تالار زبانشناس

How to control negative thoughts

It’s a fact that we have the most evolved neurological system compared to a worm, bird and any other creatures. On the other hand, we have a psychological process in our mind. Everything we know, we have learned them. Every thought, emotion that you have in your mind is happening due to the certain amount of information that you gathered. For example, when you think one person is good or bad either of them is a thought being created in your mind based on the information you have gathered-that is- the type of information you have gathered determines the type of your thought. If human beings are taught that their psychological process is their drama which has nothing to do with reality, they will live much more happily. Your thoughts, emotions are yours; however, not you. When you’re so identified with your thoughts and feelings, they become you. The you who is not your real self. Your body is the life not your home, car, job. We take our bodies for granted, not realizing the way our body use air to be a living creature. Such things are of little priority. When you realize to start paying attention to your body’s merits, you will be in a state of gratitude which is the basis of a happy life. Just consider how tiny you are in the cosmos.

Lastly, as it was mentioned earlier, don’t consider yourself as your thoughts and emotions.


An important topic in today’s world. Thank you.