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Old generation VS new generation

What is the difference between old generation and new generation?


Hi there.
I’m twenty - two years old and I think I’m from
new generation but yet not very new, I mean that I was brought up in an environment that technology had not improved like today.
In my opinion both generations have their benefits and disadvantages and we cannot say one hundred percent that which generation is better. Because it depends on our point of view and how we look at it.
It is obvious that the new generation have access to more opportunities than the old generation. But on the other hand, the old generation is stronger and more independent and self - relient. The kids nowadayes are very spoiled and their health is in danger, but they are more comfortable and the chance of their success is higher, the old generation despite it’s benefits were deprived of some opportunities unfortunately.
To be honest I don’t envy the new generation at all, especially in our country that the quality of educational system is getting worse day by day.
These are the differences between the tow generation that came to my mind.
Thanks for the topic