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Hello everyone.

one the of issues that we can see in our lives is the gap between leadership and bossiness

boss is a person who thinks about himself and don’t care about the group and usually, if you make a mistake he will show up and criticize you.

on the other hand, a leader is like a torch in a cave. it will lead you to a brighter light.

what a true leader is, in your opinion?



As you said leader is better than boss cause alot of things. I say
I hate the boss because I don’t have any good boss and they don’t look whatever I do.I know It is not about all of the boss but i don’t like them. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hello leader :grin:
If i want to describe a boss,immediately i imagin a fat,bald and angry person who sits on a sircle
chair and face to wall and smokes :grin::grin:
Now you can find that what is my imagination about a boss :sweat_smile:
He or she just like to criticization about his/her imployed and when find that, become so glad becuase now he/she can show her/his power to
other and say with loud voice"YEEES I AM A Boss AND YOU MUUUST TO OBEY ME" In this condition i think that imployment work by fear and there is no long that they give up and work just for money not for proggress
Whether leader is a person like other but by great attitude . He/she can handle a project in conjunction with his/her group
The imployment are like a group not like slaves and all of them try to solve the problem very intensively and far from fear. Between this group frienship is a value
The leader stand next to the gruop not infront of them