Why Walking and Talking?

Why Walking and Talking?
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While you’re shadowing, remember that the ultimate way for this to work is by walking –
preferably outside – while you’re repeating the language. Don’t overlook this seemingly
inconspicuous aspect of this exercise. Why is this so important? According to some, and
you probably have experienced this yourself, it’s actually quite difficult to have your
brain focus on learning a language while your body is trying to walk.

Think back to when you were learning how to drive. If you were like most of us, the first
several times you were behind the wheel of a car you didn’t talk much. You probably
turned the radio or CD player down or even off as well. Once you conquered the act of
driving, though, you felt much more comfortable listening to music or talking to your

There’s a very good reason for this. It’s difficult for the human mind to speak a language
you’re unfamiliar with and perform another activity. While at first you’ll find this next to impossible (but don’t give up on it) as you continue, you’ll see improvement.

Shadowing while you’re walking is challenging your brain. It’s forcing your mind to
understand new language skills and eventually train your body to accept speaking this
language as an automated process. That in the end is exactly what you want:
to speak English without giving it a second thought.



Thank you for this useful article.
I agree with you, Because I have started this activity since 1 year ago and as you already said, It was hard at first, But gradually it became better and better and I got faster every day. It’s an amazing activity for language learners and as you said it’s a challenge for improving our brain power.


Hi dears. Thank you for this articles. I like this way. Surely i will try that. I’m thankful of both of you. Good luck


You’re welcome dear Farzad and Mostafa.


at the beginning everything seems difficult

the most important thing is to do a thing and don’t get frustrated.

I see challenges as a fun thing. I don’t care if I forget a word or I look stupid in front of other people.

I do care about what I’ll learn and that’s all.

and at the end I don’t know why I don’t like the shadowing technique, I don’t use it much, I prefer to have active listening and enjoy what I’m hearing.

thank you so much for the great topic.
hope to read more english topics from you


Dear Kambiz
You probably know Professor Alexander Argüelles, who invented the shadowing technique. Last night I read an article about his techniques and I got some critical points in them and I liked to share with my friends. I suggest the others have a look at his website.


of course I know him
I wrote an article about him once in this forum.

but I had no idea he had such an article in his website.
tnx for sharing.


Hi my dear friends. I think you’re right but unfortunately i don’t like to do this, i don’t know why :confused::confused:.I have a big problem, i can’t focus on the lessons very well, i had this problem since i was a child, but, now, i’m trying to solve this problem.Anyway,i think that shadowing is most important when we learning a foreign languag.
because it’s so easy to achieve information about that language for us.


hi guy
I have no idea because I am trying to solve this problem but as your brother I want tell you that imagine five years later. Imagine what did you want to be? Everything that you want, you have 5 years for achieve it. it’s along time for achieve everything. I wish better times for you. My friend. :grinning: