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چالش رایتینگ - می تونی صد تا چیز از خودت بنویسی؟

چالش رایتینگ - می تونی صد تا چیز از خودت بنویسی؟
  1. My nickname is Gandom
  2. I lived in Tehran, Isfahan, and Khuzestan.
  3. I’m single
  4. I have no job.
  5. I’m an intermediate level in English.
  6. I’m kind, warm-blooded, and generous.
  7. I’m smart.
  8. I like to help others but fishing is not my favorite!
  9. I love walking, running, cycling, climbing…in a special word! “Nature”
  10. I’m both shy and social.
  11. I wanted to be an independent woman but can’t still obtain it.
  12. I’m sensitive.
  13. I’m a good criticizer.
  14. I’m punctual.
  15. I’m honest.
  16. I want to learn and live in English these days.
  17. I am a good researcher.
  18. I smoke a cigarette when I was 6 years old.
  19. I don’t like family parties.
  20. I don’t like loud environs.
  21. I’m regular.
  22. I used to enjoy the sport but now, I don’t like at all.
  23. I love early rising in all of my life but unfortunately was always in noisy environs.
  24. I like the orange (colored).
  25. I love onion, apple, pomegranate, orange,mirabelle, nectarine and don’t like persimmon, damson.
  26. I don’t eat fast food and restaurant’s. I prefer to have a healthy nourishing.
  27. I love many experiences in the living of other countries.
  28. I want to go to another country (probably the U.S or Canada) with Educational visa.
  29. I must turn/translate my project’s article to English and submit them as soon as.
  30. I must increase my English level up 8-9 because I must get full fund in my future university for working with it.
  31. I like chicken feed with soup, raisin , and potatoes…and Pasta with Season Salad.
  32. I was created fairly beauty ( :innocent: ), mid-weight (55Kg) and mid-height (160cm).
  33. My favorite animations were ice age #1, Up.

I really enjoyed reading your text and imaging such a girl. Thanks for your writing. :heart_eyes:


In the name of Allah
Hi everyone I’m so glad to see you again
I’m happy to joint to this challenge
Let’s start
I’m Mahdi
I’m 21 years old
I’m a good student
I study mechanical engineering and I love it
I live in dormitory at yazd
I was born at shiraz
I like shiraz so much but I don’t like yazd
I have 3 roommate and l live with them
I have a brothers younger than me(about a year)
He lives with me
He studies mechanical engineering at yazd just like me
I have a sister younger than me
I’m the first child of our family
I study at sixth term
I will graduate next year
I’m gonna take konkur next year
I will definitely be accepted at tehran university
I’m not a bookworm
I’m not big fan of musicians totally
I sometimes listen to Chavoshi,Alizadeh and Homaun
I hate rap but I listened to yas in the past
My favorite foreign actor is Dicaprio and between Iranians actors I like Razavian and Hayai
My favorite director is Coloni and Nolan,I really love all of the Nolan’s film and I have seen all of them
I really like whatch moves
My favorite film is Lord of the rings
I totally hate star wars
I haven’t seen a lot of series but I definitely think the game of thrones is the best series ever
I’m big big fan of animations
I like a lot of animates like rengo,zootopia and etc
I have a huge grand family
I have about 50cousin
I like huge grand family
I always respect to them
I like all of them certainly l like some of them much more than others but I dont hate none of them
I have a lot of friends from all over iran
I can’t count them
I’m so warm and kind(my friends tell me)
it’s so simple to be friend with me
If I want to do something no one can stop me
I’m big fan of sorts(really all of them)
I’m big fan of Esteghlal Tehran
My favorites team Between foreign teams are Liverpool and Barcelona
I’m playing soccer very well
I’ve played soccer in a pro team in shiraz
I love waking specially jogging
If I have time I walk to distinction
I like blue
I like black color for my gaget(like phone,laptop,handsfree and …)
I like grey color for clothes and black for shoes
My family and my friends think I am so smart and a hard worker but I don’t think
I’m just so cruise
And I’m so responsible
I’m too lazy when I don’t have to do a work
If you want that I do a work for u ,u should force me to do that or u should Make me curious about that
I like challenges
I’m not clever but I don’t give up easily
I like people who are hard work
I love to help others
I didn’t like English at all till I understood without English I’m a illiterate person
I’m crazy about knowing(everythings)
I like historical places ,old cultures and old stories
I like documentary and thought provoking movies
Every body tells me,you are so feelinglese but it’s not true,I’m so emotional but i always pretended that I’m not feelingless
I’m very intimate with my dad on the contrary all the boys who are close to their mothers
I can’t stand at hot places
I wear glasses
My dad is the only one on earth who understanding me completely
I have a general plan for my life,like
I’m gonna study at tehran university next year
I’m gonna married 4 or 5 years later
In general plan I have to learn a language per 3 years
After learning English ,I’m gonna learn Germany(cause Germany is so important for my major)
After Germany I gonna learn arabic or Spanish
I like my name,and also l like Mohammad mahdi name and nazanin zahra
Any way I’m an evening person(I love my bed after loving Allah)
I have A lot of things to say about myself
But I got tired then good by
Thank you, for your time that allocated to read my writing

:upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:


hello everybody
I know it’s a little late but I want to participate too.
1.My name is Fatemeh.
2.I’m 20 years old.
3.I’m from Tabriz.
4.I’m student of university.
5.I study software engineering.
6.I study in Tabriz.
7.I’m in associate degree.
8.This is my last term.
9.I have konkur in mordad for bachelor degree.
10.I love programming.
11.I love web developing too.
12.Now I’m designing a website for my final project.
13.I’m working as an intern too.
14.I’m so busy these days so I can not study for my konkur and maybe I postpone it for the next year.
15.I am an only child.
16.I go to English class about 3 years.
17.I’m an emotional person.
18.I can cry easily.
19.I don’t like my this behavior because I think it makes me weak.
20.I’m not a studios student but I like to study.
21.I like my university and my friends.
22. I’m so sad that it finishes .
23.but i’m excited too because I will go to a new university
24.My goal for my next university is the doctor shariaty university of Tehran.
25.I want to be an independent person and having my job.
26.Actually my goal that i’m trying for it is to having my own programing company some day.
27.I love learning new thing
28.I love English too and I really want too speak in English.
29.I like to spend time with my friends.
30.I think up to now I have lost most of my time.
31.I always try not to do a thing that know it will made me regret
32.I’m really optimistic person.
33/.I’m hopeful too and can’t tolerate the people who are Pessimistic and hopeless/.
34. I like too see people happy.
35.If I see someone who is in suffer and sad I start to cry easily.
36.I’m a little shy and I think it is because I was always alone and I didn’t have any sister and brother.
37.My mother is my best friend.
38.The people who don’t know me think that I am a selfish person .
39.The people who know me say that I’m friendly.
40.I can’t tolerate jealous people too.
41.I love reading books.
42.When I was a kid about 14 years old I always read 2 books in a week.
43.I steel want to read too but I can’t find a book that I think I will like.
44.The last book that I have read is me before you/me after you from jojo muiz.
45.I like watching movies too.
46. I prefer to read and watch horror and fantasy genres.
47.My favorite movie is The vampire diaries.
48. My favorite book that I have read is the Demonata from Darren Shan that is 10 books.
49.I like to be alone and think when I’m upset
50.I like Zabanshenas and since I have met that I started to learn English seriously.


1 my name shahrzad
2 I’m 32
3 I’m married
I hate old teachers because they are ugly and cruel
I have one boy
I love photography
Love english
Love my husband
Love my cute boy
Love my mom
Very quaite
A little dumb
In love with the fairies
Disturbing people by phone, of course, before getting married
Love violin
Love black
I love
I love to die. To discover another world
I love rock music
I like to visit another country
I love drawing
I hate husband sbrother and husband mother
I’m very hand some but with makeup :rofl:
I love men’s clothes
Love hot
Love hip hop
Love bag pants
صدتا نشد ولی همینا روبه توان دو حساب کنید:rofl::rofl::rofl:

  1. My name is Farzaneh
  2. I am an athlete
  3. I do love sports
  4. I want to be a great Volleyball coach
  5. I hate shrimp
  6. I have a daughter
  7. Her name is Delsa
  8. She has 2 years old
  9. I am an English teacher for kids
  10. I love my laptop :grin:
  11. I like to download and watch the best movie in the world
  12. Also, I like to read and learn English.
  13. My favorite color is Red
  14. I love my Family
  15. I am working out at the GYM everyday
  16. I love Football
  17. I am a fan of Persepolis
  18. I hate cooking
  19. I want to be a programmer
  20. I want to buy a car and a house in my city
  21. I am a big fan of Shadmehr Aghili
  22. I and Shadmehr have the same date birthday
    23.I want to change my phone but I don’t have enough money
  23. I have a beautiful dimple
  24. I spend my time with learning English and learning programmer
  25. I am watching The Iranian series now. its name is Mankan. But I don’t like that
  26. I love driving
  27. I believe true loves
  28. I like PS4 games
  29. I don’t really like makeup
  30. My favorite fast food is Pizza
  31. I like short hair, also my hair is short
  32. I do love chocolate
  33. I hate of smokes
  34. I am a good person :relieved:
  35. I have 7 nieces and nephews
  36. I wear glasses
  37. I hate politics
  38. I like to read a lot of books
  39. I am good at play with children
    41.I’m 165 cm
  40. My weight is 61 kg
  41. I like to go to Italy
  42. My nephew’s name is Sirvan and he loves me so much
  43. I start a new hobbit is knitted
  44. Also, I knitted a scarf
  45. The weather is really good today
  46. I like to make puzzles
  47. I am lessening to aj hoge power English.it’s good and I think I can improve myself
  48. I like Zabanshenas
  1. My name is sara
    i love my name

  2. I’m 30 years old.

  3. I’m 165 cm

4.i weigh 53

  1. I have a brother and three sisters, i love my family but i love my brother so so much because he always help me.

  2. I love my eyes, they’re so beautiful☺️

  3. I love all of colors but my favorite color is pink.
    recently i make my hair pink😎

8.sport is my life and I’m an athlete,
I’m rock climbing :slight_smile:i love rock climbing so much and also mountaineering.

  1. I love traveling and experimenting with new things.
    I’m not afraid of the dark.
    I’m a brave girl, i think I’m not afraid of anything almost.:muscle::muscle::muscle:

  2. I like to live alone for short time.

11 . I love animals, specially dogs and horses.

  1. I can ride by horse very well.

  2. I’d like to buy a little dog.

14.i hate smoke.
15. I love reading psychology books and success.
16.i love driving because it gives me calm.

  1. I love knitting hair and i can make hair very beautiful…

  2. i love snowy weather but i dont like cold :smile:

  3. I love kids so much and enjoy playing with them.

  4. I love my niece and nephew. my nephew Hamin، is so sweet and lovely.

  5. I love twins and i love to have twins in the future. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  6. I love music, my favorite instrument is violin,
    before i could play violin but i think forget it now.

  7. i don’t do makeup much.

  8. i have very good friends that helped me a lot in my life.

  9. I don’t watch TV at all.

26.My favorite Iranian singer is Ebi and my favorite foreign singer are Adele.

27.i love shopping and i think all woman like it.:heart_eyes:

  1. I always thank God.

  2. i like to help people.

  3. I love learning English and i think zabanshenas is the best way to learn. :purple_heart:


Hi everybody
Im curios human about learning English
I have perseverance in any work
I like sports
I donig deference sport
I wakup at 6 o’clock usually
My Job is accounting
I joy of social reletionship with strange human
I nowaday have hard life but l have hope
I’m single
I gonig to bed for sleeping at 11:30 o’clock
I listen to music often
I think my country people are not happy and good luck
I now that I don’t say one handered
But i demand of god that my people become happy again and again


1- My name is Firooz Hosseini
2- I’m studying master degree in biotechnology at the University of Tehran
3- I’m 24 (17/4/1995)
4- I’m 189 cm
5- I weight 75 kg
6- I’m single
7- My favorite color is red
8- I love volleyball
9- My shoulder got injured in volleyball
10- I’m a fan of Persepolis and Barcelona and Manchester united
11- My favorite football player is Lionel Messi
12- I love learning in general
13- I love aj and his system of teaching English
14- I love English so much
15- I love zabanshenas and its forum
16- I was born and raised in Fedagh
17- I’ve lived in different cities such as Shiraz, Bandar Abbas, Gerash, Maraghe, and Tehran
18- I prefer Shiraz among all of them
19- I love to live in shiraz
20- I have a big family
21- I love my family so much
22- I like my relatives too
23- I’m a big fan of Hollywood movies and tv series
24- I love animations and animes too
25- My favorite movies are “ a beautiful mind, Shawshank, dark night, godfather, inception, lord of the ring, harry potter, hack saw ridge and …
26- My favorite tv series are “friends, breaking bad and game of thrones
27- My goal is to study in one of the best university in the world
28- My goal in English is to be fluent like natives and scoring 110 in TOEFL
29- I have dark brown curly hair
30- I love reading books
31- Every day I go to the gym and work out
32- I don’t like sleeping that if I could not sleep I would
33- I love computer and programming
34- I love my laptop so much and I spend most of my time with it and I call it my son
35- I can type fast with 10 finger method (without looking at the keyboard)
36- I love music esp. shadmehr but ever since I have wanted to learn English I just listened to English music
37- I love games esp. FIFA
38- I’m good at FIFA and I can challenge everyone!
39- I used to play clash of clans and I was really good at it
40- I have a special talent in sports and games
41- I had the best time when I was a kid. It was amazing
42- I love those games that engage my mind. Those that are difficult
43- I hate politics and politicians
44- I hate news
45- I barely get angry and when I’m angry I don’t talk at all
46- I don’t take pills at all even though I’m suffering so much from the pain!
47- I prefer cold weather to hot weather (tough I love mild weather )
48- I hate lying. so I always try my best not to lie
49- I think about everything so deep that I feel an emptiness in everything!
50- I’m a terrible dancer but I like breakdancing
51- I love foods and esp fast foods. God, I love pizza and shiraz’s hotdogs
52- I like spicy foods and don’t like sweat ones
53- My favorite fruit is pomegranate
54- I don’t watch tv except for watching football matches.
55- I’m a little bit introvert
56- I only have one real friend
57- I’m hardworking and I will never let go of something I want
58- I have a photographic memory
59- I hate memorizing things
60- I don’t like too crowded and polluted cities and I prefer the countryside to live in.
61- My mother tongue is not Persian, it’s Pahlavi (Achomi)
62- I was a night owl but not anymore
63- My favorite number is 4
64- I like driving and riding stylish motorcycles
65- I hate smoking
66- My favorite season is spring
67- I don’t have a role model and I don’t want to be like anyone else
68- I hate monotonous jobs
69- I like helping people and being good to them
70- I like imitating and dubbing
71- I like rainy weathers
72- I’m right-handed and left-footed but I can use other ones too
73- I really like you guys
74- Thank you for reading my writings


Great​:+1::+1::+1:We have a lot in common


Hello everybody .i just started learning but i like to take .on the challenge
1.my name is marzieh salamatian
2.i have 48 years old.
3.i am retired teacher
4.i was a social science & psychology teacher in tehran & gorgan cities
5.i am a turkeman .
6.i have 2 children .girl& boy and a son in low
7.i live in istanbul turkey
8.i walk every morning
9.i love cooking but i dont like housework
10.sometimes i sew
11.i enjoy traveling & driving
12.l like writing…im going to write the story of my life
13.i love flower narcissus
14.im very bold
15.im a little emotional
16.im a strong dreamer
17.i have strong relation with my student
18.i dont know how to paint
19.i speak turkish and a little arabic
20.i believe a new language is a new life
21.i soon forget any sad things
22.the important thing in my life is to be happy
23.i fell in love when i was 19 years old .:wink:
24.i try to learn even if i forget
25.i hate garlic
26.im an online seller right now.
27.i hate violent people
28.i dont have a good voice
29.i always find away to make money
30.l love winter
31.l love the green color
32.ill be traveling soon to follow my whishes
33.one of my long term goals is learning english and talking with my son.because he thinks i dont learn as much as he dose😊
34.I love competition
35.I’m going slowly but steadily


سلام مگه کلمه “still” بعد فاعل (sub) نمیاد🤔

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:clap::clap::clap::clap: آفرین الهه جان، با قدرت با حال بدت بجنگ، منم امیدوارم دوباره حالت خوب خوب شه :rose::rose::rose::rose:

  1. My name is roshana hasani
    2 . I’m 15
    3 . My favorite color is black and light blue
    4 . I hate history and I really hate the teacher of this lesson.:expressionless:
    5 . I just have a sister
    6 . My favorite singers are : Selena Gomez .Billie Eilish
    , Ariana Grande. Justin Bieber.
    7 . My favorite team is Perspolis
    8 . I was born in kermanShah
    9 . my favorite lesson is English
    10 . I’m kurd
    11 . I cant speak Kurdish
    12 . I like pizza
    13 . My lucky number is 8
    14 . I like banana
    15 . I go to the gym every Wednesday
    16 . I like to play vallibal and and skateboarding a lot
    17 . I’m crazy about coffee
    18 . I like to listening music a lot
    19 . I’m a fan af Barcelona
    20 . I can’t stand horror movies
    21 .:expressionless::neutral_face:actually I’m pocker face
    22 . I love to making people laugh
    23 . Oh this challeng was fantastic but I don’t know what should I do with it.:no_mouth:
    24 . I like to travel but not with my family
    25 . My best friend is Darya
    26 . I like night
    27 . I’m hungry now
    28 . I’m afraid of high
    29 . I like to travel to Germany
    30 . I don’t speak a lot
    31 . .My English teacher is Mr lraj Emady
    32 . I like shaffel dance
    33 .Shiva is my sister
    34 . I love singing but I think I’m not very good at it
    35 . I love shopping
    36 . I like to going out with my friends
    37 . I have grown short hair
    38 . My favorite animal is hours
    39 . I love my first name​:star_struck::heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    40 . I like nail polish
    41 . in the games I like Maincraft
    42 . I love the story of the Harry Potter
    43 . I don’t like to be alone
    44 . I’m a good student
    45 .I have a lot of friends
    46 .I’m joking a lot
    47 . I love summer :two_hearts:
    48 . I’m really sad because of corona☹
    49 . (I don’t treat well with children .(they are just troble
    50 . I love zabanshenas :heart_decoration:

Hi dear roshana with beautiful name
welcome to zabanshenas forum :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

me too

gr8888 @pari

me too :heart_eyes:

which month are you born?


:heartpulse:Ordibehesht ,
Thanks for your attention :two_hearts:


im hasan 1
My last name is noori 2
Im from afghanistan 3
I was born in kerman 4
I live in the kerman 5
I go to high scool 6
My favorit season is fall 7
My favorit weather is rainy 8
My favorite animal is panda 9
My favorite color is black and white 10
Im gamer 11
I play football 12
I go to swiming 13
I play biliard 14
My favorite flag is :iran:/:afghanistan: 15
I play World of warcraft 16
My favorite movie is Avengers 17
Im Afg boy 18
Im single 19
I dont like dark 20
My favorite froot is apple 21
Im 181cm 22
Im 68 kg 23
My favorite football teams is Barcelona 24
My close freind is Zabanshenas 25
I go to gym 26
I like visit China 27
My favorite ainger is mohsen ebrahimzadeh 28
I love Bicycle 29
I like Pop Music 30
I can type fast 31
My favorite Acter is tom holland 32
I see tv 2 hours every day 33
I get up at 8 am 34
I go to bed at 10 pm 35
I play clash of clans 36
I play clash of royal 37
I dont like my relatives 38
My english teacher is Mrs Fattehi 39
My Favorite anime is sponge bob 40
I dont like help pepole 41
I like Coco sibzamini 42
I dont like pepole help me just my Close Freind 43
خب دوستان ۱۰۰ تا نشد شرمنده به بزرگیتون ببخشین فقط خواستم شرکت کنم خودمو به چالش بکشم دمتون گرم موفق باشین :iran:/:afghanistan:


I am zeinab sat
I’m 15
I’m 166 cm
I’m a volleyball player
I can play swimming well
I’m a badminton player
I can draw
My own line is beautiful
I’m clever
I’m helpful
I don’t hate school, but I don’t love it ,too
I always learn English
I sell my drawing
I am an only child
I love children
I listen to podcast
I have a international weblog
I watch soccer
I watch volleyball competition
My volleyball coach’s name is zeinab Ghiveh
And …


دیگه چیزی به ذهنم نرسید


Those days, it was a goal and now I’m on the verge of this goal.

When there is a will, there’s a way.