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I never understood what the true definition of value is. I’m talking about how people evaluate a thing, deciding on how important and significant they think it is. what do we see in a thing when we call it a thing of value? And does the work you do really define your worth? Are they right to call it a waste, a shame, if you were to choose Art over Medicine, choose playing around with colors and shapes over saving lives and helping people? What is a life of value? Why simply being good, simply moving your way gently through the world, trying not to disturb or damage anything as you go, is less significant than a person winning a medal or a trophy?

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I’m glad you liked it. :tulip:

“Eh”? :slightly_smiling_face: Are you being Canadian all of a sudden? :grin:

Actually, I wanted to keep the topic going until the end of the month, but my situation changed a bit. So I won’t be able to answer any comment. And you know me. I’m a control freak. When someone talks to me, I always should answer back. So I thought I cannot leave this topic open without me being able to put my approval stamp (the like button :sweat_smile:) under the comments. And I didn’t assume any of you wants to carry on the conversations (do you?). I would feel bad about my own topic to be abandoned. So I decided to ask one of the admins to close it down tonight. I’m very thankful for all your kindness and your helps. :tulip: :tulip: :tulip:

I don’t know how to answer your emojis, so should I answer in sign language? :neutral_face: :crossed_fingers: :call_me_hand: :metal: :love_you_gesture:

But dude, your last comment is for 5 days ago, if you count today it’s 6. Did you just feel you should react somehow? :grin: (Lighten up, I’m joking. :smile:)
I could leave my email address here, but I think I won’t be able to answer that too. Good luck! :tulip: :tulip: :tulip:

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Is it Canadian? Didn’t know that.

It’s understandable.

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The Impossible Dream (The Quest)

Where Do I Begin (Love Theme from Love Story)

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خانم برومند، شب شما بخیر؛ خسته نباشید. لطف می‌کنید این تاپیک رو ببندید؟ بینهایت از شما ممنونم. :tulip:

No worries, just not feeling alright enough to have a chit chat. It’s ok :slightly_smiling_face: