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سبک جدید موسیقی Lo-fi چی هست؟

سلام دوستان. سعی کردم این متن کوتاه رو بنویسم تا بیشتر با سبک جذاب Lo-fi آشنا بشیم:

Even though this “genre” (if you can actually call it a genre) of music has been around since 90’s, it has seen its rise and fame during the very past few years.

I can’t lie to you that when I first came across this intersting sub-genre of music, I was totally stoked. It was as if, I could find all of my favorite songs finally labelled under one single genre called Lo-fi.

Let’s talk about the main elements of a Lo-fi song: usually, it’s instrumental and there are no vocals (but there are still some Lo-fi songs out there with lyrics and singing). Sometimes the Lo-fi producers like to put some famous speeches or movie dialogue in the middle of their song, to give it some sort of dreamy context and nostalgic feel. Another important part of a Lo-fi song is the beat that the song carries…it’s usually a simple hip-hop ish bit (a kind of beat that you might hear in a rap song).

The influence of Jazz music is extremely popular and apparent in Lo-fi music, so it’s kind of similar to the sub-genre of “Smooth Jazz” with the difference that in Smooth Jazz the song is moving and goes through changes, whereas in Lo-fi changes are very subtle and it feels as if you are in a dream, or an alternate universe where things are not moving much. I call it the “dream zone”.

Lo-fi music is perfect for relaxing, whether in the morning, afternoon, evening or at night. If you simply search “Lo-fi” on platforms like YouTube or Spotify, you will be bombarded with Lo-fi playlists that are designed for specific moods and times of the day such as: coffee time, massage, evenings, yoga, etc.

But Lo-fi is not just used by people who want to relax, it’s kind of a multi-purpose music genre. For instance, most Popping dancers who pop their muscles to the beats and texture of music choose this style of music either for practicing or as the songs to dance Popping to. I personally always listen to Lo-fi songs on the background when I’m working or studying, as it really boosts my concentration. Athletes have also been majorly benefiting from this style of music.

Like I said, right now, this style of music is very hot and a quick search on Youtube, SoundCloud and Spotify will show you millions and millions of songs produced. One interesting aspect of this music is that unlike many genres of music such as Pop music, most of Lo-fi producers are ordinary people who know how to make a song on their computer. So, there is a very good chance that people around you like your neighbors can be lo-fi composers.

Right now there are even talks of having exlusive Lo-fi music festivals or events after Corona pandemic. This is a very interesting music genre in that it intersects with many genres of music such as Jazz and Electronic. So this is a bridge for fans of both music to come together and enjoy the same songs!

One of the Lo-fi artists that I can recommed is Bad Snacks, she is not a famous person, she just knows how to make Lo-fi music on her laptop computer, and thanks to that she has now thousands of fans following her and adoring her songs. This is one of my favorite songs of hers:

In this video, Bad Snacks breaks down how she composed that song:

In 2021 I would love to become a Lo-fi Persian music composer and producer. So stay tuned! :smile:

If someone asked me what Lo-fi music means in one sentence, I’d say: close your eyes and welcome to the world of dreaming!


Thank you for your comment, Hasti.

It’s a “sub-genre” of electronic music. As you know, the electronic music has so many sub-genres: House, Techno, Trance, etc. Lo-fi is kind of really different from all those sub-genres, where Lo-fi songs are always slow, because this is a style of music, mainly for relaxing.

Also another difference between Lo-fi and other sub-genres of Electronic music is that Lo-fi borrows huge influences from Hip Hop and Jazz music.

So it’s only a little bit part of electronic music :slight_smile:


Haha, I’m a die-hard music fan like yourself, through and through!


It was interesting.I enjoyed…


I’m not a big music fan, but I enjoy an occasional music. :smile: It was beautiful.
And I wish you luck, mate. I like to listen to your own compositions too. :smile:


Haha Thanks, man. Most people might know me as a fan of rock music, but I’m looking forward to a potentioal future discussion topic here like “if you could live as a celebrity/famous person for one day/week, who would you be?”…maybe I should actually suggest this topic to Negin…I think my choice might surprise some people…I’d be a famous DJ :smiley: I think electronic music is super fascinating and like I said has so many sub-genres and therefore should not be judged by its cover as a whole.


I hate rock and heavy metal music. :expressionless: But I won’t make fun of your music taste here, because this is your own topic and I shan’t be rude here, sir :smile: (I’m affected by something old I’m reading; sorry :sweat_smile:).

But I will curse you to death on the other topic; no prob there. See you, mate. :smile:


Haha…Sir, you shan’t say that thou do not fancy rock music…for that is a big lie, Sir. I told thou to listen to that Pink Floyd song before, Sir…remember, Sir? “Grass was greener,…” And thou said you liked that song. Thou shall utter the truth.

My brother is just like you…he used to tell me he doesn’t like rock music…one day were sitting in his car and one of Siavash Ghomyshi’s song came with full on electric guitars and just like a rock song but with Persian lyrics. And my bro was nodding his head to it, and I told him “this is rock music” lol