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چالش دیسکاشن & WSD - ادامه داستان با شما

چالش دیسکاشن & WSD - ادامه داستان با شما


Hello, Hello everyone.

Kambiz is here again.

This week we want to go beyond imagination, we want to be creative and use our right side of our brain. How? by writing and narrating a story which you yourself should write.

I give you a line and then you continue that.

The length of the story is up to you.

so let’s start, the line is:

I was sitting on the rocking chair at the patio…

Good Luck everyone.

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I was sitting on the rocking chair at the patio, glancing at her slim arms resting on the dinky bent legs, as she was gently knotting her shoelace. Hypnotic warm beams of sunlight concealed my face like a holy veil and made me blind for moments. Enough moments to lightning up demonic neurons of my mind. Now I was toying with the idea of stranglig the nymphet, feeling her soul departing from soft sweet flesh as she wagging hopelessly, weeping from startle and at last, facing her sorrowful fate. The maid entered to the patio with a wheelchair, smiling piteously and said: monsieur, c’est l’heure du déjeuner (sir, it’s lunchtime).

چالش فوق‌العاده‌ای هستش. دمت گرم آقا کامبیز. همینقدر نوشتم فعلاً، بعداً یا ادامه‌ش می‌دم یا یکی دیگه می‌نویسم. اگر اشتباه یا نکته‌ای داره خوشحال و ممنون می‌شم دوستان اشاره کنن.
همه‌ِ تعداد زیادی لغت می‌دونیم ولی موقعی که تیازمند استفاده ازشون هستیم، حضور ذهن نداریم و خیلی‌ها رو بخاطر نمیاریم. بنظرم داستان‌نویسی به مقدار زیادی می‌تونه این مشکل رو حل کنه.


Thank you for your beautiful story

to lighten up


I was sitting on the rocking chair at the patio. It was night, it was dark. Silence filled the area. Only I could hear the chirps of crickets and the hoots of the owls.

I relaxed myself on the rocking chair and had a cup of hot coffee to keep myself warm in the cold night of the winter.

The night in the jungle was filled with dots of stars. By looking at them I drifted off for a moment and suddenly I heard a noise.

The door was squeaking and a shadow got appeared at the patio door. With each second my heart would beat and the shadow would come closer and closer.

When the light hit the shadow I could see that was Jimi… my dog…

So I tried to pet him a little bit and we got inside, that was a great night, I know.


An unexpected ending :clap::grimacing:





This is disrespectful :rage::rage:

You want a story? huh?

So let me finish not just your line but your whole story…

I ambushed Kambiz from behind and Slaughtered him and his little wimpy dog with my knife.

And then I used their meat to cook food and ate them for dinner.

That’s how the story ended…

Anyone wants some food?



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I welcome Jimi to the forum. :hibiscus:

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I was sitting on the rocking chair at the patio in the morning,while the sun was rising, patio was opposite the sea and colour of the sea was blue. Goose was flying on the sea. I was drinking a cup of tea and enjoing; At the same time my
.cellphone was ringing an I woke up from sleeping


hello my friends
i was sitting on the smoothly chair at the porch and i thinking on my process learning english that i will can speak
english fluency with other people in foreign country like us or sweden and ect…
i feel very very happy and calm this dream . however i hope will reached this appreciative purpose very very soon.


Writing is so tough for me … :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:
I’m gonna challenge myself!

Let’s do it
I was sitting on the rocking chair at the patio while I was drinking golestan tea, suddenly something strange happen … :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Someone grab my right hand …A white,shiny and cold hand :alien::ghost: my fingers was starting to shake … It seemed each cell in my body was fighting to prove me:
Every thing is OK!

I looked up while I was scaring so much :fearful::fearful:
Suddenly I saw my grandma face … OMG :pleading_face::pleading_face: Are you really my grandma, asked it when I didn’t know crying or smiling! She said: YES! My smiling rotund :blush::smiley:

I was so excited buuuuut , something was wrong :thinking::thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow: You’re dead 6 years ago!! She didn’t answer … She just looked my face while she smiling and tears felt down like a Waterfall :cry::smiley: She turned back and disappear
I was shocked !!


You write well and have a good imagination. :clap:

There are some grammatical errors
Do you want me to analyze them?

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Absolotly Yes!!
If you correct my mistake I really appreciate you

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I was sitting on the rocking chair at the patio…
It was dark and freezing. It was snowing. I’ve had dream since I was teenager. I was thinking like every night about that. All of a sudden I heard a voice from back yard. I wanted to see there, but my friend shouts in top of her lunges, "don’t be afraid, this is me, I’ve had recurring dream. I was just going restroom "
I was so scared, so I decided to dread her in restroom,:fearful: :smiling_imp: so I went inside. I wear a long black blanket. :ghost: When she was backing I jumped infront of her. Actually she also wanted to scare me. :grimacing:
We were looking each other and laughing. :hugs::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Thanks ma’am.

I appreciate it. :see_no_evil:

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My fingers started to shake

I was scared

grandma’s face

Know to cry or smile

“You are… ago”

while she was smiling or while smiling

tears fell down



I was sitting on the rocking chair at the patio. All my kids came around me who weren’t my real kids except Ala. I would have this dream that I fostered some kids that had been destitute of parent’s support because of any reasons. Anyway they sat besides me and talked about their program. All of them were effective and famous people in the society. I would be honored to see their success. That evening, I was spending strange time. I could see smile on the face of all my neighborhoods who coping with plenty of problems especially economic ones which was the major issues in the country. When I went to do shopping, I wouldn’t see a man, a father that bought rice which was equivalent to the palm. I was glad that evening because I could see all people in all over the world would live in comfortable situation. I hope it is not just a dream, I pray it will be a real dream and every one will have rocking chair that not having any worries except making dream.


I was sitting on the rocking chair at the patio in the
evening at the middle of a huge jungl I was drinking my tea and the wheater was freezing all of a sudden I heared a foot step I couldn’t move because I’m a very coward after 3 seconds a man with long hair had appeared in front of me he had a knife in his hand I terrified he wants to kill me he was coming closer and closer suddenly he sunk his knife in my heart suddenly I had woken up it was the worth dream that I have ever seen

I’m really looking forward to see your feedback
Thanks a lot
Have a great night


You write your ideas & thoughts very smoothly.
It is a great gift for a learner.

You can also say it was… It refers to weather

I was very

We don’t use “a” before adjectives

appeared is correct
you should use the same tense to narrate stories
The simple past is appropriate here

I was terrified. He wanted to kill me

I woke up

The worst

And at last you should start using punctuation marks. So the reader could read your story easily. It gives your text solidarity & discipline

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It was a different story. I love that. You consider real issues in our society :clap:

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