Let's talk about : " memory"

Let's talk about : " memory"




آره درسته
مخصوصا زمان دانشگاه و… که اسامی جدید زیاد بود سخت بود
چه جالب اینو درمورد طراحی و… نمیدونستم :clap::clap:

ممنون که وقت گذاشتین و گوشیدیدن :rose:


Maybe it’s far from your own subj but let me talk
the imprecise pictures in my mind about past experiences
Sth that help me recognize and choose much more better than yesterday that’s beneficial with a good increase in my knowledge or an expand in my view of life, humans and etc, but really does these lessons worth that bad experiences the answar relates to
myself that how I use them
With these fleeting moments I hope u have permanent and good memories in your mind…


ممنووونم فاطمه خانوم
خیلی خوش اومدی

مرسی که نظرعاااالیتو گفتی :clap::clap::clap::clap:
ممنونم که وقت گذاشتی :heart_eyes::rose::rose: