Let's talk about the problems with schools

Let's talk about the problems with schools


Hello my dear friends
I hope you’ve had great day until now
This is my second let’s talk about the problems with schools
I am eager to hear your opinion about this subject.
A question I wanna ask you and I like to hear your voice .

Question : is it worth to go to the school?:thinking:



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مرسی اقا میلاد…:clap::clap::clap:
هم موضوع هم بیانتون بسیار خوب بود⚘⚘
من که سر کلاس زبان میخوابیدم چند بارم رد میشدم اخر به زور و اصرار نمره میگرفتم…:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Sorry, I’ve got a bad cough, So I can’t recoed my opinion on your topic and your question : Is it worth going to school? Thanks for your voice, your sound is unique and great, you can use of this boon. your let’s talk is more focused on learning english I agree with you and I want to answer your question.
According your picture I can say : all progress in one society begin from school. For child it’s important to acquaint with larger community than their family, but the point is that we make school as a place for creativity. If we have good school in every facet of life then we will have better society. we need to learn our children to use of all opportunity that cause their promotion. We have to change our criteria for evaluating kid as talent one or not considering all kids are talent just let them prosper. With all change in learning method, our belief and vision it can be worth going to school.



خب سلام خدمت آقا میلاد عزیز.

بسیار وویس خوبی بود.

منم نظرمو تو این وویس درباره مدرسه گفتم

یکم زیاد شد ولی خب نظر کلیه من اینه.

میشه زیاد دربارش بحث کرد ولی کلیت موضوع همینه


سلام دوست گرامی
عالی بود هم تسلط و هم انتخاب موضوعتون :clap::clap::clap: :clap:
براتون آرزوی موفقیت های بیشتری رو دارم


عالی بود :clap::clap::clap:
هم موضوعتون
هم صحبت کردنتون
هم تلفظاتون
عالی بود
احسنت :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Hi thanks man
I feel fulfilled thanks to your opinion
I wish you all the best
In connection with school I agree with you when I was in school l had a situation like you :sleeping:

Hello thank you very much
When I saw your comment I became happy
About the school I agree with your talk But I think sometimes some kids their talents disappear or better l say their talents will be destroyed by judging
But anyway thank you because of your participation in this subject.

Hello my friend
That’s kind of you& I wish you all the best
Good luck.

Hi miss mojdeh
Always you’re feedback gives me encouragement
I hope you’re success series always be ascending



Hi my bro
Thank you for your recording


Hi mr milad and tnx alot for sharing your voice.
You can speak very well.congraduation.About your question i have to say that i realy liked my school and my teachers and i was getting the best score
But unfortunatly i have to say that our educational system was very old and dont learn something useful for our job and our career
For example every thing l learned for my job was something that i learned after graduation from my college whit participate in congress and workshop and in the work environment


Hello thank you very much
I feel very happy thanks to your participation
I wanna say that l agree with your idea in connection with our educational system
Lack of management in our country causes a lot of problems
We have to get along with these problems
Anyway thanks a lot



Hello miss Nasim
I appreciate you thanks to your recording and your opinion to me
Your recording alone Has made me very happy
I hope to see your successes every day