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چالش رایتینگ - می تونی صد تا چیز از خودت بنویسی؟

Hi dear roshana with beautiful name
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me too :heart_eyes:

which month are you born?


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im hasan 1
My last name is noori 2
Im from afghanistan 3
I was born in kerman 4
I live in the kerman 5
I go to high scool 6
My favorit season is fall 7
My favorit weather is rainy 8
My favorite animal is panda 9
My favorite color is black and white 10
Im gamer 11
I play football 12
I go to swiming 13
I play biliard 14
My favorite flag is :iran:/:afghanistan: 15
I play World of warcraft 16
My favorite movie is Avengers 17
Im Afg boy 18
Im single 19
I dont like dark 20
My favorite froot is apple 21
Im 181cm 22
Im 68 kg 23
My favorite football teams is Barcelona 24
My close freind is Zabanshenas 25
I go to gym 26
I like visit China 27
My favorite ainger is mohsen ebrahimzadeh 28
I love Bicycle 29
I like Pop Music 30
I can type fast 31
My favorite Acter is tom holland 32
I see tv 2 hours every day 33
I get up at 8 am 34
I go to bed at 10 pm 35
I play clash of clans 36
I play clash of royal 37
I dont like my relatives 38
My english teacher is Mrs Fattehi 39
My Favorite anime is sponge bob 40
I dont like help pepole 41
I like Coco sibzamini 42
I dont like pepole help me just my Close Freind 43
خب دوستان ۱۰۰ تا نشد شرمنده به بزرگیتون ببخشین فقط خواستم شرکت کنم خودمو به چالش بکشم دمتون گرم موفق باشین :iran:/:afghanistan:


I am zeinab sat
I’m 15
I’m 166 cm
I’m a volleyball player
I can play swimming well
I’m a badminton player
I can draw
My own line is beautiful
I’m clever
I’m helpful
I don’t hate school, but I don’t love it ,too
I always learn English
I sell my drawing
I am an only child
I love children
I listen to podcast
I have a international weblog
I watch soccer
I watch volleyball competition
My volleyball coach’s name is zeinab Ghiveh
And …


دیگه چیزی به ذهنم نرسید


Those days, it was a goal and now I’m on the verge of this goal.

When there is a will, there’s a way.


Hi dearrrrrr parvinnn
I’m soooo happyyyy
I wish you will be seccessful in all section of life


خدا قوت ماشالله:hibiscus::hibiscus::hibiscus::rose::rose::rose:


1lam leila.
2My name was supposed to be homeira because my father loved her(Homeira the singer)
3l like my name so much, many different song made by this name like leila dar va con moyom😄
4I prefer peaple call me leili. not leila
5I am 32 years old but in my heart Iam18
6My mother have two brilliant green eyes but unfortunately my eyes are brown
7l am a kindly woman like my mother
8Iam an artist
9Ilike poems and paintings
10any time I can. I write poems in my notebook 11l read poems too
12there is tow Iranian and one Spanish poet’s that l like them. They are Sadi and
Khayam and Lorca.
13my academic field is laboratory sciences
14l worked in laboratory but I didn’t like my job
15I leaved my job two years a go
16l had a dream
17l wanted to be a painter
18l live in my dream now because l become a painter
19l have a little studio in our home
20my room is not big but it is full of sense
21I have many colors،papers،inks and brushes
in my room
22l love painting more than everything in world
23l got married
24my husband is a good man
25my husband always admires me. he likes my painting
26my paintings are about nights،light and darkness and womans too
27l draw my fears and dreams and peoples around me certainly womans
28I hate scraft and formal dressing
29l love my country but not Government. I think they are very stupid and lazy
30l want to be free but it is so far from me in this world. mabe in other world we can live free!
31when I watching dancing I feel good
32I want to hold an exhibition
33lm from the north of Iran but living in qazvin
34we want to live in Rasht in future
35l want to see Italy :Roma and Florenc
36l becom so happy when I can talking with different peaple with different idea based on humanity
37freedom and humanity in all of world for all of peaple. it’s my big dream
38when I see peoples in sadness or hopless
I become very very sad

سلام. من یه ماهه شروع کردم به خوندن.به سختی تونستم این تعدادبنویسم.:woman_facepalming:خوشحال میشم دوستان با تجربه تر اصلاح کنند ایراداتم رو. مررسی از تیم خوب زبانشناس
:heart: :heart:


My brother’s wife’ name is Leyla and my brother calls her Leyli.


or quit (better option)

This is vague, if you have a dream it’s better to use present tense to describe it. but if you had a dream it’s better to talk about it.

Since we’re talking about a status. we usually say I am married.

or I am single…

Nothing is wrong with your sentence but the meaning is different. you are talking about the event not the status.

What a gentleman.


When I see people sad and hopeless


OK My dear teacher!thank you so much. I see just now that we have more time to writing.(2 weeks) I will try to write my stutus instead of events if l can.
فقط من اشکال اون جمله رویا داشتن رو. متوجه نشدم. من میخواستم بگم که من یه رویایی داشتم که بهش رسیدم و الان یک نقاش هستم. چجوری باید میگفتم که صحیح تر باشه.تشکر فراوان.


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My brother’s wife’ name is Leyla and my brother calls her Leyli.
[/That’s interesting.he callled her romantically l


[quote=“Yo_Kambiz, post:202, topic:22782”]
You are too certainly. :shamrock::shamrock:

  1. My first name is Elaheh.
  2. My last name is Velayati.
  3. I have no nickname.
  4. I have no middle name.
  5. I was born on December the 10th, 1986.
  6. I’m 33 years old.
  7. My mother tongue is Persian.
  8. I was born in Tehran city and I’ve lived in this city all my life.
  9. I live with my parents. I don’t like living in a single house.
  10. I was born six months age!
  11. My weight during birth was only 700 grams and my height was 35 centimeters!
  12. I have extreme eye problems since birth. My left eye is approximately blind! These my problems come from immaturity during birth.
  13. My height is 155 centimeters.
  14. My weight is 45 kilos!
  15. Based on medical science, I’m 7 kilos underweight.
  16. I have 3 brothers and no sisters. I have 2 older brothers and 1 younger brother.
  17. My first brother is 38 years old, my second brother is 37 years old and my third brother is 32 years old.
  18. All three of my brothers got married many years ago.
  19. My first brother have a daughter, my second brother have a son and my third brother have no children.
  20. I have a nephew and a niece. My nephew’s name is Taha and my niece’s name is Sarina.
  21. Sarina is 13 years old and Taha is 11 years old.
  22. I’m a real aunt! I love them a lot.
  23. Sarina is taller and heavier than me!
  24. I’m a single girl and I’ve never been married.
  25. I have a B. A. degree in educational technology field at Allameh Tabataba’e university.
  26. I have a M. A. degree in educational technology field at Allameh Tabataba’e university.
  27. I have a Ph.D. degree in educational technology field at Allameh Tabataba’e university.
  28. My best favorite hobby is reading scientific books that have been written in English.
  29. I’d successfully defended my master’s thesis, when I was 25 years old.
  30. I’d defended my doctoral dissertation with the highest grade, when I was 29 years old.
  31. I’d written 10 books in my academic field.
  32. I’d translated 4 books in my academic field.
  33. I don’t know how many articles I have and etc.
  34. In between of English speaking (Anglophone) singers, I like Chris De Burgh, Celine Dion, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Selena Gomez, Enrique Iglesias and so on.
  35. I love the fall season. Because the weather of this season is almost cool and temperate.
  36. I love light and sky blue and turquoise colors. These colors reduce the amount of anxiety and worry I have and they calm me down.
  37. I used to play computer games. The best and most suitable games for me were Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia and Resident Evil. But I quit gaming at once. It only wasted my energy and time.
  38. My mother is 54 years old and my father is 62 years old.
  39. My mother is from Rasht city and my father is from Tabriz city.
  40. My father and brothers are a big fan of Perspolis team. But I have nothing to do with football!
  41. I’m utterly hard-working and I can’t stay idle even a short period of time.
  42. Unfortunately I have a depressed personality and Obsessive - Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
  43. I have serious personality and I can’t stand the sense of humor that is inappropriate to a particular situation.
  44. I love perfectionism. But perfectionism of its good and constructive type.
  45. There are times when I’m anxious and angry. But I don’t know those reasons exactly.
  46. However, I’m deeply kind and sympathetic. I have a strong sense of empathy for other people.
  47. I’m always trying honest with others. I extremely hate lying.
  48. I love children and babies so much. I can build a fast and close relationship with them.
  49. My main goal in this year is learning English as seriously as I can.
  50. I’ve written a new book on APA (American Psychology Asocciation) and only remains its edit.
  51. I like English language more than my academic field. I’m into English.
  52. I’m a writer and translator of university textbooks.
  53. I cooperate with a number of educational organizations and scientific - research journals.
  54. I’ve got medium-length, wavy and dark brown hair.
  55. I’ve got dark brown eyes. I liked that my eyes were light brown.
  56. I’d gotten insomnia for more than 10 years. But I got used to it after a while.
  57. Maybe it seems insane or idiotic. When I’m strongly depressed, I suffer from suicidal thoughts! In the dangerous situation, I always try to talk to myself and I remained myself the cosequences of this my bad thing. Talking to myself always works in the best manner.
  58. When I was a teenager, I used to eat ice almost every day.
  59. Listening to the English music is part of my everyday activities. I really enjoy listening to it, Specially Pop music and Country music.
  60. I hate smoking. If someone smokes front of me, I’ll be bad and I’ll feel nauseous.
  61. I’m living in a noisy apartment. It’s an enormous problem and trouble for me.
  62. I’m a petite girl. I strongly have trouble buying clothes.
  63. I have few real friends.
  64. The first time I made money, I was only 9 years old.
  65. My adolescence was the best and happiest time of my life and my Ph.D. student course was the most depressing time of my life.
  66. I don’t like relative(s) relationships. Other members of my family are like me.
  67. Last year almost at the same time, I was walking down the street to get home from my workplace, when suddenly a psychotic patient hit me and I was seriously injured!
  68. I may only eat 2 meals during the day. I don’t have much appetite to eat.
  69. Several times I was practicing English conversation with myself, others have seen me by accident and they thought I’m crazy! As a result, I had to tell them the whole anecdotage.
  70. I don’t like crying. Because crying upsets others and hurts their pure feelings. On the other hand, I try not to cry in times of distress and severe depression.
  71. My cousin’s husband committed suicide a few years ago and this had a devastating effect on my family’s life, specially on my mother’s.
  72. I care so much about personal hygiene. My room is always perfectly tidy. I like to being organized and orderly.
  73. I’m an emotional girl. When others are upset, I get very upset. However, I don’t like someone plays with my feelings.
  74. I wish to understand and speak English like a native speaker.
  75. I love Zabanshenas so much. I study English with this application full time. I really enjoy studying English with it.
    @Yo_Kambiz :dizzy::dizzy::dizzy:

دوستان :green_heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart::two_hearts:
من این چالش رو حدود بیش از دو ماه پیش انجام داده بودم. ولی توش سوتی :joy: زیاد داشتم و خیلی کم و ناقص نوشته بودم. الان موارد رو بیشتر کردم، جمله هام رو بهتر کردم و سعی کردم سوتی هام کمتر باشه. ولی باز احتمال سوتی زیاد، توش خیلی هست. :joy: به بزرگی خودتون ببخشید.


I’m awfully sorry for preterm parturition and following disorders. :rose::rose:
It made me happy to see your achievements, you’re truly a successful person.
I wish you all the best.
Good luck :hibiscus:


It was completely a medical mistake! Thanks for your sympathy.

Thanks a lot. That’s kind of you. :hibiscus::sunflower::tulip:

I wish you too. :blue_heart::green_heart::two_hearts:


Oh no. Dammit :pensive:

My pleasure :rose:

Thank you very much :blue_heart::heart:


شما سطح تون بالاس… من حالا حالا ها با Inputهای دل‌مشغولیام خیلی کاردارم… اما تلنگر خوبی هست… باید تنبلی رو کنار بذارم… باید درمورد همین چیزهایی که دیونه شون هستم بنویسم…


ما همه اینجا یادگیرنده هستیم و باید تا می تونیم به هم کمک کنیم. :pray::blue_heart::green_heart: خود این چالش، یک روز کامل، وقت من رو گرفت.
تایپ کردش برای تالار، برام سخت تر از نوشتنش روی کاغذ بود. :joy::v:

  1. My first name is Fatemeh.
  2. My last name is Goudarzi.
  3. Someone tells me Fati or Goudy. I really hate it. I don’t answer them.
  4. I was born in Tehran and I live in Tehran too.
  5. I was born on Aban.
  6. I’m 16 years old.
  7. My height is 159 cm.
  8. My weight is 49 kilos.
  9. One year ago, I was slim but now I’m normal.
  10. I have two sisters. An older sister and a younger sister.
  11. I don’t have any brothers.
  12. My older sister is Zeynab.
  13. My younger sister is Reyhaneh.
  14. My mom’s name is Zahra.
  15. I lost my dad 4 years ago in an accident. I usually don’t want to tell it.
  16. I love reading novels and books :heart_eyes:
  17. My favorite writers are Darren Shan and Emily Rouda.
  18. I’m interested in Math.
  19. I want to be a math teacher in the future.
  20. I want to be a writer too.
  21. I hate science.
  22. I think drawing is boring but watching the paints is so interesting.
  23. My best friend is Sarina. We are friends for 11 years till now! :grin::star_struck:
  24. Sometimes, I’m an angry person! :sweat_smile:
  25. I always try to be a happy person.
  26. My school’s name is Neda Reyhaneh. It’s in Geyhoon street.
  27. My school is so far from my home but I was in this school since I was 6 years old. Because I like it.
  28. I like Volleyball :volleyball:
  29. I like chess too.
  30. My favorite color is light purple.
  31. I love adventure :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::star_struck:
  32. I’m crazy about sweet :yum::yum::heart_eyes::star_struck:
  33. Breakfast is my favorite meal.
  34. I love honey and jam.
  35. I don’t like cheese.
  36. I really like ice cream and fast foods :yum::yum:
  37. I like shackle.
  38. I have a lot of colorful fall.
  39. I wash the dishes 4 times a week.
  40. I hate washing dishes.
  41. I cook food 4 times a week.
  42. I can cook a lot of foods alone.
  43. I don’t like Music. I think it makes me feel headache. But I like calm musics.
  44. Sometimes, I’m lazy but I try to be not.
  45. I’m a little curious too.
  46. I have a lot of good ideas for ornament my room but I can’t. Because it’s my mom’s room too and she doesn’t like my ideas.
  47. My mom is so patient. I can’t be like her.
  48. I love seeing different places in the world but now I can’t.
  49. I hate TV. it’s too noisy and boring!
  50. I argue with my younger sister a lot! but two minutes later we laugh with each other.
  51. I don’t like. I think it’s an absurd sport.
  52. I’m a successful student.
  53. When I was kid, I lost in subway. A kind woman took me to police and finally I found my mom.
  54. I’m so neat.
  55. I like banana.
  56. My favorite fruit is orange.
  57. I don’t have any secrets.
  58. I’m not good at history. I like the history as a story but I hate it as a lesson in school.
  59. I prefer to read a paper book to read a pdf book.
  60. I didn’t have any friends until 10 years old.
  61. Now, I have a lot of friends.
  62. My older sister, Zeynab, talks a lot! But I’m not like her. Actually, I talk to my friends more than my family!
  63. I have a notebook that I write in it the sentences which I feel they are good and interesting.
  64. When I’m depressed, I open that notebook and read the sentences. Then I feel good.
  65. When I’m depressed, I sometimes read a book to distance my mind from that happen. Then later, when I’m not angry or sad,I can find a great solution.
  66. I’m a little stubborn. :grin::sweat_smile:
  67. I love my math teacher! She’s really awesome!
  68. My favorite season is fall.
  69. I like playing board games. it’s one of my recreations.
  70. If I get angry, I sometimes shout but I try to be quiet.
  71. Sometimes, I feel I want to break TV because I can’t stand the TV’s sound but my younger sister watches TV a lot.
  72. The names I like are Ali, Zeynab, and Mohammad Taha.
  73. I’m an optimistic person.
  74. I’m so forgetful :sweat_smile:
  75. I’m a little about shopping.
  76. One of my dreams is to have a very huge library just for myself :grin::star_struck:
  77. My birthday is 3rd of Aban. And so, my favorite month is Aban.
  78. Every year, after finishing y term exams, I dance. Because I’m so happy that it finished.
  79. I really hate rude people. they make me angry.
  80. I don’t like schedule. I have it in my mind!
  81. When I have long hair, I want to cut them but when I have short hair I want it to grow up! :joy:
  82. I don’t have any games in my phone because I think it’s waste of time!
  83. I do most of the works slowly :joy::sweat_smile:
  84. I talk with myself when I’m alone.
  85. I hate those people who cry just for a football game :neutral_face: One time I saw one of them and I thought that he’s idiot.
  86. I like funny people.
  87. I really hate smoking.
  88. I’m right_handed.
  89. I want to be a great English speaker and I will.
  90. I really love my beautiful eyes :grin::heart_eyes::star_struck::blush:
  91. My mother is from Hasan Abad.
  92. I can’t stand the people’ who lie.
  93. I always try to say the truth.
  94. I laugh a lot :sweat_smile::joy::sunglasses:
  95. I hated English in past. But now I’m into English.
  96. I love Zabanshenas so much :sunglasses::heart_eyes::star_struck:
  97. I enjoy studying English.
  98. I don’t like animals :sweat_smile:
  99. I don’t know what should I say :sweat_smile::joy:
  100. I wish you enjoy it :pray::hibiscus:
    لطفا اگر غلطی دارم بهم بگین :slightly_smiling_face::pray::hibiscus: سپاس فراوان :grin::star_struck::hibiscus::hibiscus: