تالار زبانشناس

چالش رایتینگ - اولین باری که بابت کارت پول گرفتی چه حسی داشتی؟

Your essay is very emotional. It is the admiration of me because of showing your respect for your father in the best way


I haven’t experienced it yet :((


I had this experience, I got prize about 600 tomans for being the first ranked student during my master degree but I spent that for paying off the university tuition fees of my undergratuated studies that was about 500 tomans. I want to say I was graduated without putting any pressure on my parents by these days the cost of education is getting so high that parents can not afford that even in the low level of education like kindergarten, preschool and so on.


سلام دوست خوبم :blossom: خیلی ممنون از بازخورد خوبتون
ممنون از شما که وقت گذاشتید و خوندید و انتقاد ارزشمند داشتید :pray:
1- این ترکیب رو من داخل مقالات دیدم که به معنی حدود سال — معنی میده.
2- اینو شما درست فرمودید من اشتباه نوشتم مرسی دیگه یادم نمیره.
3- proud منظورم غرور هستش که اشتباه تایپ کردم. :grin:


I was 19. I worked with a publisher and my first salary was a little, but I bought a gift for my mom with that salary. When I gave to her, she smiled and took me in her arm and I became very happy. I never .forget that memory


سلامت باشیدو همیشه پر از جوشش…خب، اومدیم که از هم یاد بگیریم :star_struck:


I was very happy
I was 20 years ,that time i
Painter tableau sold


خیلی ببخشین من تازه اومدم هیچی بلد نیستم


I think this sentence is more correct than previous sentence

At that time I sold a beautiful painting tableau


هیچ عیبی نداره همه باید از یه جایی شروع کنیم.
اصلا از اشتباهاتتون نترسید و باقدرت ادامه بدید
انشالله به زودی شاهد موفقیت هاتون خواهیم بود
:+1: :upside_down_face:


سلامی دوباره. رسیدیم به روز فیدبک. دوستان با تجربه لطفاً یاری بدن.



نمیدونم income آیا بصورت فعل میشه استفاده کرد یا خیر. اما من اینو ترجیح میدم

Making money gives a good feeling

فعل show بدون to میاد.

I was able to show my family.

یکم جمله بندیش گنگه. فکر میکنم اگه چند تایی کاما میزاشتید بهتر میشد.

I think it is better, people start to work as teenagers

ولی بدون کاما میشه اینجوری نوشت

I think it is better for people to start to work as teenagers


یه a کم داره

When I was a teenager

In that time

اگر منظورتون اون روزهاست میتونید بگید

in those days

summer arrived

هر چند به نظرم بهتره اینجوری بگید

When it was summer I would go to my parent’s village.


ببخشید این مفهومش چی میشه؟ تا به حال نشنیدم.


میشه گفت

I received 110 tomans and added my savings to it and bought a bike.

اگه بخواید از به علاوه استفاده کنید

I received 110 tomans and added my savings on top that…

There aren’t a lot. There are some and there is no need to correct them. By putting some effort you’ll figure them out very soon.


یکی از اشتباهات رایج زبان آموزا اینه که give و get رو قاطی میکنن که هیچ مشکلی نداره.

I got money for my job In the year 1379

I was nineteen years old.

یه موردی که هست اینه که that day یک بار رخ داده پس معمولا زمانش هم باید یه بار رخ بده پس میشه:

that day I felt proud.

اگه آنها روزهاست هم میشه از این ساختار استفاده کرد.

those days I was so proud of myself because I could help my father.


It’s just fine. Don’t worry

Plus a lot of mistake is plural so you say there are a lot of mistakes.

Let’s start

I’m really sorry to hear that man :heart:

I hope his soul is in peace.

I saw…

In a terrible…

So I decided not the get money from my mom.

I grew up to 19 — or better to say — I grew up to 19 years old ---- or far better to say ---- when I became 19

Because you decided to do something you so say

I decided to find and job and earn some money to help my mom.




And Thank you for your kindness

First never say sorry for your mistakes. If you are hurting someone with your mistakes you say sorry, as a matter of fact you are not hurting anyone so there is no need for us to forgive you brother

for the first time

English speakers call تالار گفتگو Forum.

not voluntarily

Your father is a real man and this is how a lion teaches a baby lion to roar.

If you put a lion in a cage and cuddle it all the time when you release them to the nature they can’t even live for 10 days. They will die definitely.

So your father is a real man in my opinion to push you guys to work harder and man up.

NOW THE BABY LION IS ROARING :clap::clap::clap:

I’m perfactly sure he was so proud.

Those days

I’m so happy for you man :clap::clap::clap:

on the whole world

I’m so proud too Mr. Mahdi. You are self-built guy and you know how life works.

Now you are learning English which is another big thing for you to take a huge step for your own life’s mission and success.

Lot’s of love and good wishes from this group to you buddy.


my first salary was small


My first salary was not much

البته مفهومشون فرق داره اول حقوق اولم کم بود. دومی حقوق اولم زیاد نبود.

هیچ مشکلی نیست با این ولی یکم فقط گنگه. اگه بخواید بیشتر توضیح بدید یه that کم داره

When I gave that to her.


سلام خوش اومدید به جمعمون

اگه منظورتون اینه که حستون این بود که خوشحال بودید و بیست سالگی اولین پولتون رو بدست آوردید و یه نقاشی بود که فروختید میشه این:

When I was 20, I sold my first painting and I was happy.


you are the best.I will try to don’t have mistakes like that .I appreciate you very much


احتمالا منظورشون achy بوده

I’m feeling tired and achy

اسمش ache هست
/منبع…دیکشنری لانگمن/


می خواستم بگم اون 110 تومان+ پول پس اندازم رو گذاشتم رو هم و اون دوچرخه رو خریدم


Income فقط noun هست و حالتای دیگه رو نداره


سلام آقا کامبیز.
ببخشید من اصلا ذهنم تمرکز نداره بتونم ویرایش کنم. این بار عذرمو بپذیرید
از هفته‌ی بعد با تمام قوا در خدمت تالار خواهم بود


سلام پروین خانوم عزیز. خواهش میکنم این حرفو نزنید. براتون آرزوی موفقیت دارم ایشالا ذهنتون آروم و عالی بشه به زودی :rose::rose::rose:


I think “passed away” is correct


thanks dear.yes you are right


thanks man.I hope so.