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تفاوت " Have Gone to " در مقابل " Have Been to "

may be a number of you ask yourself " what’s different between Have been to and Have gone to " ?
if you wanna realize How can you use it , read the following article ( it’s necessary to mention this article was not written by me So READ IT SAFELY ):

### Has / Have Been to in Present Perfect Tense

Has / have been to refers to a place which someone has visited at some time in their life. In other words, has been to refers to an experience that involves travel. The form has / have been to always indicate that the person has returned or is no longer there.

Here are some examples:

  • He’s been to London many times.
  • I’ve been to Disneyland twice.
  • Ask Tom for some money. He’s been to the bank today.

### Has / Have Gone to in Present Perfect Tense

Has / have gone to refers to someone who has gone to a place but has but not yet returned. In other words, someone who has gone to Hawaii is still in Hawaii having a good time.

Here are some examples:

  • He’s gone to the bank. He should be back soon.
  • Where has Tom gone to?
  • They’ve gone to the business conference for the week.

more example that you better figure out (fill in the blanks with gone or been ) :

1 Ben is on holiday at the moment. He’s gone to Spain.
2 ‘Have you ever… to Mexico?’ ‘No, never.’
3 My parents aren’t at home at the moment. They’ve…out.
4 There’s a new restaurant in town. Have yo u … to it?
5 Rebecca loves Paris. She’s… there many times.
6 Helen was here earlier, but I think she’s…now.
7 ‘Where’s Jessica?’ ‘She’s not in the office. I think she’s…home.’
8 Hello, Sue. I was looking for you. Where have yo u…?

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