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Writing Challenge – Anger

Hi there, guys!
I’m back with another challenge.

So, today, we want to talk about “anger”!
I love this topic, because it’s a little controversial.

Anyway, what do you think causes anger?
Let’s discuss.

As always, if you don’t know what to write about, take a look at the questions below.

  1. What makes you angry?
  2. Is anger ever a good thing? If so, when? Why?
  3. What do you usually do when you get angry?
  4. Are humans naturally aggressive? Why? / Why not?
  5. How can you control your rage?

Have fun, good luck.


Hello. Thanks for choosing a good topic. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

In my opinion, anger is an inner feeling that, if we can not control it, can lead to severe psychological and physical damage.
Many people, especially myself, get angry for many reasons and pass it on to others, and this causes human immorality and will not have a good result.

Seeing cruelty and injustice towards others, especially animals and children :tired_face:
Also dealing with rude people :pleading_face:
It makes me very angry.
These are the most important reasons for my anger and there are other reasons.

I think anger is not a good feeling, especially when we do not have the power to express it, it can damage the human body and soul, but if we can show anger with proper behavior and control it, we will gain more confidence to control our nerves. Let’s bring. (I heard this sentence from a psychologist on TV and it was a detailed discussion)
So anger is as good as it is bad.

It depends on where I am and where I am. But normally I shout a little :joy:
If for any reason I can not give a proper answer, I will leave first. Then I take a few deep breaths. I talk to myself and repeat sentences. I try to analyze the cause of what happened. If I am in a bad situation, I talk to others and ask them for help.

In my opinion, emotions are naturally present in human beings and each of them manifests itself in different ways in different situations, and how people express their emotions is related to the conditions in which they have grown and been educated.

My suggestion for controlling anger is meditation, deep breathing, repeating soothing sentences, squeezing muscles and releasing them.
This helps me control my anger and may not be good for others.

:seedling:I am waiting for your feedback. Please tell me the bugs in the post.:seedling:


Hello :wave: ok let’s get started
1.many thing likes harassing animals
2.it if really makes sense
3. I’m listening to music :notes:
5. Deep breath :joy::blush:
Sorry, I do not know more than this
Ok good by


Hi there :blush::wave:

Exactly :man_facepalming::ok_hand:

So, I guess you mean we need to learn how to express it.
Anger suppression is not an option, right?

I completely agree.

That was great :ok_hand::pray: You did an amazing job :clap::grin:

Thank you so much for participating :blush::rose::pray:. I really enjoyed your views on the matter :star_struck:

I think the only “bug” there was using the word “bug” :joy:
I think “error” would be better :blush::v:


makes you angry?

Is anger ever a good thing? If so, when? Why?

What do you usually do when you get angry?

Are humans naturally aggressive? Why? / Why not?

How can you control your rage?

Ok .i think for example you syudy a lesson and you have a exam.and you read a lot.and you get a less point from that point.and another thing a wanna speak about thathappend a bad thing for me.
2.yes i think anger is some time better than of the happy fe:for civility th child​:person_fencing::person_fencing::person_fencing::hocho::hocho::hocho::hocho::crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords::dagger::dagger::dagger::hammer_and_pick::rofl::rofl:and to show your appeal :rofl::rofl:
3.listen to musicand i relax.
4.i think in that time yes you now what .beacus its all about bad econemy of iranin and i think all the pepole angry about and think mony.fe:ohhh when i get mony.how much it.any way.
5.as i mention befor this qustion i listen to music


Hi there :blush::wave:

This is one of the most annoying things in the whole world

That’s okay :grin:
Thank you so much for participating :blush::pray::rose:


:joy: Come on! Anger is never a good thing :grin:

Best solution ever

Thank you so much for participating :blush::rose::pray:


Hi guys have good night.
I don’t know you know me or not but ill introduce myself.
My name is Hosein and
I get angry very soon
I hate the annoying voice or very loud voice.
But instead of that I get colm and relax very soon as possible.
Anger is like knife
Its up to you how you use that.
When I get angry
Usually like to be alone and maby listen to the music
And when I’m angry I’m trying to do not make decisions.
I hope I could to be good in my writing
And you like that
I’m appreciate you if correct my mistake if I have.
Bye for now


Hi there, dear Hosein :blush::wave:

That’s fortunate, then :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Best thing we can do :ok_hand:

You really did fine :grin:

Yeah, sure

I think “annoying voices” could be better than “the annoying voice” if you want to talk about it in general terms.

اینجا می‌تونستید واسه‌ی مفهوم «اما در عوض» یا «اما به جاش» از عبارت
“But on the other hand”
استفاده کنید :blush:

“I’m trying not to make decisions”

I appreciate*

Thank you so much for participating :blush::rose::pray: Welcome to our weekly challenges, by the way :crossed_fingers:


After years and all that suffering and fighting with life … I feel like there is no escape from anger !
Just a couple of month ago , something happened … there was an argument and then… boom ! I kicked a table and broke my foot … I couldn’t walk for 2 month … that was a disaster .
I’ve always had this agressive side and a lot of times I hurt my self … Physical or mental .
But I can say that some of my best decisions in life was a consequence of anger ! I mean I become tired of a bad situation or something ,so angry and disappointed …that’s when I say I had enough of this … and I make a decision to make every thing right …


Hello there!

Generally, I don’t get angry easily. But when I do, it’s one hell of a work to try to contain my anger. I usually snap when people push me way too much. I snap when they use my trust, respect, attention and affection instead of returning it back to me. Times like when they think of the things you do for them not as an act of kindness or love or as a favor, but somehow as an obligation or sth. I hate that. I hate those arrogant, ignorant, narrow-minded kind of people and their absurd mindsets so much that I really can’t stop myself from seeing red.

Uncontrolled and extreme anger is never a good thing. It mostly ends in hurting people. Either physically or emotionally. To be frank, anything which makes you lose your common sense and act like a mindless brute is not good at all. But again, how else should we show that sth bothers and hurts us? I think it meant to be like a warning bell for others.

I am not a cruel, vicious type of person, but when I get angry, I turn into a merciless, heartless person who her words always find their marks where it will hurt the most. I am too obsrevant. So, I know exactly what to say to make people really, really upset. Sometimes I regret my words, sometimes I don’t.

I guess so. Anger, sadness, joy, glee…feelings in general, are like signs for us. It’s the way of our bodies telling us how to live, what to need, what to avoid and so on.

Pausing or leaving to buy myself enough time to try to keep my emotions on a leash and weigh the consequences of my words or actions. It’s the only way for me. To avoid prompt retorts and leave that place to give myself the space I need.


Hey guys :cowboy_hat_face:
Let’s go to answer the questions

When people are afraid of animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.:joy::neutral_face:
And I get very angry when I make an appointment with someone and it comes later than we had planned.

Of course, anger is not always a good thing, but sometimes you need to show it to people so they can break their bad behavior or habit.

Most of the time I shout loudly and less than 10 seconds later I regret it​:woman_facepalming:t2::expressionless:

In everybody’s inside there are anger but in some people this characteristic is too much that people must control it

It is better to be silent at that moment and leave that place. Anger control is something that really needs practice

Thanks for this topic🌸


Yes, that’s right. We need to know how to express our anger, not suppress it.

I’m so glad I was able to get your attention🌹

Thank you very much indeed :seedling:


Sorry to hear that, dear Saeed

I think because of that side, we all listen to Rock :joy:

Well, so every cloud has a silver lining :ok_hand:

Thank you so much for participating :grin::pray::rose:


Hi there, dear Giso :wave:

So, I guess @Addison was right. At the end of the day, you being nice is causing you trouble.

Beautiful analogy :ok_hand:

Of course, you’re not. It’s just self-defense.

Excellent choice

Thank you so much for participating :blush::pray::rose: Perfect, as always.


Hi there, Marzie :grin::wave:

:joy::joy::joy: SAME!
They’re adorable.


Yes, exactly. Practice makes perfect :blush:

Thank you for participating :rose::pray::blush:


I never learn how to answer to each sentence or section separately 🤦🏻 :grin:

Tanks bro for your sympathy and this angry challenge :grin::heart:

Yeah Rock is a strong drug .it takes all the anger and pain in our emotions :grin::love_you_gesture:


You know, if you are nice and stupid at the same time, it’s one hell of a misery. But if you are nice and smart, it can’t do you much of a harm.

It’s my pleasure.


I have found that to be true :joy:

Not that I’m flattering myself. I’m neither nice nor smart