تالار زبانشناس

Talking about Felix the Fearless

Hi dear Mr. Nasseri

I listened to the story you’d suggested me “Felix the Fearless” for three times, but I didn’t get the concept. So, firstly, without referring to the English or Persion text, cause I wanted to evaluate myself, I listened to it one more time, using several times the “pause”, and wrote everything that I heard.
In this way I almost could understand the story.

Then, as I was sure that I had made many mistakes, I compared the tow texts. It took me more than two hours long. I found out my misunderstandings, which were about thirty percent.
I hadn’t heard nine to ten words or phrases correctly. And the words that I didn’t know or I had forgotten their meanings were about eight as well.

At the end I concluded that if I had watched the video with subtitle I would have understood the story without difficulty.

Sincerely yours,
HassanAnother word about the story:

The story is an interesting one. And I should listen to it more and more to improve my listening.

Meanwhile, in the text, I saw the wrong word “need” in the sentence “He was jumping from so high that he need a pressurized suit” which must be written “needed” as it is said by the speaker in the sound file.

With respect to all members,
Hassan Razaghi