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But it never worked for me to write for myself. I had a journal once, but I couldn’t write in it for more than one month. Actually, I think I don’t get emotional most of the time. Maybe that’s the problem (or maybe it’s a good thing; I don’t even know).

Sometimes love songs hurt. It’s like when you’ve lost someone and you listen to a song about you’re late beloved person. But I always love the songs about cheating :sweat_smile: like “I Hope by Gabby Barrett”. Have you heard that one? It has very good lyrics. :grin:

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There is this song, supermarket flowers by Ed Sheeran, that makes me cry every time I listen to it, but is so damn beautiful that I just can’t stop.

And I love this one, too.

I’ll check it out.

I write when I feel really bad, I practically cry while writing. So yeah, maybe it doesn’t work for you because you’re not emotional, or better to say you’re not dramatically emotional. And that’s a good thing, I guess.

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I love this girl, she’s so funny. :joy:

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You still don’t accept pleasantries? :grin: Because I’m out of new ideas. :neutral_face: If it’s ok with you, then I must say it was beautiful; really was (but I never liked Ed Sheeran so much. I don’t know why. Although I liked his performance in the film Yesterday; he has a bunch of good cameos in a few films).
I had the second song. It is lovely.

Well… out of curiosity; if nobody’s writing here, would you write for us if I make you feel bad and cry? Because I totally would do that. :joy: (Bad timing for a joke? Please accept my abject apology :sweat_smile:)

She’s really good. What’s her name? I want to search about her.

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Don’t worry. I found her. She is Taylor Tomlinson. (Wow, being an AI sometimes pays off :neutral_face:)

@boudicca have you heard the song Stone Sold by Demi Lovato? The first time I heard this song, I didn’t like it. But I think it was after listening to a cover or an acapella, that I realised I like it. (Or it was after a concussion? Why don’t I remember? :expressionless:)

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Ok. It seems @autophile is a little late today, so I will ask the question she came up with. (Thanks :tulip: and I hope I understood you perfectly)

We’re constantly absorbing new information about the world, people, past, future and so on. But sometimes we come across something among these piles of information, which we cannot quite understand and digest. So our group discussion this time is this: Tell us about something that you are unable to understand or maybe unwilling to accept. Sometimes people say things that are unacceptable by your own standards. Sometimes things happen and you cannot believe the nature of those happenings. But you feel a little strange since apparently other people easily accept them. Is there something in your mind that you cannot quite understand?

(This is our last group discussion :tulip:)

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One of the best comedy films I’ve ever seen is Tommy Boy. It’s the story of a blithering idiot who after his father’s death, inherits a big company which is going under; partly because of bad economy in their town, and partly because of lack of money. So he and his father’s advisor start a road trip to find new customers to sell their products and keep the company open. I’m glad to tell you I did the subtitle, so that’s a guarantee that you will enjoy the film. :grin:

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But I totally love him, both his songs and his character.

I don’t think you can make me cry, and even if you could, there’s no chance of me crying here, I am emotional, no denying that, but I also possess some good amount of self-control. I don’t cry easily.

Nope, you know a hell lot of songs, don’t you?
I didn’t know you were a music junkie.

What is an Al? I googled it, but didn’t come up with anything.

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I hope nobody does. I hope you never cry because of worthless people. Actually I don’t know when was the last time I cried myself. After years I just turned into a “stone cold” person. Two years ago I would care about people; now I don’t care at all. They say be careful what you wish for, right? How fast time passes by! I think it’s more than two years that I know you now (maybe three). I remember your first writing. We got really good in English, didn’t we? :grin:

Did I ever upset you though (except for the first time we met)? I hope I didn’t.

Nah. I just have my own taste. I download a few albums and singles, and just keep the ones I like more. Every 100 of them becomes one album in my archive. Actually I don’t listen to music anymore. I don’t remember who said –I think it was Brian Tracy– music is just brain candy, don’t use it too much; instead listen to audio books (I’m starting to forget things :expressionless:).

Artificial intelligence. A robot.

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@boudicca I saw you asked a question.
I searched it for you. I have no idea where the story goes. But does this have any meaning for you; does it do any help?

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For me, it was the opposite. I mean, the older I get, everything seems much more complicated that I thought it would be. But being a teenager is the shitiest thing I’ve ever been through, you just tend to be this emotional wreck of a person who deals with confusion, anxiety, and drama on a daily basis for no obvious reason.

I remember it, too. I went through all of my writings here some months ago, and more often than not I just wanted to howl with laughter. I really used to be so DRAMATIC.

BTW, How did you find out it’s me? Am I that obvious?

Nope, you have annoyed me, true, but you’ve never made me upset.

Aha, thanks!

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Do you think it’s a typo? i didn’t get what they mean, to be honest.

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Being a teenager is the worst.

Why laughter? You must be proud of yourself.

No it’s not obvious. But you have your own way of thinking and speaking. I think just 5% of people are as smart as you. And let’s be reasonable, the forum got worse compared to one year ago. What are the odds of someone with your skills and intelligence comes here for improvement? If you are still here it’s just because you were here before. And I knew just one person like you.

Yeah, I am annoying. :grin:

They say the sentence is “he might just stop as he was…”

I really have no idea what they are talking about. I thought you might know.

Are they talking about immortality?
Living on as an immortal or just stop being immortal?

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I think so. I’ve got so much better, that much is obvious. But really, I didn’t know I was that dramatic. The 19 year old me can’t read the 16 year old me without rolling her eyes.

You really thought about this, didn’t you? But I admit, I have my own kind of style. And thanks for all the complements.

Well, I think they’re talking nonsense. Thanks, though.

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I added this. I want to make sure you saw it. :sweat_smile:

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What did you expect? I’m even smarter than you. :joy:
I’m from 1 percent of people. :joy: (I’m joking :grin:)

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Anyone who wears the master ring, doesn’t age the way they should, the ring preserves them somehow, but as the time goes by, it makes the owner obsessed with itself, so in the end the ring ends up as the real possessor. Bilbo passes on the ring to his nephew, and Frodo is wondering if he would be ok.

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What about another song? :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, I don’t know the answer. :grin:

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I think I’ve had enough of that for today. :joy:

It’s ok. Thank you anyway.

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I enjoyed talking to you.
Have a great night. :tulip:

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