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3 Things You Look Forward to Every Week

Hi everyone!

Inspired by the great posts and discussion that we all have here, I decided to write my first post.

Share with us three things that you look forward to every week. And if you have more than three (haha), don’t be shy, go ahead, share as many things as you wish (sharing is caring, right?). And if there is nothing that you look forward to at all, tell us what you would have liked to look forward to every week.

I start myself:

  1. I’m a huge sports fan. Whether that’s watching sports, playing sports, being part of sports competitions, talking about sports, etc. One category of sports that I really enjoy is martial arts. I also have to tell you that when I was a little kid, there was this video game called Mortal Kombat that my brother and I bought to play on Sega Genesis Console. And then we loved the game. Each character had a distinct fighting style. And then all of a sudden, many years ago, we saw the invention of “Mixed Martial Arts”, where you can fight anyone, regardless of what fighting style they have! You practice karate, and I do wrestling? No problem, let’s fight! You are a boxer, and I love Jiu-Jitsu? What are we waiting for, let’s fight! This was such a cool idea to me and honestly it felt like “Mortal Kombat in real life” to me hahaha! So, it’s been a good few years that I watch the UFC and Bellator (two of the biggest organizations in Mixed Martial Arts) matches every week. They usually happen over the weekend. So I either watch live or I download them and then watch them during the week whenever I have time.

  2. Did I tell you that I’m a big sports fan? Scrap that! I’m even a bigger music fan haha. I think it’s fair to say that probably new innovations such as Spotify, Netflix, etc. brought both good and bad in our lives. Gone are the days when we used to go to our local video or music store and rent and buy our favorite new albums and movies. But there is also good too: it’s pretty accessible now! So every week I cannot wait for Friday to finally come around so that I can open the Spotify application on my computer and enjoy listening to all the new songs and albums released on Friday!

  3. I’m really happy that I found this forum and hereby I would like to show my appreciation and express my gratitude for those who helped and made these forums, so that we can all learn and enjoy the English language. I’m one of those new users, but every week I’m looking forward to checking out the forums here and see what people write and try to communicate and connect with more and more people!


Hi, Sajad.

I liked the idea of the topic, but I must admit that I hated the question (sorry :sweat_smile:). Because when I take a look at my weeks, I see nothing exciting, nothing worth mentioning. It’s just my routine. The things that I do is not for enjoying myself, but they’re part of my every single day and I’m addicted to them (I think nothing can make me quit what I’m doing now and maybe It’s not a bad thing; even though they’re dull and boring most of the time).

However, there’s one thing that I do every Friday that lets me get relaxed and gets my mind off of my busy weekdays; At the weekends, I just take my bike and go out of my house and I just go and go and go, without caring about where I’m going. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. This is my weekend excitement (Oh, yes, and going to bed after a long tiresome day is the other one :smile:).

But let me tell you about the things that I want to do (but I cannot :expressionless:):

  1. I want to travel.
  2. Bloody hell… I think that’s all. I’m officially a boring person (I hate you Sajad :neutral_face:).

Hahaha! Well, you got me laughing hard. Physical activity, I like that. Getting on your bike and ride like no one cares, I like that. Good night sleep, I like that. Pretty nice, I gotta say :smiley:

I know you said you can’t travel now, but I’m pretty curious and intrigued where you would have liked to travel if you could? :slight_smile:


For once in my life, I like to be spontaneous; I want to travel about without a fixed destination and a definite purpose. I’m tired of being in one place and planning for the rest of my life. I want to take a tent, a rucksack, my meals for just one day, a few bottles of water and just hit the road (without money, without worries). I want to put up my tent wherever I need to sleep, work for whoever needs my service, become friends with whoever I bump into (go behind a bush whenever nature calls :sweat_smile:). But since this is like committing suicide, I cannot do it right now; maybe when I’m really tired of my life (which is not far from now :expressionless:).

So, yeah, I just want to travel (it’s like being homeless though :neutral_face:)


Nomading at its finest…reminds me of the Paulo Coelho’s book :smiley:


:smirk: Exactly like that well-written book that obviously both of us know which one it is. :smirk:

Mate, I’m illiterate. :neutral_face: Don’t use big words in front of me. Why do you grin anyway? :smile:
Who’s Paulo Coelho? Which book are we talking about? :sweat_smile:

(I’m trying to be funny, but I honestly don’t know who he is. Which book should I read?)


Hahaha! The Alchemist


Hi dear Sajjad :hibiscus:

My three things that I really demand at the end of the week

  1. The feeling of doing my schedule during the week
  2. Being for myself (not having any plan)
  3. something that I can’t tell you here :blush::blush:

Damn you :joy::joy:
You have no mercy :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I love this one :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


High five bro :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
I’m crazy for sports
I play succor four or five times a week, of course not these days with Corona pandemic. These days just once or twice per week :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


He means hanky-panky. :smirk: :joy:


Haha nice, I’m also a huge football fan. There was this match between Sepahan (Persian club) and Al Nasr (Saudi Arabian Club) the other day…I didn’t get to watch the match itself…but then the next morning I woke up to quite a few hilarious comments written by Iranians and foreigners in regards to apparently something quite strange that happened in the match: apparently Sepahan had a corner kick, and then two of their players decided to stand behind the ball…that’s something that has never done before…I guess, being creative? If you haven’t checked out the comments, I strongly enourage you…Have a good laugh :grin:


I hate football (therefore I hate you guys). Self five!!! :raised_hands:t2:


I’m being a bit off topic, but honestly even as a fan of football, I have a love and hate relationship with it…football has changed a lot from how it was played like 20 or 30 years ago…sometimes depending on the match it can be a bit boring or even downright annoying to watch…but I guess, that can be true for any sports :smiley:
Playing it can be much more fun than watching some of the matches…sometimes I’m a bit lazy to watch a match and then I wait to see what the results were…if the results were not disappointing, then I’d watch or download a recorded version of the match…better than wasting two hours of your time.


Strangely enough, I know what you’re talking about. The only football match I can recall, is the match of Iran-Australia (1997). Ali Daei was at his peak. My friends and I watched it together and now that I think about it, I realise it wasn’t the game that I was excited for; It was being with my friends.

But about today’s Iranian football, I just have a single word to describe it: PATHETIC. We, Iranians, have no idea how “team play” works. Our matches are unbelievably dull and inclusively stupid (I haven’t watched football for years, but I assume it’s still dull :smile:). How you can watch them is beyond my comprehension (shame on you :neutral_face:).

Sajad, you call it “football”. Is your accent British? (Please say yes).
If you say you speak with an American accent, I would have two reasons to hate you. :joy:


What the…
Jesus… Don’t start with me big boy :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:
You know what…
Which sport do you like?
I exactly hate that one
Not because it is the most boring and terrible sport, which I am sure it is, but only and only because of the fact that you like it :rage::rage::joy:

I hate you more :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Hate to let you down, but I honestly doubt it if I have any accents…probably “Persian English” accent at its best hahaha! I’d say I gravitate more towards the American accent (I know, alas, double hate upon me now :smiley: ) but I doubt if there is much trace of it in my speaking.

I say football, instead of soccer, because to me it’s a bit pathetic and sad what Americans have done to the word football…they have that one sport which has very little to do with kicking the ball with your foot and then they make the whole world say soccer for the sport that was invented centuries before “American Football” and no one else in the world plays their sport aside from Americans themselves :grin:
I can see beauty in more or less most of the accents out there…like sometimes I listen to some sort of British, Scottish, Irish, or Australian accent pronouncing the word water…it’s cool…probably it’s not the way I’d pronounce it, but I’d be lying if I say, it still doesn’t sound nice to my ears…it’s kinda like being a jazz musician and composer, yet you can also appreciate rock, rap, pop and electronic music. If that makes any sense whatsoever haha. Accents in general are a really interesting topic for me. I studied abroad and the first day of school, one of my classmates was from Madrid, Spain…and everyone had to take the microphone and introduce themselves to the class. I did my turn and sat down, and then I heard someone speaking (it was her) and after 30 seconds of like “what the heck is going on?”, I realized it was her speaking English! Her English was fine, but her accent…what can I say…took me like six months to finally get around her accent. And then once I started working, we had two Irish colleagues at work, one from Belfast and the other one I don’t remember from which city exactly…the Belfast one was quite clear…the other one…I mean, God, the native speakers in that company couldn’t understand him, let alone me, a foreigner :smiley: Our inside joke was to count how many times each person has asked him “what?” on a daily basis.


Joke’s on you! I don’t like sports. :smirk:

Is chess a sport? If we consider moving arms and eyes a sports activity, then it is a sport.
And I think chess is an exciting, remarkable, miraculous, fabulous, and every-good-adjective-ous sport ever. :wink:

I already had two reasons to hate you, but you made it three reasons.
You insulted my favourite game without even knowing it; you will pay for it. :expressionless: (:joy: :sweat_smile:)

No specific accent; I can live with that (but I warn you about the " leaning towards American accent" part. :neutral_face: I’m teasing you, mate; We like you :smile:).

By the way… Let me put this in the nicest way possible: If you don’t make your comments shorter, I’ll cut you. :expressionless: I hadn’t even read this much at the Uni (I’ve already given Hussein an earful about long writings :smile:).

(:sweat_smile: If you don’t like my sense of humour, just tell me; I won’t joke around again :sweat_smile:)
:hibiscus: :hibiscus:


Hahaha…I know, I talk a lot :smiley: Chess is amazing, man! The life itself is a chess game…fortunately or unfortunately.


That’s what I always say. :grinning: I think I’m starting to like you (despite your long posts :expressionless:).


Give it sometime you’ll like my long posts too :grin: