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A Personal Habit I'd Like To Change - چالش رایتینگ

Here we have another writing challenge. Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing great. As you might have guessed by now, we’re going to talk about a personal habit we have that we’d like to change. Habits are settled or regular tendencies, especially the ones which are hard to give up; like smoking, gossiping, and things like that. So in this writing challenge, I’d like you to talk about a habit you have and you want to change it. You can also think of the answers to the questions below:

  • Do you have a bad habit?
  • If yes, have you ever tried to stop/change it?
  • How other people’s bad habits bother you?
  • Will you help others quit their habits if you are able to do so? Or no, you just leave them alone with their annoying habits?
  • What do you recommend us to do in order to change a habit?

Firstly, let’s see what is a habit. Habit is a kind of behaviour with the minimum of cognitive effort. Most of our daily behaviours are habitual. We mostly choose the same way to work. Hence, a habit, as Mr.Daydreams has mentioned earlier, is a settled/regular tendency created over the time with the minimum of thinking. Secondly, basically, changing habits is a tough task because they are less likely to change. All I do is perfect, having no bad habits. My recommendation for altering other’s bad habits is to leave them just the way they are. There is no point in it, because they definitely are back. And finally,

As a rule those who think less have more habits.


Talking about bad habits, I got one!

Staying up late and so getting up late.

I used to be more disciplined when I was a university student, but After I got graduated I decided to make it up! And sleep when ever I wanted and wake up when ever I’d like!

But that was the worst decision I’d ever made! Now after 7 years after my graduation ,7 years living like that, I don’t know how to hepl it!

Actually My sleeping hours are not more than 7, just they are not in their right time!

By the way, I think quiting a bad habit needs a lot of efforts, a high self-confidence plus a good companion.

And I am someone who likes to help others to quit their bad habits only if they ask me to.


Hello Miss Setare,

I bet so much later you will regret that those days were my best days. You just need to be married and have a baby, if you not already.


Great.i can help you to break this habit.i have good suggestion for you.follow me


You hit the nail on the head :+1:

I have a 4-year old dauther and I’d been through such nights when she was awake,some times crying or fussing, and I kept myself awake to care for her untill she’d get happy and sleep. There were nights when we were awake all the night and we could barely find a chance to sleep till around 8 a.m. :sob: :flushed:

I remember those days I’d been thinking of my freedom and how I’d spent it!


first. Iam very lazy . i usually a lone and donot have friend to go to resturant -have fun . i addicted to watch movie and play game . but i need to have fun with friend . becouse of corna. i eat a lot of food and donot extercise and sleep a lot . maybe ibe used to extress at home


:wine_glass: :smoking: :pill:

This writing challenge topic of yours, seems a bit difficult to write about, as honestly. But I’ve always tried to write honestly and even sometimes bitterly in all the writing challenge topics on Zabanshenas forum. I, myself, agree that I almost always write longer on these topics than you determined for those, before (one paragraph or two), and I may bother you with giving feedback on these writings of mine. But these writing challenge topics, in addition to improving English writing skills, are a great and excellent apportunity for self-analytical (self-knowing)

As I said earlier and I’ve already mentioned in the previous writing challenge topic of yours “Activities For Indoor Fun”, I, formerly, as a teenager and even, when I was a university student, I was a big fan of computer (video) games and I was extremely interested in playing with them. But eventually, I had to quit playing these games, suddenly, forever and as out of the blue. Regarding the feeling whom I had and how I felt that time, I can say that doing this one, incurred lots of psychological and emotional pressure on me and it was extremely hard and difficult for me. I was truly interested in computer games, as much as I could, I’ve been associating scientific works of mine in my academic field with the use of computer (video) games on teaching and learning process. Therefore, you can feel that giving up playing these games, has been the biggest challenge of quitting a bad and harmful personal habit, for me.

One of the worst habits of mine that I’ve been able to overcome and control (but only partially and in a limited way) it, to some extent, is my OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) problem! This problem of mine, has always been a huge challenge for me. OCD is strongly correlated with the desire for perfection and perfectionism. One of the lessons in the course of “Original Lessons” of A. J. Hoge’s, named “Obsessive Behavior” and it’s about OCD problem in general and in English. Of course, many of A. J. Hoge’s expressions, aren’t true about me, at least, with regard to obsession with English. In my opinion, with the good overview that this lesson conveys to us about the OCD problem; But it has not been completely and entirely successful in showing all the least important aspects of this problem. On the other hand, this lesson, has been able to express obsession with English and English tests, totally, thoroughly and absolutely. However, I’ve been laughing a lot, at the content of all four sections of this lesson! In some parts of this lesson, I feel like “he’s talking to me, exactly!”

There are lots of bad personal habits of other people, that those really get on my nerves! From my point of view, habit of asking personal questions is definitely annoying and bothering for every one and there is no doubt about that. But the thing annoys me, more than anything else, any activity is accompanied by any extra sound. I hate if someone drinks or eats his / her drink or food with slurping and munching in front of me. That’s exactly when I’m most likely going to get angry with them! I often warn this bad habit of all the people around me. Nevertheless so far, I haven’t obtained (gotten) any results, in this regard.

:video_game: :shower: :loudspeaker:


Hello friends
This is my first writing in Zababshenas.
Others think I have a bad habit that I don’t think so, and I think it is a very good habit indeed.
Do you think what it is?
You cannot even guess.
I don’t understand why peapod think it’s a bad habit.
My bad habit is Reading Fast
I always read books and novels fast.
I would pick up a book with maybe 900 pages and I would finish it by 6 days at most.
It is very very normal for me.
I had been reading a book with 400_page for 3 days or at most 4 days. Believe it or not, I read the whole Harry Potter series just in 22 days. Meanwhile, my friend read this series in almost 1 year and six months.
Whattttt. I couldn’t understand. In 1 year I would read 60 or 70 books.
I am 16 years old and I read almost 400 books or a little more.
I cannot understand why people take a long time to read a book.
I love to read books in a short time because I want to know what the story is and what will happen in the end. If I took a long time to read a book I would be bored and more important I would be anxious and so angry.
I had been reading a whole THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series in 1 month at most.
I think reading slowly is a bad habit indeed. Take a long time to read a 400 pages book in 2 or 3 or 4 months.?!
Really? Why on earth?
They’ve said to me that this kind of reading would destroy your eyes. ( because I wear Glasses )
If YOU think it is a bad habit I should say " I will do nothing to let it go. I will not let it go. "
Ok, guys. Have a good night. Bye.


Hellow setare
You are lucky!!!why I say this because there are a lot of people wake up later than that you are so good 8 AM ain’t bad!!! I know some body wakes up 9 10 11 even 1 PM!!! You are normally but it’s fantastic that you want to better it definitely you won
1.Take a hard for yourself! Sleep in the usually way but wake up 45 minutes earlier than that the focal point is do not sleep during the day it’s thought but it’s useful
2.the second great point that I have it for you and I use fro m that is don’t take it hard one day sleep early than usually you wake up and in the evening sleep no matter how much do you sleep but try that it not going more than 1:30 hour and in the night sleep when you are sleepy after that you can see with your eyes that you wake up without any effort the another days and the most interested point is that you can be energetic only with 5 or less than than hour sleeping!!! I think this approach that I use from that also is pride
Good luck🤩


Like every other human being I have some annoying habits that are hard for me to get rid of them. And they get more annoying when you know they do no good to you.
For example I’m fossy. By fossy I mean practically ocd. :joy: I don’t do something unless I do it thorougly and perfectly. So It takes so much time, I get tired and leave it totally. I can’t white wash in a nut shell.

I really really hate when someone munches on their food. It bugs me so much that I spoon the food as fast as I can to my mouth to leave when it considers rude to tell someone it bothers me. But if they are my friends or someone who knows me, a glare will usually do.

If I know how and If they want me to, yes. But otherwise No.

I have no clue. I haven’t handled them well myself.


I’m going to talk about the worse habit that a person might be have especially myself ,addicted to the selphon and hanged up in virtual pages and I swear many people are involved in this forum too .:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Recently،I have planned to quit this habit and breake it step by step! For example , I studying English by using zabanshenas app.or go to the gym twice a week .then playing piano regularly every day of course it’s my favourite part and at the end reading novels .
I hope I will success to change this habit.:sunglasses::sunglasses::+1::+1:

Wish me success.:pray::pray:


Hello there. Thanks for your complete explanation. So what you say is that we can’t leave our bad habits? There aren’t any techniques or something?


Hello there! Thanks for joining us. Your problem is kind of the same as mine. But mine is that I sleep a lot. I sleep on time, but I wake up late. I don’t know what’s wrong with me :confused:


Hellow, guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
At all don’t worry because I’m student …
Although l should sleep till 11 and l think so that is because of my age .
I have habit to count dot of words and l know it’s stupendous work
I should leave my habit :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Is it possible to find a person without dark habits? For me, it is delaying my main duty, instead of going on priority list. That is so annoying because your mind is always busy with undone works.
Taking even little times for doing that everyday seems to be helpful. Besides, it should be the first thing done after getting awake. It seems to be the key.

I also enjoy helping others if they want.


You for sure can do something for your own so-called bad habits, but not much for those of others


It seems here is something more than an English forum, you write down your problem and there are lots of people who care and reply you, Wow, that’s interesting :heart_eyes: :hibiscus: :hibiscus:

I really appreciate it, really I mean it. :hibiscus:

By the way, I said There were some nights when I couldn’t get any sleep till 8 a.m just because my daughter’s whining and crying, then maybe at 8 I would find a chance to sleep , and it was different from my bad habit, that was staying up late and waking up late, by late I mean 1 p.m. :flushed: :grimacing: :relaxed:


Hi there. Thanks for joining us dear Mahnaz44
would you mind if I give you a feedback on your writing task? :nerd_face: