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Once upon a time in the world was a brother &a sister .
James & Anna .
They lose their parents in accident & they promised together ; always support eachother.
Fortunately ; their parents were very rich & they had a big & expensive home &a lot of money ; so they didn’t need to help anyone.
Some years later they grew up & James got married ;
James & his wife lived in the downstairs & Anna lived in the upstairs .
After 2 years James bught a huge company & he established a public school for orphan children & Anna managed there .
He developed his own work & he was much more powerful than his father.
James had a slave & he was very very honest person & James very like him & helpt him for everythings.
They weren’t just lord & slave.
They were very friend with together .
James theached him a good way about life & about increase confident ; he told him about incantation & he was very impressed by James’s words & he said : yeah it’s true .
“I do it” I just do it .
Succeed or not; because I want ; so “i just do it”
& he said : James; I want to say something for a few years ; but ; but I’m scared.
James said : ok; say my dear ; say it.
He said : James ; “I; I lOVE Anna”.
James shocked &he was silent for a moment & said : ok ; ok ; I’ll talk to her but I’m not promising ;she accept you .

The next night ; James told Anna ;
Anna cried & just said:
" he is in my heart for 5 years …"


به به باریککککک
عجب احساسی و عاطفی
نوشتارتم قوی شده ماشالاه :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::clap::clap::clap:
منم می نویسم تا شب ایشالاه
راستی یسوالی ذهنمو درگیر کرد کلا ۲ساله که جیمز موفق و مایه دار شده و غلام داره. اونوخت چجوریه که خواهرش ۵ساله عاشقش بود :neutral_face::smirk:
تا اکتشافاتی دیگر بدرود :sunglasses:


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ایشالاااااه :heart_eyes:

مدیووووونی اگه فکر کنی
عاشنایی قبلی داشتن ؛ مدیووووون :joy::joy::joy::joy::neutral_face::neutral_face:


There was a guy named Rabi, He had a problem . He couldn’t speak very well and people recognized him and sometimes laughed at him. So he had a dream, he wanted to speak very well. He was always saying to himself " I haven’t got the ghost of chance" , in fact it was his
incantation, bad incantation. One day he saw a famous actress, he was about to speak with her, unfortunately he can’t, Suppose he was tongue-tied, So this problem rained on his parade. After that he told his mother what happened on that day. His mother became upset and murmured " my dear, you’re even stuttering now", Then she told Rabi " You have to change your attitude to the beliefs. So after that he said to himself “I’m the best speaker in the world” and all of the times as he wanted to start doing something first he rephrased his incantation. One day he had interview, he could speak very well, so he became more and more self-assured about his ability of speaking and now he is a television presenter and his eloquence is such that every one is impressed.

haven’t got the ghost of chance : نداشتن سرسوزنی شانس
tongue-tied : زبان بسته
rained on his parade : make some one have bad time
stutter: لکنت زبان، تپق زدن
eloquence : فصاحت و شیوایی

سلام ببخشید بدون ویس هست بخاطر سرفه زیاد نتونستم ارائه بدم.


خیلی عالی و پر احساس بود. :blossom:


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احسنت مژده خانوم.

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وااااای اخرش مو به تنم سیخ شد…:grin::grin::grin::grin:
اگه داداشه ایرانی بود اوضاع فرق داشت:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
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نه اتفاقا هستن داداشای این مدلی
و ایشالا خداحفظشون کنه

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عزیزی شما.

خیلی خیلی ممنون هم از تعریفتون هم دعاتون


The weather was cold and I hadn’t warm clothes.
It was 10 o’clock and I had 2 class at 11 o’clock. I waited in bus station but didn’t come any bus. So I had to walk the street to the university. On the way, I saw a car that cames to close me and suddenly the car was stopped. I was afraid for that but I could to control my emotion.
Oh my god.
Jackkkk. What are you doing here?
You know he was one of my classmates and obviously he was handsome and cool.
He said: sorry Roz but I want to speak with you.
I said: Jack, I have 2 class. I can’t late.
But he persist.and then I agreed with him.
I said: ok Jack I listen you.
At first he was nervous and silent. But after afew minutes he went on.
Roz I fall in love but I have a problem.
I had dating trauma. And I don’t want to happen again.
When he told about his subject, I was confused. Obviously I was happy in my heart because Jack was very gentleman and I like to be his wife. When I drowned in my thoughts, suddenly he said: Roz I want to impress Angelina, can you help me?
I was very shocked, so I didn’t expect that he fell in love Angelina not me.
But I control my emotion again and said: Jack, why me? Why?
Sorry I was late. I have to go.
I have best wishes for you and your love.
I was sad and i got jealous of Anjelina. entire day I thought about this question.
Anjelina has what I don’t have???
I cried for 25 hours . Next day I decided to develop my empowering belief and I said to my self( I’m beautiful girl and I will marriage with my true love) . It was an incantation. And said to my self every minutes on the way to university.
When I arrived , I saw that Jack stood there.
My heart was beating again but I ignored it and went on to my class and said my incantation.
When I went to my class, i saw all of my classmates weared stylish clothes and smiled at me.
Suddenly I looked at the whiteboard that it was written ( dear Roz, you are very beautiful and amazing, I fall in love you. Will you marry me?
Lover : jack)
Yesssssss. You know I forgot that my Nick name was Angelina :slight_smile:


وااااای خدای من چه داستان بااحساسی…خیلی عالی بودخیلی خیلی زیاد…آفرین به شما:clap::clap::clap:


باسلام به همگی.من مدت زیادیه که نتونستم توی تالاروبحثهای فوق العاده اش شرکت کنم.امیدوارم بازهم بتونم توجمع شماعزیزان حاضربشم.:blush:درضمن ازدوستان عزیزی که برنامه های ضبط صدارومعرفی کردن خیلی ممنونم.من هم بینهایت به همچین چیزی نیازداشتم:blush:


خیلی خیلی داستان خوب و احساسی و جالبی بود همه لغاتم که تو متن گنجونده بودید و روایتون هم که بی نظیره …:clap::clap::clap:
تبریک میگم صداتون خیلی خوبه و بیانتون ریتم موزون و گوش نوازی داره…:heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


ای جاااان ازییین داستاناااا :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
عالی بود عااالی :heart_eyes::clap::clap::clap:

چه وضشهههه!!
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حراستش کووووو؟! :unamused:
دانشگاه آزاد بودن؟
حراااااست میخوای
حراست دانشگاه پیام نوووور :expressionless::neutral_face:
پیام نوریا قشششنگ میفهمن چی میگم :smirk::joy:

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