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چالش وبلاگ «khmrh»

Hi kids.:gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart:
Today I start my blog. Hope for having fun and new experiences here.
I don’t know exactly what can I put here but I try to put beneficial and fascinating things.
I’ll try to update my blog frequently but forgive me if I’m not here too much.
with the best wishes :rose::rose::rose:


I swear to the god I’m an adult

I think you mean Hi guys :grin:

Thanks so much
Hope to read lots of different and interesting things from you

keep going.


I know you are adults.
I like to call you kids. Any problems?
Anyway I’m sorry. I don’t have any excuse!:confused:


First post:
For the first post I want to talk about my shyness. I’m so shy honestly. But I’ve been participating in some activities that puts me into challenge with my shyness and force me to talk and present my opinions.
I took part in a public presentation in our university. I’ll perform once in November and once in December. I’m too stressed but I encourage myself to do my best. Also as you know I take part in beneficial life challenge in this forum and make myself talk and involve in discussions. In addition I want to attend a free discussion class in our university. The last challenge I join is this very challenge.
I apologize if I had any problems in my posts.