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This is my weblog.I’m gonna write my experiences here.It’d be a plessure if you guys read and share your opinion with me.


Hello my friend
what is subject we must share with u,u dont wrote any subject in this topic,plz edit it and then tell anyone what did we say.
Good luck my friend :tulip:


hello my friend
Welcome to this challenge
There is a god place to share your ideas, memories and stories about yourself. and of course, improving your ability in English.
We’re waiting for you :grinning::wink::upside_down_face:


Well right now there’s nothing to share but I promise that I will write as soon as I can


today I wanna talk about my trip to Taleghan,Qazvin
It was Friday night when I found out we’re going to a trip.At first I wasn’t too excited about it becouse I didn’t know how great it is so I packed and got ready.I,my family ,my mom’s friend and her sons were going.After 40 minutes of sitting in a boring highway we reached the mountain area.It was the first time in about a year that I breathed fresh air.Still we had a long driving till we reached the village that my mom friend sons’ grandmother lived but it was very great becouse of the fresh air and wind.At last we reached and we went in.It was a little house with no rooms and there was only a living room and a kitchen and the best part of it the balcony.It was a big balcony and very close to trees and mountains that I wanted to sit there for hours and just enjoy the environment.That night we made a big fire with Ali and Reza(my mom friend’s sons)and made kebab and tomato.It was time to sleep.I can say it was the greatest and most calmly sleep of my life under the wind,breeze and fresh air.
The next morning I woke up and we had omelet.Then I,Ali and Reza went to the river and started to make a path of water for their trees.Though it was a bit hard but I enjoyed it a lot.Then we went to drink some water of the river.It was the coldest,freshest and transparenter water I’ve ever seen.That afternoon we went to another path of the river.Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures.It had the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen.After a long time beside the river Reza took out the gun and taught me how to work with it.It was the first time I ever worked with a real gun and I became very good at it.
That night we had to come back.I was very sad becouse I really wanted to stay longer but we had a lot of work to do and I came back unwillingly.
That was my trip.I hope you go to Taleghan too becouse it’s even better than great.


:ok_hand::+1: Yup! I can feel your emotions. (because I have been in this situation many times and each time it was great)

it is a very bad condition. Yeah …

It was great! Congratulations! You have an excellent skill in writing in English! We are waiting to listen more about you. (I’m also going to share one of my experiences in my weblog soon)


Hi,it’s ali.I’m back with a different and odd experience
My basketball experience:
About 5 years ago I started basketball in a gym.At first it was good I learned defense,shot and rebound but after a year my improvement started to stop.At that time I was just a kid and I really didn’t feel that there’s any problem and it was just a small problem at that time.So years went on and my improvement was very slow and it never occured to me to be a great player neither in games or practice and slowly I found out there was a serious problem.It was last summer that it started to become very serious.I started to fail in practice.I couldn’t make any basket in the field even if It was a wide open shot!I saw other players improving fast and doing great and I just became depressed.Since two years ago I had decided to take basketball very seriously and I wanted to make it even to NBA!And seeing that I didn’t have any improvement I just got more and more depressed because as you may know being drafted for NBA is almost impossible if you’re not the best of bests and I wasn’t even good in my gym.If i wanted to make it to NBA I should have been the best in the country or even continent!Months went on and I got worse and worse.My mentor always shouted and yelled at me because I always destroyed the game.In december a new player joined the team.He had just played for two years but he was so much better than me and I had been playing for four and a quarter years!I really didn’t know what was the problem and it got that bad that I started to hate basketball.The sport I loved oneday.I think my mind couldn’t bear the pressure of team sports.And the worst moment in my life came…one day I was in the gym and my father was watching me.I was the substitute in the game and when he decided to substitute me I didn’t know which team I should go to!!!I really don’t know what happened to me I was concentrating on game and though I was fully alarmed my mind exploded and in front of my father I couldn’t do a very simple task and I was playing for four and a half years.At that night we had a fight with my father.The result of the arguement was very positive and I became independent.But on April 20th I made a big decision…I seperated from my gym and basketball for ever.That one tyear experience made me afraid of any sport and I still don’t play any sport though I have plans to join fitness gym.
Alright,that’s it


I’ve had some experience in Basketball.

I would play Basketball with people in the park nearby our house. it was fun and I loved it.

My favorite player is Michael Jordan


Yeah I really loved basketball.But I simply couldn’t make it.
I also loved Lebron and Kobe but my legend was Micheal Jordan.
I feel I’m useless in sports :disappointed:


Everything with practice is possible.

this is me 6 years ago:


And after 4 years of training:



This picture was taken before the injury.

after that, I had two surgery on my wrist. and I think finally after two years of waiting next month finally I can go back to the gym and exercise again.

About basketball was the same.

The first day I tried to play it there was a guy who was only 165cm. He humiliated me in many different ways.

but I’ve had three constant months of practice. I came back and played with him. I swear to the god he couldn’t score even one basket.

If you really like a sport, go and put everything you have in it.

when I started going to the gym I was broke and had no money. I couldn’t even pay for the membership of the gym. but still, I would borrow from my friends and go there.

Of course I’m not here to whine. but this is something that I’ve learned from life.

So I shared it with you.

good luck


Oh shiiiiiiit in pictures you look like New York gang men you just need a pistol and a dagger :joy:
But seriously your muscles are awesome :clap::muscle:You know I like both fitness and basketball and I really don’t know which one I prefer.but I think I like fitness more.Thanks for inspiration :rose:


کسی از بچه دیگه تجربه ی بسکتبال نداشته؟؟؟؟:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: