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Hi there, this is Matin.

Happy women’s day, everyone!
Welcome to this week’s Writing Challenge.

Today, we want to discuss gender rights & equality.

For starters, how do you define equality?

Now, I want you to write about its related issues.

By the way, you can take a look at these questions.

They’ll help you come up with ideas you can write about, but don’t forget to include your own ideas as well.

  1. What are some examples of gender issues?

  2. Have you ever been a victim of gender ineqaulity? How?

  3. How do you think this inequality affects our next generations?

  4. Do you believe in gender roles?

  5. How can we achieve gender equality?


This challenge prompted me to read more about this topic.
thank you

Gender is one of the natural characteristics of individuals that is examined in society by socio-cultural criteria that has now become social inequality.
Which shows that men and women do not have equal access to many opportunities and facilities, such as:
Education, employment, physical violence, economic poverty, political activities, communication, etc.
In our society today, men seem to be more powerful beings than women, and the concepts of gender inequality have not been introduced in past societies, and I hope that this social exclusion will disappear in the future.

Lack of social participation.
Discrimination and …

yes And that’s when I went to a famous office for employment and made all the preparations as I asked, but
Just when I saw myself as an employee, someone else came in, and even though he didn’t have the skills to do that job and even his education, hiring him surprised me.
When I followed up, the only answer I heard was:
i’m sorry because he was a man of your employment
Although I made many complaints and follow-ups, I didn’t end up in any government place anymore.
It was the bitterest experience of my life, and for the first time I wish I was a man.

The gap between men and women will increase and this will reduce their quality of life.
It will definitely become a social exclusion.
But I hope that in future generations there will be no such thing as gender discrimination.

Yes, because I believe that men and women are biologically fundamentally different, which makes them psychologically and emotionally different.
Gender roles also show the difference between men and women in different cultures or even the same society.

Whenever men and women take on the same duties.
Take advantage of equal opportunities in society.
Eliminate patriarchy and feminism.
Have equal rights.

  • Jobs that are only the responsibility of men in our society, women can do many times better than men (if they have job and social security).

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One of the important consequences of gender inequality is the lack of security for women

Our social society is built in such a way that superiority and freedom are instilled in men, and there are few women who have been able to fight this discrimination.


Of course.

And I believe not only ours, but every other patriarchal society is facing the same issues as well.


Exactly. Certainly, if the rights of men and women are equal, we will have a fairer society


Thank you for your attention🌹



Hello everyone, preliminary I exsuse from Mr Rohany Zad because I was busy as bee.

It is good subject for discussing and writing.

Insecurity for women actually for girls
Double standard
Prefrence of men
And …

To be honest, No .
I have never been a victim of gender although
This subject every single second damages me .
Unfortunately girls in our society aren’t safe
I mean in past maybe the situation be better but now It’s awful .
Perhaps because now I’m school student and I have never gone to society alone .
I can’t answer to this one but till this level that sometimes I go outside with my friends I 'm not satisfied from our society because I feel danger from every side.
Nowadays at all I don’t want to go outside because
Our society It’s full of sin and just it calls Republic.

Yes ofcourse. It has .
I don’t want to describe everything but with this relationship between girls and boys.
It seems that our religion has never introduced itself as well as …

Yes I do .
If I fill you in before age 9 ,
I researched a lot about Republic religion and I have believed it.
But something has done incorrect
For instance:
Incorrect relationships

Actually it has some solution for instance:

Every person do some works that it can
I mean for example a woman can’t be worker or a man can’t be housewife (if we have some men that do I can’t accept their work ) .

Hope for better days
Thanks for reading.


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Hello there, every one.

I hope you’re having a great night.

I have loads to say on this subject.

Well, I believe gender problems are the results of faulty mindsets and incorrect thoughts.

Since we were born, we’ve been bombarded with destructions of behaviours and manners which shape our charecters, according to our gender. We’ve been taught that men should never cry and women know nothing but crying. We’ve been told men are the master of logic ,and women? Well, they are emotinal and not capable of thinking and judging based on facts. We have heard men have to be strong and harsh, women are kind and gentle.

Sorry to burst the bubble but it’s totall bullshit.

We are merely human beings and the only thing that differs us from others are ourselves not our gender.

Who the hell has said men are not to show their feelings and girls are to be weak and always in need of a man to lean on?

Determining limits for ourselves just because we’re a girl or a boy is simply ridiculous.

I don’t want people to look at me as a girl. I want as much attention for my ideas and words as a boy. I want as much soppurt and backup for my talents as a boy. I want as much trust and faith as a boy. I want the same payment of money for the same work as a boy. I want to be trusted to lead. I want to be treated as a human. Not a girl, not a teenager, not an Iranian but as a human.

Equality means no matter who you are, no matter what you are, no matter where you come from, you will be treated the same way as others. You’ll get as much as others. You will be treated as a human.

There is no law saying a girl can’t lift weights and a boy can’t cook. And if people are holding back from doing things that they really want to do because others would think it’s not appropriate owing to their gender, then I invite them to take a step out of the borders which others had drawn for them. You’re gonna live that life and you are the one to say how you like it to be.

And I’m so sorry to see that girls are the ones who get hurt and feel limited by these fake ideas.

You know, I hate it when a man’s physical power gives him this idea of control over a girl. I just hate it.

When a boy stucks in an alley with a couple of girls, he doesn’t feel insecure and afraid, does he? No he doesn’t.

But a girl does. I have felt it countless times.

Boys may think it’s funny and hot to cat call and wolf whistle and smirk when a girl passes but I’m telling you it’s revolting. It’s simply revolting.

One of the things which I envy boys for, is that when they are angry, when they are offended, when their families are offended, they don’t bite off their lips, they don’t burst in to tears, they don’t crash, they don’t feel weak. They just land a punch on the face who dared to mouth the words that caused such things.
But a girl can’t.

I hate to be humiliated by a boy, I hate to be underestimated by a boy, I hate to be called with revolting adjectives that some people think are sexi or whatever. I hate it and I’m never going to learn to cope with it.

I want to be praised for my spirit and my courage and inteligence and talent.

I want to be described with vertues that I like, not things which people see them sutable for me.

Oh god, I talked your head off. :joy:
I’m just so overwhelmed that when I start it’s hardly possible to stop.

Thanks Mr. @matinrohany for the effort you put in. :rose:


Hi there, Gisoo.

That was heartbreakingly true and beautiful at the same time.

Thank you very much for sharing :rose::pray:

Let’s all hope for a gender-blind society like in Star Trek :sweat_smile:



I hope this topic can make a change. Even little progresses are better than none.

May I ask for a feedback, too?
I tried to edit it as well as I could but I guess I have a couple of mistakes ,after all.


Hello everyone and thanks @matinrohany for this challenge topic.
I think inequality is ground in our culture.
When we decide to change then we can fight for equality for all women in our country. As a lot of
women and men that they could did it and succeed in it.
We must ground inequality in our deep down.
Women and men both are equal in humanity
Our culture must clear from some stupid sentence like : … just because she is a woman!
How many time did you hear these sentence that these show inequality in our society :
She can’t be realistic just because she is a woman
She can’t travels because her husband didn’t let him to go, just because she us a woman
She can’t get this job just because she is a woman…
Let’s begin from ourselves for destroying this issue, even by a little step, by a little notifying when we see a inequality.
Hope for better days.

It’s my first writing challenge , so excuse me for all things I wrote that are incorrect.


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