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:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: In this chat we will make progress by talking and writing in English.

:busts_in_silhouette: Everyday we will discuss about new topic

:video_game: This is like a game

:gem: You have 100 Persian or Finglish words to use in a month

:no_entry: At the end of the month, we will count words

:smiling_imp: So Let’s survive In this imaginary world

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504 essential words

This is my recommendation

Every day we will learn 5 words

We will make sentences
Tell story about new words

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Words to learn
This Week


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504Words.pdf (9.9 مگابایت)

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Word: qualify

And where this word has been used in Zabanshenas application

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According to the 504 book

Qualify means
become fit; show that you are able


a. I am trying to qualify for the job that is now vacant.
b. Since Pauline can’t carry a tune, she is sure that she will never qualify for the Girls’ Chorus.
c. You have to be taller than
5’5" to qualify as a policeman in our town

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:closed_book::green_book::blue_book::orange_book: 504 :closed_book::green_book::blue_book::orange_book:

  1. Expand ==》
    If something expands , it becomes bigger.

  2. Alter ==》
    If you alter something, you change it, usually in a small way.

  3. Mature ==》
    Someone is mature if they act like an adult.

  4. Sacred ==》
    If something is sacred , it is put aside for use by religion; it is made holy.

  5. Revise ==》
    When someone revises a book, a writing or something they said, it means they change it (edit it) so that it says something a little different from what it said before.

:closed_book::green_book::blue_book::orange_book: 504 :closed_book::green_book::blue_book::orange_book:

Words by Amir Ariana

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Years passed and his knowledge hasn’t expand in lots of fields.
He wants to grow, wants to touch mature feelings. In this way he needs an alteration. He should dedicates his soul to infinity.
But this needs great revise in all beliefs.
The beliefs that have rooted in all cells of the body and made mind old.
On the way he hears a voice that calls his name and begs him not to go.
it sounds like a sacred voice but makes steps heavy.
Actually it’s a old magician with dirt tricks
Only a brave knight can pass her.

Story by Ali Hashemi

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