چالش وبلاگ «Michonne»

چالش وبلاگ «Michonne»


How exactly people go to work in such condition? :thinking:


Hi, If you are really intrestead in working in google, it doesn’t matter in which field you are , I 've heard there is a book, you can go through it and take an exam.
,I knew a guy whose major was system design
passed the test and now he’s working in google.


Hi friends. I’m sorry that I didn’t write anything in more than 2 months (I know that is embarrassing).
But now I’m here, fresh with a lot to talk about.
I passed an academic IELTS exam just today. I got home 2 hours ago and without any rest I started to write here. It was my first IELTS exam and I studied for that about 2 weeks. I should wait about 2 weeks for the result (wish me luck :upside_down_face:)
I’ve decided to change the way of my studying because I’ve realized that I have many problems with the speaking part.


Sorry for the late answer. I should say this winter was one of the coldest and longest winters in Canada ever. they called that “Never-ending winter”. But here, transportation in every situation is good. They didn’t have even one day off from work because of bad weather. And you should know that we are completely unfamiliar with their solutions. At the beginning of the winter, they change the tires of cars and bikes. they can ride with these types of tires at full speed on a thick layer of ice, which is common here because sometimes there are snowing days after days and the municipality just can decrease the thickness of the ice and snow, not the all.
finally, Thank god that it’s spring now.


sorry again for this late response and thank you for your guide. It’s interesting and maybe I try this way in the future :wink:


Now, I want to talk about my decisions about the method I want to use for study. I want to start from every lesson that I read and listened on the app up to now. I want to search more about that specific subject and then write some paragraphs and also talk about that subject. I want to start with the lesson “Memory Alteration” from Mega stories series.
It would be my pleasure to hear your comments :upside_down_face:


for the first step, I’ve chosen these articles to read:

I’ve added this article later related to using animals as biology tests subjects:



Hi dear michonne and congraduation for taking your exam
I hope getting the best score in yor exam.


Hi Michonne!
I read your blog post and all of the replies even long comments of Mr. Naseri

First I must say that I googled (Michonne) for find why your husband calls you this way and to find it’s correct pronunciation.

I like Calgary, and it has a funny reason. I never travel abroad and I don’t have any plan for it, also it isn’t in my dream to visit Canada, I like Calgary for a funny reason.

I and some of my friends had failed in a course in university. after the end of the term, our master goes Calgary to obtain Ph.D. In an early morning when I was so disappointed I sent an email to the master and I wanted him to pass all of us for the last teaching in Iran and amazingly he accepted. :)))

I also want to say that my roommate in university’s dormitory and his wife migrated to Canada(Montreal) 2 years ago and their daughter Diana born there. Now she has two nationalities.

Your life is easier than my friend because in Montreal official language isn’t English, their people speak French.

I know my text is full of mistake but I make no bones about it :))))


I am interested to this subject ,too
It’s very good for me to know about foreign countries and their culure and other aspects of their life .

some people(originally from iran) in usa and germany share their expieriences and foreigner’s life in the telegram channel , if u do this too , it is very interesting .
It needs time , I know ,But if you spend for it I thanks you in front of media’s shared .

Excuse me if I had wrong structure , spelling, vocab , or other thing …



Thank you for your great wish for me :grinning:


Hi, I’m very glad that I see your interest in my blog. also, it was an interesting story about your associated feelings about Calgary.
I think sometimes being in a hard situation (like that you mentioned about your friends) helps us to grow more. I should add that French is a hard but beautiful language to learn :wink:


Hi friend. It’s my pleasure to see your interest in this subject and I’ll try to write more about the Canadian culture and every-day life.
Don’t apologize for your trying to improve. You are good enough to communicate and you’ll be better and better day by day.


Now, it’s time to write. I’ve chosen to write about this topic:
Many animals have suffered pain from being used in laboratories. To what extent do you agree with using animals as test subjects? Is there any alternative solution to this?


Here is my essay: (for the IELTS exam it should be at least 250 words, written in 40 minutes)

Scientists use animals for test subjects in order to investigate the effects of medications on humans. However, it might be said that to prevent people from unwanted fatal effects of medicines this action is inevitable, I disagree with this point of view and believe that there should be some alternative solutions to this method.

Millions of animals from monkeys and rodents to fishes and birds have been killed annually all over the world because of being used in scientific or commercial laboratories experiments which involve cruelty and inhumanity to them. The more animal genes are similar to those in humans, the more using that animal in investigations. But, it does not mean that it would lead to reliable results. Because of the differences between the organs functions in human and other species, the achieving results can be misleading that means the waste of human resources and life of animals. For example, some successful methods in treating animals in the past, when used as remedies for the human disease were unsuccessful or sometimes dangerous as we can see for vaccination of AIDS.

On the other hand, our moral compass and religious believes are against exploiting and annoying animals. Many religions prevent human from torturing animals and advise us to be kind with them while most laboratory animals suffer from pain in all over their life. In addition, they have to live in small cages and other bad conditions such as depriving of sufficient food, water and sleeping for several days.

Regarding solutions, it seems that developing advanced computer models to simulate human body would be an effective alternative. The other probable solution is the using of human cells on laboratories instead of using animals. Also, using low doses of medication on volunteers is another alternative that can give a better estimation of their effects on high doses.

In conclusion, it seems that testing medicines on animals and placing them in bad situations to live is completely cruel and unnecessary. There are some viable solutions that help scientists to be more successful to invent methods and medications to heal disease without annoying other species.

It would be my pleasure to hear your advice, criticize or praises.


What a good topic

I believe that all animal has feeling and sensation and even mind like human and there isn’t a lot of difference between us and them.

Then anything that is bad for human also is bad for animals.

When I say that I believe that animals have the mind I say it for my own views in interaction with them.


I think maybe it’s better to create another topic to challenge writing essays. What’s your idea? :thinking:


absolutely! They have the right to live free but unfortunately, human entitled themselves to behave in the way they like.


it’s a good idea, And I should say that you are a good English writer


Thank you but I think everyone can be a good writer if he/she starts to write. Writing can help to be a good speaker too. Why don’t you try? I invite you and everyone to this challenge to write or bring a topic to write.