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Writing Challenge – Doctors

Hi there, everyone!
Welcome to the next writing challenge.

As you know, in Iran, Ibn Sina’s birthday (Shahrivar 1st) is commemorated as the National Doctor’s Day. So, today, we can talk about some of our opinions and experiences about them.

Now, first of all, please remember, try not to let it exceed 200 words.
Secondly, if you have no idea what to write about, don’t worry. You can simply answer the questions (there’s no need to answer all of them, though), but again, don’t forget to include your ideas too.
Next, if you want to receive feedback, let me know.


  1. What do you think about the costs of visits to the doctor in your country?
  2. Do you know what the Hippocratic oath is? What do you think of it?
  3. What good/bad memories do you have of doctors?
  4. What do you think are the worst aspects of being a doctor?
  5. Do you trust your intuition over your doctor’s diagnosis?

Alright, have fun.
Good luck!


Hi dear master
Have a nice day :blush:
1-In our country, doctor visits are high due to the lack of pricing standards. :exploding_head::stethoscope:
2- An oath of allegiance and commitment to medical work.🧑‍🎓
3-Good memory: Acceptance of my nephew and niece in medicine and excellent eye surgery by excellent surgery
Bad memory: The work of an inexperienced dentist in tooth restoration.
4-Talking about the disease, seeing the patient, an atmosphere full of a sense of weakness.
5- Most of the time, because I choose the doctor with the right knowledge.
Dear Master, I hope you never need doctors
باکمک مترجم آنلاین بیشترش انجام شده :see_no_evil:


Hi there, :rose:

  1. It’s deadly high, just for a visit in a few seconds or minutes. As far as I know, a doctor’s job is in high demand, most students dream to be a doctor one day. It’s because of the money they get, the social status.
  2. It’s an oath of ethics historically taken by physicians, has known of Greek medical text that the new physician has to swear to do it. If doctors perform it, that would be great.
  3. I was ill a few years ago and called my doctor, go to the nearest hospital and do a blood test for blah blah blah. then come to me, she said. So I went. The doctor was in his office, I entered and asked for writing a blood test. He took his pen while eating an apple and said, turn the notebook and wrote, and kept his eating. :joy:
  4. I suppose the worst aspect of being a doctor has to visit patient people instead of healthy people. You have to see their pain, agony, injury, and suffering. They don’t want to see you when they are happy healthy. And as a human, other’s ailments hurt you.
  5. No, I trust the doctor’s diagnosis. I do whatever they prescribe. If anyone believes in their intuition why do they pay to visit a physician and medicines? Moreover, it’s wasting time.
    Stay healthy
    I would appreciate your feedback. :hibiscus:

Because of the physical problems of mine, I had to pay several visits to doctors. If you pay 3 mils to someone to change your dressings over the course of two months, you need no answer to this question. My advice? Just don’t get sick; otherwise, you need to ask for a loan or something to regain your health.

Most doctors I encountered were good people. Yeah, I paid a lot, but they cured my disease and helped me. So I have nothing but good things to say about them.

the horrible thing about you being a doctor is that people are gonna get pissed off because you make a lot of money. How many times have you seen people counting how much money you earn in a day?

Let me tell you, none. Zero. Because you’re not a doctor.

I don’t. I prefer a professional to give me the red or green light. Cause sometimes, I feel like I have cancer or something, but I figured out it was constipation.


Hello my energetic friends :blush::heart_eyes::+1:t2:

Well, talking about this subject is very valuable to me personally
Because I’m one of the future’s doctors :hospital::pill: :relieved::smiley:

Hippocratic Oath is an oath of ethics historically taken by physicians. It is one of the most widely known of Greek medical texts. (thanks for asking this question because it helped me gather information about it :grin: )

Once when I was 4 years old I remember I was bitten the doctor because she had injected me and it hurt so much :disappointed_relieved::slightly_smiling_face: but (حقش بود )

Who has a good memory of doctors ? :roll_eyes::joy:

I would appreciate your feedback :wink: :rose::rose::rose:


Unfortunately or fortunately in our country , doctors receive a lot of money . So as a patient it’s costly but as a doctor it deserves , why ? Because I’m a student and i percieve what hardships we have to endure to become a doctor (just imagine you have to study 16 hours a day for a year !!)

CURRENTLY i don’t know any information about Hippocratic oath .

To be honest i rarely visit doctors and at those times i can’t concentrate bcz of unbearable stress .

In my point of view the worst aspects of being a doctor is the variety of books , it’s really really arduous field so take this advice from me : never study medicine : )

Some doctors diagnosis isn’t true, substantial or trustful . just i can say Trust in God .

I’d be glad for feedbacks


Hey friends and thank you @matinrohany for this topic!

As luck would have it, I visit doctors so infrequent! So I think I’m not the right person to comment on
this topic, but you know I think the service provided by dentists are so expensive!

!Hippocrates oath is a set of rules that doctors promise to obey and it was named after Hippocrates
Hippocrates was from Greece and he was called the father of medicine. The thought that sickness is
punishment from gods has a long history and Hippocrates was the first person in the history who claimed that people got sick for scientific reasons! !
And now the question is why does everything started from Greece?! :grinning:

As a kid I loved my pediatrician so much! He used to give me chocolate because I was a good girl, but I knew deep inside that he wasn’t right! He was just kind! :joy:


Hey there.

Well, as many others, I was one of the kids who would always blurt out the word, “doctor”, when they were asked what they want to do when they grow up. That answer, of course, meant nothing to me back then. I would say it because I knew it would seem “cool”. I mean, it was like, “oh, she wants to be a DOCTOR!”. They would exclaim those words like just wanting it was insurance enough that I would most certainly become a doctor.

Being a doctor is not all about being well-paid, admired, respected and the like. Which is how we mostly look at it. Being a doctor means you should bear a tender and honorable heart. When people are in pain, when they have something so vital as their health at stake, when they see their barely-lived lives slipping through their fingers like water, when they are forced to watch as a loved one’s candle of life flickers in the face of a caress of death, that is when they come to doctors. It means they are DESPERATE. You may say that I’m sure my nonexistent shreds of morality will remain intact when I’m introduced to the intoxicating sweetness of having money and comfort and all. That’s what we all think. Though, I’m really baffled by our ability in making a paradox out of every single word we utter!

When you become a doctor, you’re not just a random person. You’re a promise. A promise of health and capability and life. It’s an honor, being a doctor, and few not only deserve it, but are capable of it.

So, I hope that whoever decides to take on the name ALONGSIDE all its responsibilities, chooses it with an open eye and even more importantly, with an open heart.

I would appreciate it.


Hi there :wave:t2:
1_ In today’s world pateints spend a lot of money on health care which ends up driving the Cost a substantial amount. The core reason for the rise in health insurance costs are : rising health care, lack of insurer competition.

2_ the historically outh is one of the oldest binding documents in history like:treat the sick to the best of one’s ability, teach the secrets of medicine to the next generation and so on.(thanks for asking this question it was useful)

3_ just bad memories, all of the doctors in our city know about me, why? Because I have a injection phobia when I see ampoule I scream like hell and most of the time I run away :running_woman::joy:
But when I was 5 years old I visited a middle aged olso kind ophthalmologist who gave me color pencils because I’ve answered his questions very carefully and quickly.

4_first of all Bing doctor is one of the greatest and most respectful occupation in this world. Why? Because your helping patients who suffer from pain as a doctor.
As a doctor you’re helping one of the best creatures of God.
Second you’ll enjoy good salary I mean high payments. As a matter of fact you positively affect patients every day especially you’re able to help, caring for one’s family, earn trust and respect, stimulating work, high graduate employment rate.

5_ From my point of view most or some doctors diagnosis isn’t truthful or correct.

Thanks for your great topic.
I would appreciate your feedback :pray:t2::yellow_heart:

  1. There are no specific rules for doctors as to how much they should get for a visit. Unfortunately, some of them don’t allow you to pay with POS because of the tax, and at the same time, they take much more than other doctors for a visit.

  2. Yes I know what it is. But there are only a few doctors who really respect it.

  3. I don’t have any. But my friend’s dad had a heart operation and unfortunately, they couldn’t rescue him. And he passed away.

  4. They don’t have free time as much as we have. But they earn money much more than us. I don’t know why, but they can not stop earning money and they work until late.

  5. No. I trust them more than my intuition. They studied, went to college, saw other patients like me, so they know better.

(It’s my first time that I’m participating in a challenge. So I’m sorry if I’m not good enough but I’ll try to improve my writing skill)


Hi there, dear Abbas :blush::wave:

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Yeah, and of course, low number of doctors per population :man_shrugging:

Exactly :grin::ok_hand:

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I guess these could be unpleasant

Thank you so much for participating, dear Abbas :blush::rose: Enjoyed your views on the matter


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Exactly, and because there’s only a limited number of doctors here.



You can put it in quotation marks if you want to use a direct speech:
“Come to me,” she said.

Wow :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: How rude!!!

is* having* to visit patients

Great point :ok_hand::clap:

You too :rose::blush:

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Thank you very much for your attention and response, dear master :butterfly::rose::tada::star_struck::100::heart_eyes:


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That’s really lucky…

I guess that could be annoying.

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I bit* the doctor

:rofl::rofl: She deserved it

Well… some of them are really nice :grin: especially pediatricians

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they deserve it

Wow, that’s a lot!
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I don’t have any information/I don’t know anything

it’s a really…

:joy::joy: That’s disappointing from a doctor-to-be.

aren’t correct

I can just say

:joy::joy::joy: That’s really scary when a doctor says “Trust in God”.
You know you’re gonna die when you hear that :grin:

Thank you so much for participating :blush::rose: Enjoyed your views on the matter, and it’s great to read a medical student’s opinion here


Hi there, dear Mahsa :blush::wave:

Exactly. If you weren’t lucky enough to be born with perfect teeth, you will suffer :man_facepalming:

Good point :joy::ok_hand: As an Iranian, I used to hate those people but the more I read about Greek history, the more I liked those guys. What a brilliant civilization!

:joy::joy: Pediatricians are the best

Thank you so much for participating :rose::blush: I appreciate it


Hi there, Gisoo :blush::wave:

Well, I couldn’t find anything :blush::rose:

Exactly. I used to say that I wanted to become a “professor” :joy:

Well said :clap:

Totally agreed.

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cost up*…

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It’s called fear of needles, or needles phobia :grin:

see a/the needle*

:joy::joy::joy: Why!? It’s literally painless

How sweet

being a doctor




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Wow, didn’t know that! :man_facepalming: Those guys are frauds!

Exactly. It has become meaningless.

Yeah, I don’t understand that either! I don’t know why they don’t give themselves a break!

That’s the point. We need to respect that.

You did perfectly well! Thank you so much for participating :blush::rose: Enjoyed your views on the matter