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Discussion - Is it better to ignore or confront an idiot?- No Persian



Look at the picture above. The guy’s name is Marco ( For instance). He thinks he knows a lot, he criticises a lot. if you want to start something, he will show up and say don’t do it, because you’ll fail. If you try to be rational to him, you won’t see a good response.

How you confront him?

Let’s discuss… and please follow the rules:

Here are several rules:

  1. No Persian as always.
  2. Your recording time is limited to 4 minutes for each post, so don’t record a long one (I’m sure you realized it’s impossible and boring to listen to a long one.). try to discuss your ideas and share your opinion with people. talk about your memories, dreams and so on.
  3. don’t curse plz.
  4. Give each other respect and try to be professional. don’t goof around. If you can’t be productive, plz don’t waste people’s time.
  5. Feedbacks are optional. if someone asked for feedback you have the right to give, if not plz don’t interfere.
  6. Try to be friendly and help each other

What about the next one?

  • What would happen if there was no label as girls or boys in the world? (We would see each other just as humans.)
  • What dirty business tactics do you know?
  • What is your last wish in life?

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Under your voice use these codes
code Meaning
CC Chit - Chat
RTT Related To The Topic

CC will be used when you are specifically talking to a person and you don’t want anyone else to talk to you about it.

for example:


In this picture, I recorded a voice specifically to Farzad and it’s not related to the topic that we are discussing, so anyone can avoid it and save sometimes.

RTT is about the main topic and by using this code you are saying " this voice is free for discussion."

Like this one:


So now everyone knows that this voice is related to the topic and is free for discussion.

In this way, we prevent all the spams and there is no need to listen to all voices, especially the ones that are not related to all members

If you don’t use the code RTT, by default we assume that the voice is related to the topic.

But please use the CC code when is needed

OK, let’s do it.

Do you have any question? comment below :point_down::point_down:

Good Luck

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Hi my friends
This is my first time to record my voice just in one time.
I had mistake " useful not true / useless is true"


Again I broke rule No 2
I really tried but I’m so sorry Mr kambiz for that 20 more seconds :pray:


hello mr kambiz and other freinds. I alwayz try in my life to be a good human and I much more see other peoples beyond himself. I follow a good temphere confront of them. becous I had posetiv belife about other human. I never look to life as difficuolt. and I hop so that people respect together for every time. tkank you for shoose the best case. :relieved:




Sorry for the sounds that are in the background :sweat_smile:
Im out, in a village and recorded my voice,walking ,while a tractor was crossing


Alright.Excuse me if that’s a little longer than ruled




Indeed you are a good woman Miss Dordane.

Thanks for the share of your opinion












Sorry if it‘s more than 4min.


Hi everyone.
An imagination story.
Once upon a time, a lot of different types animals lived in a big jungle.A clever lion was the king.One day, when the king passed across to his settled, all of a sudden he saw two animals are fighting with each other, a wolf and a donkey . He got closer, ’ why do u fight with each other’, the lion asked them. ‘My lord, i say the color of the grass is green, but the donkey refuses.’, the wolf said.“Take the wolf away and put him in jail.” The king hesitated for a while and orderd. The wolf mouth was opened in surprise and told ." Why did u give this order? i’m right ". “your right, but u are a gulty because u wasted many times to convince the donkey, he is an idiot.” The king told proudly.

The result of this story is : Never, Ever waste your time to convince an idiot.


Hi guys
I think one of the finest and successful method
(Is just ignoring them my mean (idiot
But I think before ignoring them you have to criticize or even condemn them by obviousness and truths and facts in a scientific way
Maybe you’re thinking about how can an idiot who has no choice but to deny whatever you told him believe your talk?
But I think in this situation you have to try to speak their lang or dumb yourself down
My mean try to figure out how their minds work
And then lower your level as though you’re an idiot because I think a kid can better compel another kid and this process is the same for two idiots
At the end if none of them worked …of course the absolute best way is not to speak to them at all :no_mouth: and leave them alone
Any suggestions or criticism is absolutely acceptable and sustainable