Let's talk( stay on target)

سلام اینم لتس تاک من .
توی لتس تاک قبلیم گفتم که راجع بهش میخوام حرف بزنم. :slightly_smiling_face:


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افرین هنگامه خانوم چقدر مسلط ارائه دادید عالیه…:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

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ممنون که گوش دادین مرسی نسیم جونم و @h.m.n

thanks a lot Mrs. Hengame.

here are my ideas about the thing you shared

you talked about how to be more focused.

several months ago I listened to a podcast which was about the things you mentioned.

the expert was talking about how a tidy and clean environment can help the brain to be more focused.

in order to be more focused it’s better to concentrate on one task
for example if you want to listen to something you can turn off the lights and make the room super dark. then you can easily be focused on your ears.

about making a list.

I’m not sure I got the point or not.
you said we have to make a list of the things we want to do. right?

I, myself do this every night and plan everything I want to do for the next day. which is so effective

about challenging ourselves, yes you are right.

without challenges no human being can make progress.

about the online part, I have to say, the biggest source of distraction is internet.

I highly recommend if someone wants to study English set the smart phone on airplane mode.

thank you again. see ya

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Tnx alot for listening this topic.

I agree with you, your right.
Tnx. :pray:

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I have an app for listing my works, but I haven’t used it till now :roll_eyes:
Making a list of daily works is so useful if we do it !

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