تالار زبانشناس

An architectural experience

Hi.this is f.t
I an architect.and today I’m ganna talk about one of my project that is under construction.It is a small appartment that consists of one bakery in ground floor and two other upper levels that are both residential.The construction is in skeletal stage and it has been built up to first level’s roof until now

Unfortunatly during the constructuion Mr Azadi, the owner, encountered a small structural problem.there was one wrong unnecessary secondary beam at where th elevator door had to be. (A wrong unnecessary secondry beam has blocked the door of elevator in ground floor ).

I tried to calm Mr.Azadi down, although it was not my mistake an he was so anxious and scared.i told him this is not a big deal and it is easy and fast to get solved and removed.
I hope he finally trusts me and feels relax a little more.

Thank you for reading my experience.
I’m looking forward for your opinions.


Hi dear
That was really exciting.
You know, I really want to be a architect in the future and I have plans for it .
To be a architect… it’s really amazing.
Build towers , villas and apartments
It’s a wonderful world
Good jobs sis


I’m sure you can do it :blush:


Isn’t the elevator problem really a big problem and can it be solved ?!
I’m afraid of the elevator and I have a phobia about it


You’re right.stability of elevator is one of the most important issues in a building but don’t panic :slight_smile:
As i told through the article the problem is related to a secondary concrete beam that is not necessary and can be replaced with other structural instruments or can be shifted a little higher,so it would’nt block elevator’s door.I mean it does not matter if it is there or not.it does not affect on elevator’s structure and stability.