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Writing Challenge – The Media

Hi there, welcome to this week’s writing challenge.
Let’s talk about media.
Media are the communication outlets or tools used to store and deliver information or data.

Now, I want you guys to write about how the media can change, manipulate, influence, persuade, and control the world in both positive and negative ways.

First of all, please remember, try not to let it exceed 200 words.
Secondly, if you have no idea what to write about, don’t worry.
You can simply answer the questions but again, don’t forget to include your ideas too.
Next, if you want to receive feedback, let me know.


  1. Do you trust the information you get from the news?
  2. How does the media help create a healthy society?
  3. How has the media changed in our country during the last 20 years?
  4. Should the media just report the facts or should the media interpret the facts?
  5. If you are someone who usually follows the news, has there been a time when you decided to stop? Why and for how long?

Good luck!


Hey guys
Question number1:no,because each country recounts what it wants,based on national policies
so those are n’t reliable.
Q2: The media helps the health system to build a healthy world in the optimal group of functions.
The media can select and change beyond the transmission of news based on a specific policy and approach, and have an informative and guiding role.
The education, that culture-building is most evident.
Q3: Twenty years ago, we only watched technology in movies and talked about it in our dreams; The dream is to lie on the bed in our bedroom and be able to turn off the light without getting up; The dream of a quick and easy connection with a friend who lives on other continents using our mobile phone; The dream of having a digital assistant tell us the weather when we leave the house, and thousands of other dreams that formed in our minds from time to time, and we had a small percentage of chances that they would come true soon. But now, even if someone shows us a plastic object and says that it is a device to measure your anger, we believe that you have to hold it behind your neck for a few seconds to do its job; why not.
Q4: In answer to the first question, I said that it is broadcast on the basis of politics, and what good would it be if governments really gave us a real report.
Q5: Yes,the same reasons, the policies and lies that the media says, if the news is really important, it will reach us without paying attention to the media, or someone will tell us, or probably will see
. a newspaper on the front page
For 10 years or more i had been listening or .watching but I have stopped it 5years ago or more until now.



  1. I ca’nt trust to all information or data on social media because there are lots of
    people who make fake news they like being centre of attraction so they say s.th without any sientific source and research

  2. If people follow valuable and valid pages or news that help them to increase their
    true knowledge about circumstance and events of course without any censor and also falsification …

  3. Twenty years ago the only media in our country was television so as all of us know we had explosion in this field and these days TV is not popular among media Instagram replaced with that

  4. I have no idea about this

  5. Unfortunatlly my father always follows news and persists on that we should know about any thing that is happening all around the world
    It happens when after a busy day all member of my family gather to gether for cup of tea or chat with each other ; he’s trying to attrarcts our attention to terrible news
    In my opinion totally news does’nt have any positive point if some thing happens that is so important and we should know it will reach to our ears

I would be appreciate if you correct me🙏


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That’s a good point. It’s true :ok_hand:

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can’t trust * all information…

center of attention*

help them increase

It’s been replaced with Instagram

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1:I try not to get informations from the news as much as I can; Because there isn’t so much good informations and good news…
2: The media are like angels of human good and evil; It’s up to you to decide which one to listen to. The collective effect of listening to an angel of good or evil has an overall effect and forms society.
3: They have become more, and more liars, in my opinion.
4:Interpreting facts can make them liars. However, in the end, everyone has their own mentality.
5: my first answer…

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Hi mate , Why on earth did you choose this one ? I personally can’t talk about it politely, if
you think it’s easy ,you try it then, come on :grin: ( I’m kidding but it would be great if you take part in your own challenge sometimes​:grin: )

In my point of view media is a lying machine, the worst part of it is about news! Not just in Iran but in any other country… News and following the news are a complete waste of time .
However , media can be useful and entertaining in many cases. But unfortunately we get bored by these Tv programs and silly serials.
When I was a kid … there used to be beautiful cartoons , some cool films and serials ! But Gradually everything got worse …


Thanks for creating this good theme.

We live in an age where the media has become an integral part of our lives, the influence of the media is to the extent that it subconsciously affects the mind, the media is influenced by the government or those in power, and news and facts are produced according to them. And they go so far as to teach what to think about, and that changes social behavior.
In my opinion, this is a negative point of media influence.
Of course, it also has positive effects, and that is to prevent the penetration of foreign culture into social life.

I have to say no.
In my opinion, news is one of the most important media messages, which unfortunately produces reality based on the applying for of the power factor.

Whether we like it or not, we get involved in the media.
There are media that subconsciously influence the opinion and thinking of the audience due to their power in attracting the audience.
In our country, radio and television as a national media in the field of education can help create a healthy society.

Since then, the media have been under the command of the government and used to show their power.

The truth is that all media news have different interpretations. The media do not report the facts, they only interpret them in favor of those in power.

As a citizen, I always follow the news and do not stop there, but I have learned the power to control its impact on my mind.

Please correct my mistakes


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:joy: Well, I know it could be a little challenging not to lose your mind over political issues. But let’s try

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Absolute waste of time

Those were the days :sweat_smile:

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as * national media (corporations)

I have gained the power, maybe?

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First of all I don’t like media even I hated it but I must admire that it’s necessary theses days.

  1. Actually I don’t get informations from news because I don’t trust them.
  2. Media could reveal truth and raised some cruel behaviors for example how decreased using make up tools with tested on animals by giving information with the Save Ralf video. And it could help people on their occupations by teaching them informations from all over the world.
  3. Of course media should report facts but people analyze facts and some of them change it and repeat the changes to the other people and make them trust it. Some times it’s good but some times bad and if media stop it, this would be against freedom.
    I’m looking for your feedback.
    That’s a lot
    PS. I think I used a lot of “I” on my writing

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I don’t like media. Even though I hate it, I must…


the news*

increase cruel behaviors

how it decreased

You could say
people analyze and interpret the news

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ممنونم :pray:
Even though I hate it butبه این معنا است که با اینکه ازش متنفرم اما…؟
در این قسمت منظورم این بود که از مدیا خوشم نمیاد حتی قبلا ازش متنفر بودم. این جمله رو میتونم به این صورت بیان کنم که I don’t like media even though I hated it before؟


خواهش می‌کنم :blush::pray:

آره درسته من فکر کردم شما منظورتون همینه.

اگه درست فهمیده باشم شما قصد دارید مطرح کنید که الان دیگه متنفر نیستید. در اون صورت می‌تونید بگید I used to hate media…