تالار زبانشناس

Come in and come into

سلام " come in “و” come into" چه تفاوتی با هم دارند؟


1. To enter a room, house, or other place.
I was suspicious when everyone stopped talking as soon as I came into the room.
2. To inherit or otherwise acquire something, often in a way that involves good fortune.
I think she came into all of that money when her grandmother died.
3. To obtain power or a particular office.
Ever since Claire came into office, she’s practically ignored the constituents she promised to help.
4. To reach a new level of maturity, independence, or success. Often said of young adults. In this usage, the phrase is followed by "(one’s) own."
Betsy has really come into her own this year. A full-time job, a new apartment—she’s doing great!
5. To reach a particular state.
Our lives came into normalcy after my husband stopped working 80-hour weeks…

1. To enter a place, such as a room, house, etc. Often used as an imperative. In this usage, “on” can be used between “come” and "in."
I came in while the meeting was in progress, so I waited in the back.
Come in! I’m in the kitchen!
Come on in and have a seat.
2. To arrive at a particular place or destination.
Those dresses were scheduled to come in last Tuesday.
When does your flight come in?
3. To finish a contest or competition in a particular position or place (as in first, second, third, etc.).
I didn’t expect to come in first or anything, but finishing last is pretty disappointing.
4. To join something that is already in progress, often in a particular way or role.
Ashley will sing the verse, and then we’ll all come in on the chorus.
5. To be received, as of a transmission.
Call me back later—you’re not coming in well, so I can barely hear you.
6. To have or finish with a particular value or measurement.
You came in at two minutes and 30 seconds, which is a better time than your last race.
The estimate came in way too high, so we have to solicit more bids.
7. To approach or reach the shore, as of the tide.
If you’re trying to stay dry, we should move our chairs back before the tide comes in again.
8. To receive or be subject to something.
Those boys are going to have to come in for a punishment after starting the food fight.
9. To join a group in doing something.



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