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Causes of a huge change in the world - چالش رایتینگ

Hey guys! I’m back with another writing challenge. This time, we’re going to talk about a huge change in the world. Just think about it! Doesn’t this coronavirus make a big change in our lifestyle? I think many of us have changed our lifestyles during this year. Many life routines have been omitted from our lives. Lots of Jobs have been ignored and lots of new jobs have been created. I want you to write about the changes in your life and in the world.

  1. Do you think this situation is temporary or that we’re going
    to live like this for a long time?
  2. In your opinion, have these changes been positive or have they had a
    negative effect on our lives?
  3. What should we do if this situation doesn’t change at least for
    a decade or two?
  4. Do you see Coronavirus as a “Huge change” in the world or
    you just think this is solvable and not really a big deal?
  5. What changes has this situation made in your life?

please write a 4-Paragraph essay including “introduction, body, and conclusion”. You can also take a look at this post for more information:
پنج قدم تا نوشتن یک مقاله‌ی خوب به انگلیسی


Hello there,

I’ve already written a manuscript regarding exercise considerations during Coronavirus outbreak which is under investigation by a medical journal.
I hope it be of help for those who are athlete, have active lifestyles or even on the verge of starting any exercises.

Before uploading it, I’d like to get the permission if I’m allowed to or not.


Hello to all :blush:
As far as I am concerd every thing can change our life
Actually, l mean a person from newborn had a some alteration like:
Clambering ,walking,eating, speaking, and etc …
I would say that our change can divide to arbitrary or mandatory.
My impression from your question is our alteration it depend to our character perhaps I make solution in my alteration of my life for example: in during of Corona virus l learnt making dress and it’s so interesting.
I afraid from your question although we should habit to our alteration .
I dare say that Corona virus very soon it leave us but it have clause if we observed it 'll leave very soon Iran and world.
Insomuch I went to school and this year I 'm 3rd of guidence school and we’ll have study choice
I get so upset because unreal school is so difficult for me and my teachers at all don’t advert.
The end .
Avaa6 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello everybody.
I’m a new member in this challenges and I want to thank your group.
My job is in hospital emergency laboratory. Before this huge challenge in the world, my colleagues and I worked in calm and safe.
Unfortunately, ever since the virus entered our country, the number of my colleagues and my shift works increased very much. Because some of my colleaguse infected with this virus and the rest of the staff had to make up for this shortfall.
Our job is to sample people with coronavirus. We face a shortage of equipment such as shields, but we continue to work to save the lives of the families of these patients, even without equipment.
Take the coronavirus seriously and take care of yourself.


با سلام

خدمت شما به عنوان یک عضو تازه، متن شما رو خوندم و ضمن آرزوی سلامتی پایدار برای شما و کادر درمان، در خصوص متن شما مطلبی هست که مایلم بگم، البته بگم هدف خودنمایی یا هرچیز دیگری نیست و صرفا هدف افزایش مهارت رایتینگه:
Before this huge challenge in the world, my colleagues I worked in calm and safe.

Before this huge challenge in the world, my colleague and I had been working in calm and safe.


[ ] Coronavirus Era


It’s now a year that a newly-discovered virus by the name of coronavirus has brought about a wide variety of serious problems worldwide. Hence, the governments of infected areas have established many restrictive regulations to prevent the spread of this vital germ. On the other hand, the people of those infected areas haven’t been and aren’t pleased with such restrictions. They have their own reasons for being unpleasant. Reasons that are mostly rooted in financial problems. However, it’s not all about finances. There are other people concerning about their daily routines such as shopping, sightseeing, walking and exercise training. I’d like to discuss the latter case in this writing.

In terms of level of physical activity (PA), there are individuals with different levels of PA. Considering those restrictive laws, people who have active lifestyles or high level of PA are definitely affected by those regulations. Such people have worries about their sport future. They want to know if it’s safe to continue their exercise training as it was before or not? To respond to this question, we should have a look at the way Coronavirus causes disease. This germ causes upper respiratory tract to infect. On the other hand, based on exercise immunology science, exercise with moderate intensity has a positive effect on immune system function while high-intensity exercise has a negative impact on immune system. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that people avoid intense exercises during pandemic. The efficiency of exercise has previously been documented against the flu disease which is an infectious disease.
According to achieved data, there are
similarities between COVID-19 and influenza virus signs which make it probably reasonable to recommend exercising during COVID-19 outbreak. Firstly, strenuous physical activities should be avoided in COVID-19 situation. Secondly, healthy and asymptomatic people can perform moderate intensity exercises with hygienic considerations. Thirdly, individuals with
mild upper respiratory tract symptoms (e.g., runny nose, sinus congestion, mild sore throat) can exercise lightly with precautions. Finally, one suspected of Covid-19 symptoms (e.g.,fever, cough, severe sore throat, myalgia, shortness of breath, general fatigue) should avoid exercise until full recover.

Looking forward to seeing your comments on my writing.


I can’t understand
What do you mean in last sentence?


یعنی منتظر نطرات شما در مورد نوشته‌ام هستم


Hey guys. :heart:
It’s definitely true to say that, coronavirus is one of the most important factors to change our lifestyle in last year. In the following sentences I’m to prove this idea.

To begin, many people are difficulty doing their usual tasks for observance of social distance.they can not visit their family, they can not go to the gym to do some exercise even they can not go out for porches their essentials.
The next effect is the effect on the lives of workers and wage earners , the people who manage their life by earning money every day. they cannot find job they cannot manage their life and following that cannot provide their essentials things for their family.

At higher level it effects on the country’s economy because the government had to spend much money to treat this virus and of course this diverts them from their main goals.

In conclud,this global dilemma definitely has causes many changes in our lifestyle , eliminated families visited ,decreases recreation , effectedon in wage day people and unemployed people life and then effect on economy of countries and moving away them from the goals.
Thanks for your mention.:slightly_smiling_face::pray::pray::pray:
Have pleasure time.


In your opinion isn’t better that you wrote
Looking forward to seeing your comment regarding my writing?


You are right, but I think ‘on’ could be also used. Thanks for your attention.


These days, the whole world is struggling with corona virus. This is a big issue and ofcorse it’s made a big change to the world, though it’s not the only thing can affect the world this harshly.

You can think of wars, espacially world wars.

When several countries around the world stuggles with their enemies, their people spend the most difficult period in ther life.
When safty and peace are rare things, when you have no Idea about your future, when your loved-ones die, you feel these changes!
You see the world won’t be as it used to be .

What ever this big change is, it affects different parts of world differently, some parts are less affected so they can deal with it more effectively and other are more affected so they manage it harder.
And ofcorse this difference is base on the initial situation of that part!

Any way, I think what we are facing with these days, is nothing less of a world war!
We don’t feel safe when we are out, even at home, we don’t have an assured plan for our future and we see our loved-ones passing away. :pleading_face: :frowning:

In my openion, the problem,a pandemic, a war or what ever, might be solved but the results will stay with us for ever.
A huge change means this!


You seem to have been suffered so much. Let it go, laugh it off. this shall pass too. Smile like your ikon.

Don’t forget that we as well as the deceased are a part of history.


Thank you for your sympathy and kindness. :hibiscus:
Fortunately nothing serious has happened to me nor my relatives. Thanks goodness.
I’m just trying to deeply understand others suffering and being affected by this situation.


Hi everybody
In my opinion Coronavius has a big effect into .our life style or on our old cultures.
One of most important effect was delating party and visit our friends and relatives.
Especially Iranian peaple are kind peaple and like party but in this situation everything has changed.
This is a fact that coronavirus has some good effect that one of the best one is increasing Internet usage for work,I mean working remotly has increased and it help to decrease traffic over the cities.
I bielive Coronavirus problem is a challenge for us to change our lifestyle ,because before the Coronavirus world had changed but we didn’t accept it but now we have to ,so it’s better to be friend with this Coronavirus and use good effectiveness.

At the end,I hope all of us be healthy and happy by the way.

Thanks for reading my opinion.


Thank you for sharing :pray: