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چالش وبلاگ (learner0120)

Hi friends
This is my first post in weblog challenge. I hope you enjoy it.
In English class we discussed about art, especially abstract art. I remembered 3 or 4 years ago me and my friend went to an exhibit. There were some abstract paintings. We weren’t good at interpreting abstract paintings and we just said nonsensical definition instead of the meaning of each painting and laughed. After a while the artist came to us and asked us do enjoy my paintings? “Oh! Yes.” My friend said. But I told the truth. “Your paintings are really nice, of course they are, but if you don’t get disappointed I don’t get their meaning. Would you mind tell us about this painting meaning?” She smiled kindly and said “why not?”
Let me describe the painting for you before I tell what she said.
There was a super big cup of tea in the middle of the picture and there where a lot of tiny things such as ruler, book, radio, TV, telephone, hummer, suitcase, pen, car, plate, newspaper, building, etc around the cup. The artist asked us “what is your idea? what does it mean to you?” We looked at it carefully and my friend said “It shows a big cup and small things that remember me the work and social communication. I think it wants to say we shouldn’t let our entertainments get all our time and don’t let us to do our tasks well.”
The artist said “Good” then turned to me and told “What’s your opinion?”
I turned to my friend and told “I disagree with you, I think it wants to say you shouldn’t let the social media and your job take all your time and don’t let you have a little time for yourself. It wants to emphasis on your own time by showing a huge cup of tea.” Then we asked the artist “Which idea is right?” She smiled and said “both of them are right. Maybe someone else comes and says another thing. He will be right too. Because this kind of abstract paintings are the mirror of you and your life and your personality so anyone is not wrong.”
After that I became a fan of abstract art but still I need someone to interpret that for me.

I agree with your opinion on the painting, not your friend's. I believe art, science and humanities are going to make humans progress. Let's consider this example. Imagine you and some people are going to learn an English text. you maybe try to memorize it. Your classmate may write it so many times she can learn properly. Another person may repeat it out loud several times to learn it. What do I want to say? The goal is the same, but the ways are different. What's the purpose of life? I think it's to live our lives observing ethnics. We have to live our lives and respect other people's rights. So what does this concern with art? Art is one of ways that humans use to wake up their consciousness and nature. Art wants to help us communicate with our higher self. If we can't reach a proper conclusion about art, so ours are certainly false. Your friend was a wrong one. Art and other sciences are going to inform us about our souls and the beauty. All the subjects want to say us that every one of us is part of bigger body called mankind. we don't have to harm this body, if so, we harm ourselves too, maybe more than others. We have to respect each other and others. This is the goal of any art. This is the goal of any humanities. sciences and so on. If we think of work all the time, we'll surely forget our family and ethical and intellectual training. So we have to consider some time for training ourselves. Maybe through watching films, hanging out and discussing with friends, drinking a cup of coffee while listening Zabanshenas lessens and so on. Thus please don't forget living life correctly.
By the way, thank you for your informative and beautiful memory.

I appreciate your inspiring view and thank you so much. :blush:


It’s great to have couple of artist here.

welcome to our group and wish to see you a lot.

maybe in the future you can share your arts with us here.

I’ll appreciate them. :rose::rose: