Love or strong

Love or strong





Hi Ms Atusa . thanks a lot for your tell the true i wrote my lecture at first and then i read i’m not very good in speaking as you said.but in general when i was a high school student i was reading grammer very much and now i use them in writing but its not for speaking and cause you speak slowly.
also i should say that i go to English institute and i try to speak english with my teacher and my classmates even if i speak incorrectly



Hi Mr ehsan.thanks alot for your’re very good’re right most people prefer strong to love becouse of a lot of reasons.but what about your self .do you prefer strong to love or you’re a poet?


No, I’m not a poet and I don’t live like them. also, I haven’t had strong. But until now my family and my son were most important in my life and I have preferred them to everything.

#7 have both strong and love with each other and this is the best thing in the world.i hope will be like you.



wow kambiz khan you made made me very happy with your voice and thnk you for your correcting me .i was wrong.power is correct not strong.and also thanks for your heartening.
according to you both of them are necessary and we cont talk about sth before it happen and we just guess what we will do.
so as you said i’ll try to speak even if it’s a little hard.
thank you again and by.



عه شرمنده من این تاپیکو ندیده بودم :cry::cry:
ایول وویست عاااالی بود :clap::clap::clap::clap:

چه خوووب سامریشو گفتی :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
قشنگ معلومه داستانش قشنگه :heart_eyes:
ادم دلش میخواد کامل بخونش :grin:
واقعا عالی بود :clap::clap:
هم وویست هم سامریت هم انتخاب داستانت :clap::clap:


Hi nasim jan thank you too for your attention.i hope you have both love and pover in your life in an early future with a handsome boy forever.


سلام عزیزم خواهش می کنم.شما لطف دارین به از شما که نیستیم
آره داستان قشنگ و در عین حال خیلی ساده هستش.پیشنهاد میکنم بخونینش.بازم ممنونم