The method of training

The method of training


As I remember you suggested that never use more than one pod cast for each week. That means we must focuse on just one track until being master in it.Contrversy, A.J says this method is appropriate for months. I wonder to know that if we do this , learning podcast maybe take more than 5 years at all. So what is your suggestion? when is the best time to learn more podcast? How we can estimate this is the right time to practice more? Because for me , it is not possible to focuse on English so long time, I have to learn another language soon.
Hope to hear you soon.

این تاپیک مربوط به درس «درس اصلی» در اپلیکیشن زبانشناس است (دوره «بسته ی انگلیسی قدرت»، فصل «تسلط بر بینش»)


You can learn another language that’s not impossible
But you must have extra time
Most of kids in this group are busy and thay would rather to learn just one language