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Hi there, everyone!
Welcome to the next challenge.

Today, we want to talk about “Machines”.
Machines are crucial nowadays and a lot has changed since the first Age of Machines.

Now, I’ve prepared some questions here, and as always, please remember, try not to let it exceed 200 words. (BTW, you don’t need to answer all of the questions if you don’t want to!)
If you have no idea what to write about, don’t worry. You can simply answer the questions (there’s no need to answer all of them, though), but again, don’t forget to include your ideas too.
And finally, if you want to receive feedback, let me know.


  1. What do you think is the biggest invention in history?
  2. Do you think machines are a threat to human life?
  3. Can you give some examples of technology that have made the world worse?
  4. If you could invent any machine, what would you invent?
  5. How has the life on earth changed since the first age of machines?

Have fun, good luck!


۱. به نظر شما بزرگ‌ترین اختراع بشر تاکنون چه بوده است؟
۲. آیا ماشین‌ها برای زندگی انسان‌ها تهدید محسوب می‌شوند؟
۳. آیا می‌توانید نمونه‌هایی از تکنولوژی که زندگی انسان را دشوارتر کرد نام ببرید؟
۴. اگر می‌توانستید هر دستگاهی اختراع کنید، چه چیزی می‌ساختید؟
۵. زندگی انسان پس از عصر اول ماشین به چه شکل متحول شده است؟
۶. …

موفق باشید!

12 پسندیده

Hi there :innocent:

Technologies and machines are everywhere. For most of us, machines affects every step of our daily routine and still it is developing and changing at an exponential rate. The convenience that machines bring cannot be denied.
However, many still see its disadvantages and worry about future of machines.
From my point of view the biggest invention in history is our car how! In the past people utilize horses for transferring but nowadays they use their boosting cars or public transportation.
It’s depend on our usages it can be dangerous.
If I could invent any machine I will definitely invent a machine that would help me to lose weight without any movement it can be practical for several reasons first of all people are lazy also they don’t have time to scratch their hands and due to limited time they can go to gym it could be a great machine.
Or portable toilet I always involve with my lessons I don’t have time to waste it can help me a lot :sweat_smile:
Life by technology and machines changed since the first age of machines every things become easier I mean make every thing accessible for humans but made people lazy and unti_social
In conclusion it is clear that machines have had a huge impact on our everyday life and have transformed the way we live, work and interact with others, it’s benefits are multitudinous but it’s dangerous should not be ignored.

I will appreciate your feedback, thanks :heart: :yellow_heart:

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Hello dear Matin :wave:

Lifestyle is perpetuated by technology that is developing in an ever increasing pace. In fact technology is developing so fast that people could not keep up with that unless they keep increasing their knowledge. In this machanized era lots of inventions have been recorded that from my vantage point the biggest ones was Internet. The widespread use of the internet has given people access to information on a level never experienced before and affects society in many different ways.

This stupendous machine age in which we live, has taken the soul of human. Today life is very different from that of the past, in the other words, in today modern world, by growing of population and their demand for the machine life, pollution has become a major problem in most cities. For example cars not only can pollute air but also can be bothering owing to traffic and noise pollution.

If I could invent something I would like to invent a kind of distillate that when people use it to be kinder together and their environment and animals and this old earth :earth_americas::earth_americas::earth_americas::sob::sob::sob:

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The repeated answer maybe is the “Electricity” or something like this,
But i think “Language” is more important than Electrisity…

No I don’t, we are the machine’s boss, but humanity gonna be their slaves; and this is nou machine’s fault.

“War tools”

Cheap food maker robot
We have something like this but they’re very expensive.

I think the since and technology are very splay, so i think “now” we are in the first age of machins.

Thanks 4 ur challenge ^^

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I’ve never been interested in new technology and machines because I feel like the more modern they become, the farther away we get from art, music, literature and somehow, humanity. New world is just trying to make everything easier and faster. Machines has taken control of almost everything but people are not happier than they used to be in the past. For example, back in 19th century, when people were amazed with great novels and stories, wonderful new movements in panting and music. Or just 40 years ago when Rock N Roll was in charge of making the world more beautiful. Therefore, I prefer to live in a world with beauty and art, without machines and technology.

Hey there dear Matin :heart: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Pls let me know my mistakes. Not only about my sentences and words, but also about the structure of my writing. .

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Hey there.

Actually, we’ve had a discussion about this subject among our own small group of fellows here some months ago.

I, being a literature-lover and all, found the subject rather…cold and hopelessly mundane. So, I scribbled some lines, droning on about “lamp” and “electricity”.

Then came Mr. Mashreghi, aka “Addison” ( god bless him! :joy:), and wrote about languages and words as the greatest inventions of all time. I realized back then that there was nothing mundane about the poor subject. It was me, ever the blind, failing to see all the unordinary things about it.

So, I’m gonna take a different view on the subject. After all, life gets rather dull when you keep looking at it with all the practicality and seriousness that you can muster.

Art, literature, poetry, music and everything that has something to do with them. These are my comfort and my joy. Things that make me feel deeply, think deeply and believe heartily that life is not that bad after all.

I find beauty when I’m drawing. I find it in every line and curve that my hands shape. I find meaning in books and poetry. I find truths and guide in them. They have a way of persuading me that whatever others say, still there is a place in this broken world of ours for goodness, love, honor and truth. They make me take notice of my loved ones and their small but love-full kindnesses that I would’ve been blind to them otherwise, and feel blessed down to my bones. I find magic in music. I love the way it makes you remember things and imagine things.

I see them an escape from this gray city with its shabby buildings and find contentment in my little blessings and pleasures.

I would heartily appreciate it. :rose:

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Hi Matin :relaxed::
These are really though-provoking questions. I don’t think there’s a definitive answer to the question about the biggest invention, but I would probably choose electricity, or the wheel? maybe? : )))
Machines might be a threat some day, but not now. I don’t think so. The biggest threat to human lives has always been and will always be…drum rolls… humans!
I think technology is a double-edged sword so almost any part of it can have negative effects. Cars make our lives and getting to places easier, but they contribute to less physical activity, air pollution, accidents, etc. The same goes for the internet, and other things. However, I think military and warfare technology are probably the most destructive.
All in all, technology, like everything else, should be used wisely, and even the definition of that is debatable.

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Hi there :heart_eyes::cherries:

A new way to participate :smiley::smiley:

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Hi there , it’s been a quite long time since i wrote my last essay .

Thomas Edison, Washington Carver, Alexander Bell ، and the Wright brothers have made various inventions. These inventions range from light bulbs to telegraph , planes and etc …
Without these inventions who knows where modern day life would be . This technology has shaped our lives . Without them we would be years behind where we are now .
All of their inventions were influenced by obstacles in family or friends lives that all had various struggles in their own ways .

One method for improving inventing skills is letting kids grabble with challenging topics in school in a different ways that will help them later on their lives , making them “grittier” . But remember in this way you’ll fail and flunk but do not forget to use property from your gears & rigs in your tiny tiny brains , ( I joked ) .

Sorry if i was blabbing , the tiredness of day made me sleepy . I’ll appreciate your feedback as usual .

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Hello :wave: :blush:

The biggest invention in my opinion is not just one thing. I think electricity ,telephone, airplanes and even internet are so big and important. But I always get amazed by inventions around me, like dishwasher machine, washing machine and microwave. I always think about how our lives would be without them.

I always fear from robots that are like humans. They think and talk like us and I think in the future they may get problematic.

I think we can’t say for sure that technology is a bad thing, cause it made our life easier but it changed the climate and nature. For instance ships, they made traveling in water easier but they’re harming the water and fishes.

A machine that can stop the time or even reverse it. I know it’s impossible and crazy but it would be so cool if I could make something like that. :sweat_smile:

Every year humans invent something and all of them made our life easier or sometimes complicated. like internet brought depression for people. I know it helps a lot but back in the days people communicated more and I think they were happier than new generation.

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Hi there, Narges :blush::wave:

Sure, I’ll try :blush::rose:


are* still*

the* future

used horses for transportation*

It* depends*


me lose

:rofl::rofl::rofl: I guess so

thing’s (has) become


Thank you for participating, Narges :grin:
Really enjoyed reading your essay :rose:

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Hi there, dear Nassim :wave:

Well said :clap:

I totally agree.

It has changed the way everybody thinks.

That’d be so amazing

Thank you for participating, Nassim
It was great :rose:

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Hi there, Dorsa :wave:

Of course

:rofl: You have a point.


My pleasure
Thank you for participating, dear Dorsa
Enjoyed reading your essay :rose:

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Hi there, dear Saeed :grin::heart:
Sure, I’ll try :rose::blush:

I think

literature,* and somehow, humanity.

The* new world


everything,* but

For example, back in the* 19th century, when people were amazed by* great novels and stories and* wonderful new movements in painting and music.

Thank you, dear Saeed
Enjoyed reading your essay :rose:

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Hi there, Gisoo :wave:

Oh, didn’t know that
Running out of topics :rofl:

Sure, I’ll try :blush::rose:

I’m not sure, but I think “guidance” would be better.

And I didn’t notice anything else.
Everything seemed perfect to me

Thank you for participating, Gisoo
That was really great, enjoyed reading your essay :rose:

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Hi there, dear Shaghayegh :wave:

Sure, there’s no right answer I guess :sweat_smile: For me, it would be the internet.

Well said :ok_hand:


Thank you so much for participating :blush:
Enjoyed reading your essay :rose:

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Thanks sooo much man :blossom::heart_eyes::pleading_face::heart_eyes::blossom:

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Hi there, dear Yeganeh :wave:

:rofl: Right.
Innovative :bulb:

Thanks a lot for participating
You had some excellent points :blush:

1:48 :rofl: I might need to borrow that.

Enjoyed listening to you :rose:

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Thanks for your attention :yellow_heart:

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My pleasure :heartbeat::rose::blush:

Of course :wink: when I invent I will give it you
Because I don’t need it :wink: I can do my own homework :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m not lazy :sloth::relieved::relieved::relieved::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:(just kidding)

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