becoming more active in learning english one of the thing that may help me is that i can write about things that i know and share them with others but i dont know it is helpful or not
i dont know maybe i would have lots of gramer mistake or another but one day i must do this work and i think this day is today
the incident that causes that i think about this work is driving the car
from many years ago i get driving licence but when i getting this licence we have just one car that my father uses them but many years i have two cars and my father says to me that go to university with car but i dont and said to myself when i buy a car myself i driving a car but in the university i have a friend that her home is near my home and always says to me that why dont you getting your car and after 5 month maybe i driving car and and in driving a car i learn lots of thing
of all is that from the first day i start driving with the name of God maybe in another work i forgets god but because this work is a new work and because of the help of god i dont forget
second is that because my driving from the first time is not Unconscious i must think about checking the mirror but i learn for example the usage of the right mirror when for the first time i, want to roll over the crowded square and step by step this work go to my unconscious brain and in every step i
make a mistake and when i made a mistake or when i have been in the hard situation my driving become better and in the end i want to learn another thing like this.
please tell me my mistake thank you


Great idea!
But I wanna say you can write well if you read well. So don’t forget to read a lot.
And don’t worry about mistakes. I don’t think mentioning mistakes to somebody is a good way in learning a foreign language because they may lose confidence. Just write or talk and don’t worry
When you write you review how to use words and grammar and you learn faster and better.
By the way the main purpose of a language is to communicate and you did it in your post
At the end I wish you good luck.


thank you for your reading and thank you for your comment about my writing
I think that if you help me and says one mistake each time and not all of them i could
become better soon and learn from my mistakes maybe
good luck


Don’t worry about it. Just do it. It’ll help you improve
Try to listen more and more, it will improve your grammar and as @vahid_en said “read”. Reading is the key factor to improve writing.
Just be confident and write