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Writing Challenge – Problems

Hi there, guys!
Welcome to the next challenge.

So, today we want to talk about problems. Even though nobody likes to talk about problems, per se, everybody still talks about their problems to other people! Problems are actually a good topic for discussion since they could help others relate to each other and even present solutions too.
Alright, let’s start.
First of all, please remember, try not to let it exceed 200 words.
Secondly, if you have no idea what to write about, don’t worry. You can simply answer the questions but again, don’t forget to include your ideas too.
Next, if you want to receive feedback, let me know.


  1. How can we deal with problems and not suffer much?
  2. What do you think is the most serious problem in the world? What can we do as individuals to solve this problem?
  3. What problems do you come across in your work or life? (Since we’re living in Iran, I know you have a lot to share)
  4. Do you feel that problems are opportunities? Why or why not?
  5. “Problems don’t matter. Solutions do.” Do you agree or disagree?

Alright, good luck.
Have fun!


۱. چطور می‌توانیم با مشکلات سر و کله بزنیم اما متحمل رنج زیادی نشویم؟
۲. خطیرترین مشکل کنونی جهان را چه می‌دانید؟ ما به عنوان یک فرد چطور می‌توانیم به حل این مشکل کمک کنیم؟
۳. شما با چه مشکلاتی در زندگی و محل کار خود مواجه هستید؟
۴. آیا معتقدید که مشکلات فرصت محسوب می‌شوند؟ چرا؟
۵. «مشکلات مهم نیستند. راه‌حل‌ها مهمند». آیا با این جمله موافقید؟
۶. …

موفق باشید!


Hello friends :hugs::open_hands:
WHAT’S going on? :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Well, talking about problems makes us unhappy as usual
but in the answer to this question that how can we deal with problems and not suffer much I think it’s not possible but if it is it’s very difficult

In my opinion the war between countries is definitely the biggest problem in the world

is the name of my biggest problem :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:
as you know online classes are terrible
please don’t think that I’m a lazy student in classes
actually the opposite is true
But online classes are very bad. :expressionless::-1:Why?

  1. Because your mobile phone can hang in the middle of the exam or turn off :dizzy_face:
  2. And difficult questions that they are not even in our book but they are in our exams :books:
    3 . Because of some of our teachers are really complex and they don’t understand the students at all

Well these are just my problems about online classes :raised_hands::joy:

And these days I’m very bored because of corona virus :confused::cold_sweat::heavy_plus_sign::expressionless:
I pray that this virus goes away as soon as possible

Yes of course :white_check_mark: I agree with that :100::100::100:

Thanks for your great topic :clap::fire::100::+1:

I would appreciate it. :pray:t2::rainbow::gem:


Hello everyone😄
1- Accept the reality and do not run away from problems​:muscle:t2::fire:
when we face a problem, do not decide to postpone it to the time when we calm down.
2_Corona virus_ observe health instructions😷
3- Excessive anxiety and weakness of the Internet​:woozy_face::skull_and_crossbones:
4_Yes, because it makes you try harder and prove that you have a lot of abilities​:sunglasses::fire:
Thank you for your good challenge✨



We cannot deal with a problem and not be in pain at the same time. The point of dealing with a problem, in my eye, is to find ways to solve it one way or another, and therefore, to stop its process of suffering. But by that time, you will suffer. You live and you are in pain. Sure thing. If you dare to die, you shall have peace.

To me, ignorance is the greatest problem in the world. But ask the starving, the needy, the homeless, and so forth. Our small planet is in deep trouble.

This statement is quite general. What problems and opportunities do you mean?
Some problems can be opportunities depending on how we envision them. However, there are other issues with an entirely different story.

You do not find solutions for things that do not matter to you.

I’d appreciate it, as always.


Hey there.

Maybe by making them no bigger than they really are. Accept them as real problems, don’t fantasize them away, realize no one is going to solve them for you, and start dealing with them with as little drama as it is possible.

And sometimes, maybe we should stop playing “the tough guy”. The one who is invincible and has everything under control. God knows NO ONE has everything under control. We all have problems, and we all find some of them hard to deal with. It’s a cliché, but, “It’s ok not to be ok”.

The loss of empathy.


I wish pain was like an open wound that would never really heal. A wound that would start bleeding out at the sight of others bearing the same mark and the same pain. But it is like a slap in the face, it stings and stands out red for some time, but will eventually fade forever.

People lose humanity when they are too well-provided or too desperate. Like times of war. I think that one is a thorough display of our most inhuman deeds. There is no mercy, there is only the struggle to survive.

Maybe we should try to pay more attention to the world around us, and not step back in times of need and expect others to stand forward because no one will. Not really. You don’t need to give all you have, but just as much as you can. It’s important to do sth even if that thing is offering a couple of true words which you mean them with all your heart.

Sometimes, they open new doors for you. Ones you didn’t even know were there. They corner you and make you look at things in a new light. Pressure makes you take risks and explore every possibility, whereas you wouldn’t if you weren’t desperate.

Problems are the ones which make the presence of solutions matter in the first place, so, it’s not really smart to say they don’t matter. Even as an “encouragement”, it’s not a good one. It’s shallow somehow.

I would appreciate it. :rose:


Problem! When i think about this word my mind starts beating , I don’t know why … maybe I’ve had it enough or i got used to it so whatever it is in your opinion (grown_ups) , for me as being a teenager it’s difficult . Please understand ! Hmm yes right ,our problems surly would be about school and other things …i remember about 3 months ago i was so depressed and thinking about the kids who was hurted by suicide :broken_heart: after a while i started talking to myself in my diary maybe that’s why right now I’m writing :). Then i got myself chained to the social media , there i found a nice friend from Egypt who was able to listen to my sad drama , we shared our routine knots and it helped me a lot . … anyway DO NOT LET YOUR PROBLEMS BE PROBLEMS , GO THROUGH IT AND YOU’LL BE SURE YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT :black_heart:
I’ll appreciate if you help me in my writing


Hi there
In our today’s world we are suffering from too many problems like starvation and unemployment
Especially Iranians populations are under the pressure of this problems.
Let’s me start with asking really simple questions like this : how many girls finish school! What percentage of the world’s nation is poor?
Okay, there are many questions about today’s world problems.
Over the past 20 years, more than 700 millions people have decreased their income so that can cause serious issues, additionally 6 millions fewer children die every year from disease. Millions more girls aren’t allowed to go to school and their parents forced them to get married because they can support their children economically and millions of people haven’t access to clean water. :frowning::cry:
Also I wish we could eradicate poverty. These days the gap between rich and poor keeps getting bigger. Millions of Iranians are live below the poverty line. This poverty is source of issues, now you might say how? I will defining.
Well it’s easy lf people are unemployment or they earn few payments this situation force them to commit crimes for just provide their families an essential stuff.
In general I just wish we distributed wealth more fairly.
I’ll be glad if you help me to correcting my mistakes.
Thank you so much :innocent::heart_eyes:


Hi there,

  1. Problem is a situation, person, or thing that needs attention and needs to be dealt with or solved.
    From a psychologist’s perspective, the best way to encounter problems is that it doesn’t matter what’s the reason, we have to encounter and solve them.
    The first step is accepting problems as a fact that exists. Till we are denying them, they are unsolvable.
    Don’t blame yourself or others, it doesn’t help. Dig into solution, for every problem, there is at least one solution. You should encounter problems, but don’t exaggerate them. Don’t react exceedingly. Don’t analyze them too much. Approve differences in life. Don’t compare your life with others. Think, think, think precisely, then go step by step. Miracles don’t happen, you should create them. Rather than waiting, go forward.
    Problems are getting worse by passing time, go through, you will do it.
    Discipline is your golden key, do plan for your life.

2.Unemployment, poverty, social inequality, financial and political corruption, climate changes, energy crisis are the most serious problems in the world.Covid19 is another issue all the world faces. If anyone does their duty in every aspect, problems considerably will solve. In addition, we should observe what is our undertaking, what should have done to decipher this dilemma, every single person is important and responsible. A penny saved is a penny earned.

  1. Inequality between men and women. Non-observance of women’s rights
    Lack of meritocracy
    Severe class conflict
    University entrance exam
    Labor and wage mismatch, noble generation earn much less than they deserve to

  2. Some problems are opportunities, some aren’t. Depending on the problem. although most of the time in private life problems make creativity, those are chances for growth, improvement, and progress.

  3. Yeah, absolutely. By learning ways of solving problems, you can interpret any problem, no matter what it is. You can establish a new path to success and accomplishment.

Please give me feedback, I’ll appreciate it.


Hi there.

Honestly, I took a long time on how to start writing on this topic. By definition, a problem is defined as an unwelcome situation that needs to be solved and overcome. Some problems aren’t solvable. Therefore, try not to suffer. Regarding solvable issues, we try to share them with others as if it helps us decrease the amount of stress. Hopefully, most problems are less of a problem not to be solved. Realistic people better deal with issues than idealistic ones. The more realistic a person is, the easier they handle problems. In my view, independency is of high consequence to better deal with issues, which is why parents are recommended to allow their children some independence. Don’t wish anyone not to have any problems because there is no such thing. To be blunt, all belief systems are trouble-making. This is my saying, " the human body has been exploited by the sly humans’ mind since the creation". To have fewer problems, you should have an empty head, no belief. The problem is that everyone believes in different matters and needs to be accepted by others. That’s why problems happen. Try to learn from your problems. Every unwanted situation makes you stronger than before. Try not to back down soon. In case of any problem, face it, but don’t be a trouble-making person. Keep in mind that everything is less of a problem to be worried about.

High regards, the author.


Hi there :blush::wave:

Sure, I’ll try :blush::rose:

to answer

Unfortunately, yes it is. It’s difficult for some and impossible for others.

:joy::joy::joy: Oh, come on.
Online classes are really cool… you can stay in your room and relax :grin: What more do you want
But, yeah

Some teachers are acting really mean these days

My pleasure :grin::pray:
Thank you, for participating :rose:


Hi there :blush::wave:
Welcome to our little challenge :rose: and to our community :grin:

That’s so true :ok_hand:
You could rephrase that like this:
“Not to make rash decisions” and …

You mean “internet addiction”?

Exactly :ok_hand:

My pleasure
Thank you, for participating :blush::rose:


Hi dears,

Which is more suitable to be written :

The first step is accepting / to accept

Waiting for your feedbacks


Should not simple present tense be used here?


Hi there :blush::wave:

I couldn’t find any mistakes, well done :clap::rose:

Well said :clap::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m afraid that’s the truth

You know, like “What does not kill me makes me stronger”

Actually, the statement suggests that the important thing in facing a problem is not really the problem itself. It’s the solution

Thank you, for participating :blush::rose: Enjoyed reading your essay


Hello there

Honestly, I’ve never studied grammar. I write what I suppose to be right. I appreciate your feedback.


Hi there :blush::wave:

Great point :ok_hand:

You’re right.
But sometimes it actually helps :sweat_smile:

That was beautiful :ok_hand:

Right, but too good to be true

Exactly :clap:

You know, it’s not meant to be taken literally. It means the important thing in facing a problem is not actually the problem itself. It’s the solution

I can’t find anything here, you did a great job writing this :clap::ok_hand:
Thanks for participating :rose: It was elegant :clap:


Are you sure? Because I am not. Sadegh Hedayat once said,"

They may not necessarily kill you/take your body, but they do not make you stronger, either.

Well then, I agree.


Yes, but after a while, you miss your friends
and you want to see your friends again :eyes:🥲


Hi there :blush::wave:

Sure :rose::blush: I’ll try


:joy::joy::joy: “sarcastic quotation marks”

for me, as a teenager

were hurt*
You could say “kids who died by suicide”… maybe

I guess it helps people relax a little

everyday issues/daily problems

:ok_hand::clap: I believe that’s the only choice

Thank you, for participating :blush::rose:
Enjoyed reading your essay


Hi there :blush::wave:
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Sure :blush::rose: I’ll try

Iranians * are


Let me* start / Let’s* start


which* can


the rich and the poor


the* source



Thank you so much, for participating :blush::rose: Enjoyed your views on the matter :grin: