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Being one children in family

Is being one children in family good or bad?


In my opinion this not good being only child and i was born in almost a big family …3 sis and 2 bro and totaly we r 6 children
Im happy with this because we alwyas with each other …everyday we see and always gathering in my mom home …travel with each other and we always be there when we have problems …and we shares our sicrets and always fun …but only child is not good .he or she always lonely and no one to talk … but in this situation ppl just can afford for one child not more


hello Mr amin
i am from a big family and can’t understand those children who are the only child in their family. but i guess it could be horrible since even me sometimes feel loneliness and need to talk to sb who i trust . someone who knows me well and likes me and is a part of my family.
but i’ve seen that those who are only child try to find friends instead and most of them have lot’s of friends. actually it depends on their nurture.
but if one day i wanted to have children i prefer to have more than one, at
.least two children
totally being only child has mixture of both advantages and disadvantages . you have all your parent’s attention.your parents would put all their time and money to make you improve and live in a good situation in all fields like education and entertainment and etc.
but besides it could have some bad effects on your future life, like not being able to communicate with others, being selfish, being dependent on your family too much .
but it is a fact that because of expenses parents can’t support more than one child, so we should be aware and even if we
want to have one child like Chinese people it’s better to read books and articles on how to control them in a best way