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Discussion - Dating - No Persian

Hello guys.

So let’s start with the new challenge.

This time we won’t have any question. We only talk about our Ideas.

Here are several rules:

  1. No Persian as always.
  2. Your recording time is limited to two minutes for each post, so don’t record a long one (I’m sure you realized it’s impossible and boring to listen to a long one.). try to discuss your ideas and share your opinion with people. talk about your memories, dreams and so on.
  3. don’t curse plz.
  4. Give each other respect and try to be professional. don’t goof around. If you can’t be productive, plz don’t waste people’s time.
  5. Feedbacks are optional. if someone asked for feedback you have the right to give, if not plz don’t interfere.
  6. Try to be friendly and help each other

So let’s start with Dating today. what do you think about it? Do you have any specific idea about dating? Can you share some of your experiences and memories?

Feel free to discuss.

What about the next one?

  • How you negotiate in a business?
  • Is it better to ignore or confront an idiot?
  • What is your last wish in life?

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Under your voice use these codes
code Meaning
CC Chit - Chat
RTT Related To The Topic

CC will be used when you are specifically talking to a person and you don’t want anyone else to talk to you about it.

for example:


In this picture, I recorded a voice specifically to Farzad and it’s not related to the topic that we are discussing, so anyone can avoid it and save sometimes.

RTT is about the main topic and by using this code you are saying " this voice is free for discussion."

Like this one:


So now everyone knows that this voice is related to the topic and is free for discussion.

In this way, we prevent all the spams and there is no need to listen to all voices, especially the ones that are not related to all members

If you don’t use the code RTT, by default we assume that the voice is related to the topic.

But please use the CC code when is needed

OK, let’s do it.

Do you have any question? comment below :point_down::point_down:

Good Luck

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Thanks for new rules. I agree with you.


I totally agree that they mustn’t be too long.But 2 minutes?:grin: it’s very small.I think it’s better to increase to five minutes at least.




Congratulation!! I wish the best for you family. You talked great. Keep your way. :grinning:




I’m so sorry because of 30 extra seconds


That was so funny :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
Lots of energy such as always :ok_hand::clap::clap::clap::clap:


So romantic :heart::heart:
Your love forever :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:










Did you and your brother interfer their dating?

That was not good hobby !!

But everyone who wanna read this I Confess that I did too :grin::rofl::pensive:


.hello guys. I hop that enjoy of my opeonion. dating is an important part in our life. for exmple to english learnr, we use dating for programing to the best learning. or our work determind to dating in every time. thanks mr kambiz of your try. I happy that I m in here. :pray: .


Now,i cant remember this event at all,but it seems that,yes unfortunately we did. :joy::joy:


I think you are old member of this motivated group.
I wanna clap very aloud for you :clap::clap:

You are so fluent man!!

I’m sorry but
" What the hell happened to you amin? "

Please participate more in these challenges and let us to use your confident and influency :pray::ok_hand:



Hey my friend, i think next week it’ll be more than one year that i’ve been one of Zabanshenas members, and i’m so happy because of that.

So, actually, when i kissed her, as i said, my father hit me on the back and i started to ran away, i remember that i didn’t go home that night, slept in my grandfather house, and i think after approximately 2days i went home by my grand father :smiley:

Thank u my friend. I don’t know how should i tnx u. :tulip::tulip:


Hi there. I was looking to find a suite place to share an issue. So that, I wanna tell you this forum is for learning English skills, such as 4 skills. but why do you write in persian here? Everyday you talk and write in persian a lot. but here is the only place that you’re able to share your subject in English. So It’s my suggestion that Just write and Talk in English. :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree with what you’re saying but its bad at the same time
There are a lot of fantastic articles in this forum if they had been written in English I myself and a lot of other beginners couldn’t get the most out of them !
And I think the most important thing that this forum is doing is to encourage the beginners to not drop out :slight_smile:
If everything was in English I myself would drop at the first day that I found this forum !

(And sorry for my grammer mistakes :))and nobody learns without getting it wrong ) :):sweat_smile:


It varies Challenge by challenge.

You must continue talking and listening to everyone. So it’s not just one voice and done…

You give your opinion or maybe make people wonder about your experience, so then they’ll come and ask you some questions. then you start conversing some ideas with them

With this new rule, people can be more interactive.