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I didn’t mean anything. But if I did something wrong, probably I did, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t bring it up myself.


Don’t apologize! :smile: I just told you my opinion. I don’t even know what really happened. I try not to judge anyone.

Have a great night! :hibiscus:


This was an excellent reason for that.
:joy::ok_hand: But you’re so careful in this case. I, myself, as a girl, don’t act so cautiously as you do. :joy: Nonetheless, I like this way of thinking of yours. :gem::blue_heart:

I would better say that “my mistakes have been reduced in my writings”. But I don’t feel comfortable with writing in English. My English isn’t very good or excellent. I’m not an advanced English learner / speaker / writer. :expressionless::joy::yellow_heart:


Thank you really :slight_smile:


What’s wrong, dear Negin?
Why are you talking, like this?! Did something happen?

By the way, how have you been, these days? :blue_heart::green_heart:


Guys our new topic is this


Yes, I’m a great guy :smirk: (but not so modest and humble :joy:).

If you write as much as I did so far, you will sense a great change. Just write more.
Two months ago, writing English would’ve made my head ache. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

She didn’t say anything weird. She just thanked Giso (didn’t she? :thinking:).

Hello, by the way. :smile:


It’s still difficult for me to write in English. However, I write more than the most guys. I’m not good at English as you! My English isn’t as good as your English! :joy: Now, which one of these two sentences is correct?! :joy: You see! My English is awful! :joy:

I know … I know … :grin: You’re so damn cautious and control freak! :joy: But, I don’t mean to offend you. :relieved: But anyway, I’m not lying! Am I lying?! :joy:


What are you talking about? :expressionless: You write great. Besides, I read very fast and I cannot find any problem in anybody’s comment. But sometimes I just browse my owe posts and find my mistakes. Like “break a leg” which I used it to say “good luck”, but it’s a theatrical slang for a showman before they go on the stage. Or I wrote “couch” instead of “coach”.
Making mistakes is a part of learning; if I don’t find them now, I will learn them later (maybe when I’m reading or studying).

Yeah! You’re right! :sweat_smile: I’m super careful and super control freak. They add up to being a complete weirdo. :joy: I’m careful in my behaviour, because I’ve seen a lot of awful people in my life. When I do something a little like them, I feel I’m them. I can’t bear it. I can’t stand people who find girls and call them by their first names and even add “babe” to their names.
And yes, I’m a control freak (about objects, myself and people). If you want to know how high is the level of my control-freakness (I coined this word :neutral_face:), let’s just say “I can’t even stand people around me” (why are we talking about me? :sweat_smile: :joy:).


Hi! 15 minutes! Don’t worry it took me years to understand it and it was definitely because of my previous mistakes.
Thank you very much. I hope so!
I’m a multipotentialite and being a multipotentialite means that you have a lot of people around you that can’t understand the real you. So it doesn’t really make a difference in taking to a robot or a human being cuz both of them can not understand the real you at least for this special thing. :joy: And I’m not an extrovert so… .
I mostly use the other app that I mentioned before.
Ironically enough, I’m not the killer here. If I say no it’s a great betrayal of myself and if I say yes it means I accepted that you have a painful death, and as you mentioned before, you will kill a lot of people before you die in this way. And since I don’t like the killing and slaughter of other human beings I ignore my deep heart desires and refuse to accept your request. So no, don’t kill yourself at least like that :rofl::joy:.
I read somewhere that you left here for a while, so I hope you can do whatever you have to do or want to do as soon as possible.


You killed me! :rofl: It was deep. Really deep joke (using a reference to my previous post on “Last day of life”). But don’t worry about my pain and lives of others. I can take one or two tablets of ibuprofen, then cut my stomach. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt too much. :smirk:

The loneliest period in our lives is not when we are literally alone; it’s when people are around us and we still feel alone. But it’s weird; I think I prefer people not to know me at all. I want to be sure I’m smarter than what other people think of me. So I like it when nobody understands me. It’s a good sign. :sweat_smile: I can understand others, but others can’t understand me. Then I’m sure I’m the smart one. :sweat_smile:


I sort of agree with you. But you know what! I like this loneliness surrounding by people. But I know in one point in my life, I like to go to a jungle or something like that and build a small hut for myself and spend my time there. Just me and myself and that adorable lonliness. There’s no one there, and I do love that place. It’s my place.

I’m sorry but I can’t be sure about it.

I don’t know. I’m not in your head.
I think knowing that you don’t know and then trying to learn the things you need to know is some sort of wisdom. So you know what, I think I’m the stupidest girl ever! And by knowing this I try to learn things.
I don’t know but I think you expected me to talk about money last night and in your own topic. Am I right?
Believe me or not, I got happy when I saw your name last night. I was like something like this :smiley:, he finally came back. You wasted my time by forcing me to write this paragraph. You know?:relieved: :joy:


I truly understand this feeling. But it’s temporary, believe me!

Ouch! :joy: (That came out wrong :sweat_smile:)

I’m not talking about knowledge, I’m talking about being smart. Let me explain. All of us have a mental picture of ourselves in our minds. If we are surrounded by understanding and smart people, we see ourselves as someone more inadequate and inferior than them. But when we are surrounded by simple-minded (not bad, necessarily) people, we think we are smarter than them. We have something deep that they don’t get. This smart picture of us is just an imagination; it’s connected to our self-esteem.
I said “I want to think I’m smart”. I didn’t say “I am smarter”. Like right now. I said something deep that you didn’t get it straight away. And I think I have some deep thoughts that others cannot understand immediately. I’m not saying you’re stupid (god forbid), I say I have something deep that gives me this feeling that I’m smart (Got me? :sweat_smile: I hate you!).

We’re just wasting each others time. Damn! :joy:


I didn’t said I want to be there for the rest of my life.

:rofl: :rofl:
Good job. See you around. :relieved:
By the way, I directly said I think, too.


Guys don’t waste each others time any more
Hooom?? :crazy_face:
Stop it :))))


Do you think I forgot you wanted to live with wolves? :expressionless:
I’m joking. I know.

But we have nothing better to do. :joy: