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Have you ever been bullied, or bullied someone? - چالش رایتینگ

There has always been an issue called “bullying” among people, especially kids and teenagers.
Hello everybody, here we are with another writing challenge in which we’re going to talk about “Bullying”. So What is “Bullying”? We can totally say it’s the behavior of a person who hurts or frightens someone smaller or less powerful, often forcing that person to do something they do not want to do. But the question is:

  • what comes to your mind when you hear of bullying?
  • Why do people bully others?
  • What should we do in order to stand against, and scope this issue?
  • Have you ever been bullied?
  • Have you ever bullied someone?

  • Write an essay about this topic in a maximum of 200 words. Be aware that this writing challenge is a sort of game as well. Top three writers will be awarded medals. All writers will receive points and in the end, everyone’s points will be counted.
  1. Essays will be checked and be given points from 1 to 5 (if an essay includes more than 150 words, it will be given points from 1 to 6) the fewer mistakes each essay has, the more points it will take.
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    The third place will start the next game with 1 point already
  5. You can freely write as many essays/messages as you want, but just ONE of your messages will be counted as your main essay. (in most cases, probably the first message)
  6. Essays with more words than the maximum mentioned above Will Not be checked.

Good luck


Hello .What an interesting topic! I had never thought about it before. Well, in fact, bullying is more common among teens, and its pattern is different for boys and girls. In my opinion, bullying some people is because of their upbringing and they need to be seen. Because of this need, he starts bullying so that others will pay attention to that person. I think the most important thing for the family is that families should pay full attention to their children from an early age so that they do not have such problems in the future. Also, families should teach their children from an early age that if they see someone. Who were less than them in every way, try to help and solve the problem instead of bullying


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Well, both “I had never” and “I have never” are correct structures to use. But here, according to the context, and as I guess you were just thinking about this topic whilst writing it, I think present perfect is a better choice.
I have never thought about it before :white_check_mark:

is because of their upbringing and their need to being seen :white_check_mark:

I will give you a 4 out of 5 for your essay :grin: cheers!



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Well, you can look at the subject “bullying” in
many different ways. At first, when we think of the word, the majority of us picture a skinny boy being hit in a deserted alley behind the school by some extraordinarily over-sized boys who demand that he should give them his food or write their home work for them.

Yeah, that’s the general idea which we probably picked up from movies.

But as a girl, when I think about it, it’s totally different. Girls don’t jump on each other punching and kicking. They just threaten you that they will break up with you if you don’t help them cheat during exams ( usually happens in young age). or they try to crush your confidence so badly that you find yourself unlikable and useless so you feel like a no body, Loathing yourself. :triumph:.

It doesn’t happen so often but still it’s a nasty thing to witness even for once.

Those who bully others are weak people who don’t count on their own abilities to over come other talented people, therefor they are better off trying to shatter you so you won’t pose a threat to them ( this happens frequently when you are in high school).

Thankfully, I’ve never been bullied or have bullied some one. I believe the way you behave, determines the way others treat you. Some people separate themselves from others. They sit quietly, apart from the crowd like they don’t even exist. It’s not a great feature as most of the teachers think. It shows weak self-confidence and lack of faith in yourself which makes others to think of you as an easy prey. You should talk, walk and behave with sheer confidence. You should try to make friends (true friends will back you up, not letting a hand lay on you), participate in discussions, communicate your ideas, learn how to defend yourself with out offending the other one, learn to be a social person who is open to new challanges, not a pushover who avoids crowds. People who show a strong personality are not likely to be bullied by any one. Because they have made it clear that they are not some one who obeys others or let others boss them around.

Well, I’m done! That’s it!


What’s up guys?

Insecurity springs to my mind.

because usually when someone bullies others is because of jealousy. Maybe the other person is so innocent or so composed or something…

Just I think, take a martial art class. it’s gonna boost your confidence and you can kick some ass for sure. nothing else will work.

I know some parents in the movies or on TV will say, just talk and stand up for yourself. that thing is not gonna work in boys’ school.

Not a lot as far as I remember. I’d bully some kids back in the day which I’m super ashamed of.

There was a guy named Reza in our class and I’d sell him my stuff.

Oh man I’m so ashamed of it. recently I met the guy on the street and we talked and I apologized for my bad behaviors.


:tada::tada::tada::tada:What a beautiful topic :tada::tada::tada::tada:
A bad behavior that some people do exactly I can say happen this issue in school among of boy and girl .
Chronicle of this word come back to thousands thousands of years ago that people did not have any literacy and for a small problem they fought to such as to have an apple.
By and by ,with changing lifestyle the humans dissolved their problem and did not be bullying one another.
Although ,this is question that :slight_smile:
Why do people bully others?
Actually, for this question we can have different ideas.
In my view, insomuch as they think that they are only robustly person in world which can be bully .
However, nowadays bully is in intellect .
I can say to them your plan is so unskilled…
As for me,perhaps in their life they have some necessity or problem or …
Seldom they are demented and it is enjoyable for them bother others.
To be honest, if I say so my self I’m so kind especially with my pumpkin children. :heart::heart::heart:
However as you know I am teenager and some time
I get nervous but in our family I am popular in kindness .:innocent::innocent::innocent:
In spite of the fact that, No I have not. :hugs::hugs::hugs:
If l speak my mind , l will do it .:face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Have you ever had cousin that bother you ?:rage::rage::rage:
Unfortunately ,I have .:no_mouth:
I fill you in :wink:
We were playing (plucky, reality) it was his turn to ask question from me .:expressionless:
He said bad and creepy work​:nauseated_face::face_vomiting:
And I atoned for him .:grin::grin::grin:
Touch wood I wrote a lot✍
Grateful teacher for your challenge I do my best to write the best essay. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Hope to enjoy and like it :heart:
God spid👋


I recall a time when I was a 6-7 year old kid, I was passing an alley when an older and stranger boy saw me and hectored me. I told my sister about it, and she tried her best to fight away my fears, but it took me time to really believe it was just a washy bluff.

Matter of factly, there are lots of different aspects to be considered in this case which one of them is lack of self-esteem( the feeling of being satisfied with your own abilities, and that you deserve to be liked or respected). Because when you possess an enough amount of it, you won’t try to do those things to get people’s attention or whatever. You respect yourself and also you reverence for others.

We’d better teach people their rights; their human rights, their civic rights etc, because I think some people even don’t know their rights, and therefore they just endure things out of helplessness. For instance, we all have this right to say no to things we don’t want to do, but apparently most of us don’t know our rights, so we just obey the things we don’t really want to do.


I agree with that you say :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::+1:


Hello friends


The first thing that comes to my mind is insecurity.

This issue (bullying) is not for a specific place and time.it Maybe happen by teacher to student, boss to employe, student to student,…, in school,university, street, office,….

I don’t know why do people bully others? It Should be carefully researched and rooted by specialists.

But I think they lack attention from others and they have already been bullied by stronger people and they in retaliation bully others. just like a Domino.

And about someone been bullied and most of the time for fear hide it from others that this is not good, They are weak and not have self confidence.

In my opinion the bullies know that weak and coward people are the best option for bullying.

And the solution is:

In my opinion, most habits and behaviors go back to family and childhood. Family’s behavior has a direct effect on the behavior of their children. They should teach to children to be strong and help them to increase their self confidence.

Thanks for taking the time to read this text.



Hello everyone. :revolving_hearts: First of all, I’d rather say that this writing subject, is a difficult and bitter subject to write about! For some personal and emotional reasons, I did initially not intend to participate in this writing challenge. Because, its subject or title, can remind me of bitter memories and events (even recent ones). In this topic, I do not intend to talk or write about each of them. But I can say that you’ve chosen a sensitive and tense subject for writing challenge on this forum.

Bullying can be physical or mental and can impose on us in these two forms. Both forms can be bitter and painful. But mental bullying is much worse, more bitter and more painful. Something which I’d experienced a lot and it has had some negative effects on me. As for the last and one of the worst bullying done to me, I can point to the attack, threat, aggression or insult to my own depression or my depressed personality! :blue_heart::blue_heart: Not only once, but also several times!

Everyone has some special reactions to the bullying of others. This reaction can depend on gender, age, psychological characteristics, etc. and it can be physical, verbal, or psychological and mental. These reactions are more mental and psychological for me. As for the latest one, I became even more severely depressed or anxious than ever before and I’ve not studied English for almost more than three weeks! As a result of these bullying, I even broke nearly 400-day chain of mine on Zabanshenas application and I could not maintain it, any loner! :chains: :blue_heart: :seedling: Because of these problems of mine, during that time, I had exclusively been participating on writing topics of yours and this participating of mine on this forum, is most likely going to continue in the same way.

At first glance, it may seen that silence and indifference, can be a suitable option to deal with bullying of others. However, this method which I’ve been using to stand against the bullying of others, has not worked for me. I think the better solution and option, could be preventing these bullying by others and not provide grounds and conditions for their occurrence.

Bullying usually has its roots in jealousy, lack of self-confidence or self-esteem. But in certain situations, it can be also caused by anger or rage of others. Something that happens a lot, in fights or arguments between people. Now that I think about this issue, those bullying I’ve personally previously done, had been similar or had happened in the same situation, and I can only be ashamed of them or I feel embarrassed about these certain mistakes of mine. :woman_facepalming: :ok_woman: :yellow_heart:

At the end of this writing of mine, I hope that the number of its words, did not exceed, two hundred words! :joy: :pray: :heart:



Hey guys.What’s up?
When i hear bullied,That dog in Tom & Jerry,he always bullied Tom :rage:
but you know what?I believe that bullied doesn’t come from power yea It comes from some weakness inside that person. :pleading_face:
People who feel weakness in their emotions ,usually bully others. :japanese_goblin:
we have to learn and improve braveness in ourselves and don’t let anyone bully us or others :sunglasses: :muscle:
luckily i haven’t been bullied or bullied someone but I have to confess that I dunno what would i do in this situations :grimacing:


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Makes others think


lets others

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Never mind. If you had checked it without those 5 times edits :roll_eyes: I would probably get a minus cause no matter how many times I scan the text, there are always a couple of mistakes out of nowhere.


when I saw that word “bully” I rememberd that I had seen it in aj’s lesson " obsessive behavior" where a guy bullied his wife.

frist I just see in my mind that some guys bullied a poor person who is helpless and not strong that guys force him or her to do their commend and wanting to beat him/her

Maybe they want to show off their power to the
other pepole, in order to they control the world
or in a small scale our street , city, neighborhood
like american politicians and all the people in power

in my opinion when we see them we should
escape or change our way till we don’t see them
Unless we would be courageous or a fool
because I think we never take our time on such guys.or we every day see them and they bully us
So I suggest goinig to gym is a good option to be able to stand up to them.

yes, when I was young some boys annoied me and at the time I was alone and my friends were
Crowardly like sheep .after that event I got stronger and stronger than as posible as I’ve been by going to gym . and after one year of my high school and going to gym ,a couple of time I fight them and I could get my revange and beat them.I think it’s a amrican movie :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Yes, since I was a child until now
[ :joy::joy::joy: present perfect]
I bullied lots of men or maybe women because I have liked it so far.
nowadays I am in military service and as a fake police I do somthing like that in a lawful way .
as a matter of fact I do somethings against culprits.3


Hello there dear Avaa

I can say this issue happens in schools among boys and girls

Did not keep bullying others/other people

This is a question that

They are the only powerful (robust) person in the world who can bully others.

It is enjoyable for them to bother others.

Have you ever had cousins that bother you?

Thanks for joining us :heart:

I give you a 3 out of 6

It would be a 4/6 if you wrote less than 200 words :joy:


Hello there dear Raha

Their civic rights, etc.

I reckon it’s a better idea to write "and so

Thank you very much for participating in this topic :heart:

I give you a 6 out of 6 for your essay :clap:t2:


Hello dear Mohanna

It may happen by a teacher to a student, a boss to their employees/an employee, a student to another one.

I don’t know why people bully others.

They are weak and don’t have self confidence

They should teach their children to be strong and help them increase their self confidence

You’re the most welcome. And thank you for participating in this topic :heart:

I give you a 5 out of 6 for your essay :clap:t2:


Thank you :blush:
I did not have time to check it because l had math exam :grimacing:
Any way ,thanks for this challenge :pray: